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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
11/30/2013 Not so Happy Holidays Rhymefunny,
8/14/2013 Walk Softly Rhymeabuse,addiction,art,funny
7/17/2012 Lips Rhymefunny,
7/6/2012 Mountain Haikufunny,
6/23/2012 Lettin My Hair Down Rhymefunny,sad,hair,me,hair,me
12/22/2011 The Precious Gift Rhymehappiness,sad,wife,day,mu
12/21/2011 The Curse Rhymedeath,fantasy,old,old,pow
12/7/2011 For Sale Rhymefunny,me,
12/7/2011 Deceptive Lover Rhymelost love,love,
12/7/2011 Am I asking for much Rhymelove,sad,love,
12/6/2011 Little Pleasures Rhymelove,love,me,
12/5/2011 Contemplating Sewerage pipe Rhymefunny,me,life,me,
11/29/2011 Comfort Rhymelost love,love,me,me,
11/29/2011 I Wish I Had The Time To Say Rhymelonging,lost love,love,ti
11/28/2011 A second Chance Rhymelove,me,love,me,
11/26/2011 Santas Surprise Rhymefunny,dad,dad,
9/1/2011 The Invasion P3 Rhymefantasy,imagination,pain,
8/30/2011 The Invasion PT2 Rhymefantasy,imagination,son,w
8/30/2011 The Invasion PT1 Rhymefantasy,imagination,
8/15/2011 Wonderland Rhymeimagination,places,me,me,
8/9/2011 Shopping is a riot Rhymelife,home,home,me,
8/1/2011 She means the world to me Rhymefunny,me,world,me,money,
7/31/2011 Getchenobin Rhymefunny,
7/29/2011 Sealed Lips Rhymelost love,sad,words,heart
7/24/2011 Real Love Rhymelovelove,
7/24/2011 Last Man Standing Haikufunny
7/24/2011 Changes Rhymelife,work
7/23/2011 The King and I Rhymelove
7/23/2011 Snakes Rhymefunny
7/21/2011 Miss Polly had a dolly Rhymefunnycandy,
7/21/2011 the smile for Rick Parise Tetractysfunny
7/21/2011 Me Last Hour again Rhymefunnyme,me,
7/21/2011 Smiles and Frowns Haikuphilosophy
7/8/2011 Love Like No Other for Elizabeth Wesley Rhymelove,passionlove,
7/7/2011 Tomorrow's World Rhymedeath,loss,pain,
7/7/2011 Dinner for Two Rhymefunnyme,people,girl,me,pe
7/6/2011 Unsolved Mysteries Rhymefunny
7/6/2011 Falling in love Rhymeloveme,
7/6/2011 Worn out Love Rhymelost love
7/3/2011 Trading Places Rhymefunnyme,me,
7/3/2011 I met her I do not know?lovehope,
7/3/2011 The Christian I am not Rhymefaith,forgiveness,hope,li
6/30/2011 cruel world Rhymedeath,life,lost love,sad,
6/21/2011 Reflections of insanity Rhymefunnyme,me,
6/20/2011 Loves first blush my reply Rhymelovesweet,beauty,beauty,l
6/20/2011 Wine Haha Limerickfunny
5/22/2011 Women dont you just love them Rhymefunny
5/21/2011 My most unfortunate job selling LSD Rhymefunny,workme,me,drug,
5/20/2011 Job Change Rhymefunny,life,workme,
5/18/2011 The stars must be aligned Rhymelovestar,me,star,stars,
5/4/2011 To the woman I Love Most I do not know?caregiving,loss,love,moth
5/4/2011 Enough Said the male Bird to his Wife Rhymeanimals,funny,natureme,me
5/3/2011 DEAD POETRY Rhymefunnymay,me,poems,
5/3/2011 Seen it done it Rhymeadventure,imagination,ins
5/3/2011 beware there in Rhymefamily,father,funny,husba
5/3/2011 The Pearcher Part 4 Rhymedeath,imagination
5/1/2011 The Preacher Part 3 Rhymedeath,imagination
4/27/2011 Fishing or not Limerickfunny
4/27/2011 That is the name of my bottled water Rhymefunny,holiday,me,name,fun
4/26/2011 The Preacher part 2 Rhymedeath,imaginationmother,m
4/26/2011 The Preacher part1 Rhymedeath,imagination,religio
4/24/2011 Me best feature Rhymefunnyme,sea,me,sea,
4/18/2011 Voices in my head Rhymedeath,imagination,life,lo
4/17/2011 Blackness Rhymedeath,fantasyme,fire,fire
4/17/2011 Fantasise Rhymelove,passionme,kiss,me,
4/16/2011 Life begins at forty Rhymebody,life,me,
4/16/2011 The Twilight Zone Rhymeimagination,sadson,son,ti
4/16/2011 Good night Limerickfunny
4/16/2011 Temper Grookpeople,philosophy,wife
4/16/2011 Lies Grookpeople,philosophy,wife
4/15/2011 Is it Just me Rhymelost love,love,sad
4/15/2011 My Diary Day 1 Limerickfunnyme,me,
4/11/2011 The diary: Rhymedeath,husband,lost love,l
4/10/2011 An Analytical observation into the causation of Earthquakes Rhymefunnyme,time,earth,me,tim
4/9/2011 Marriage in a nut shell Rhymefunny,husband,life,sad,we
4/9/2011 Lover Vs Wife love hate Rhymegirlfriend-boyfriend,love
4/9/2011 Don't do it her way do it right Rhymefunnyme,
4/9/2011 The Scottis Generale Rhymefunny
4/9/2011 Pudding Epulaeryufunny
3/18/2011 Concealed by a bramble bush Rhymelove,wifelove,
3/17/2011 The abyss of love Rhymelost love,loveme,love,me,
3/16/2011 More than words Rhymeloveme,woman,longing,love
3/16/2011 The theoretical analysis of the origin of Easter Eggs Rhymefunny
3/16/2011 Satisfaction Guaranteed Limerickfunny
3/16/2011 Stripper called Tipper Limerickfunny
3/16/2011 Back to Back Rhymefunnyme,me,
1/20/2011 Spicy Adults only Rhymefunnyme,me,sensual,
1/20/2011 My Best Friend Limerickfunny
1/20/2011 me dog called Hum Limerickfunny
1/20/2011 I do try believe me I do Limerickfunnyme,
1/20/2011 Rated XXX Limerickfunny
1/19/2011 To you who dumped me Limerickfunnyme,
1/15/2011 Viagra is the pill for me Limerickfunnyme,
1/15/2011 Happy Monorhymedepression,happiness
1/15/2011 Coyote Full of Secrets Deep and Dark PT4 Rhymedeath,imagination,mystery
1/15/2011 Crime Does not Pay Limerickfunny
1/15/2011 Guess Who Limerickloveme,
1/15/2011 Man from Wun Limerickfunny
1/15/2011 Credit Crunch Times Rhymedepression,funny,politica
1/13/2011 Coyote Full of Secrets Deep and Dark PT3 Rhymeimagination,mysterypain,b

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The Honest Poet Rhymefunny
Housebroken Rhymefunny
Full Moon Limerickfunnyme,me,
Pastor Jack Rhymeangst,imagination,religio
The Master's Plan Nonetfaith,religion
IF LOVE........ Rhymeloveheart,heart,love,
COLOUR FAVOURITES Free versefor children
Jackal's Son Rhymeimagination
Thanksgiving Cards Rhymefunny,holiday,thanksgivin
Cain's Son Rhymereligion
Star Webs I do not know?visionary
What hurts most I do not know?life,

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