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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
11/14/2012 Don't Give Up On Me When I'm Out Lyricrecovery from...,sad,dark
11/8/2012 Masochistic Love Free verselost love,romance,games,l
10/22/2012 Their Eyes Were Jaded I do not know?life,places,sad,pain,
10/22/2012 Drug Ballad Rhymefamily,loss,sad,drug,
10/16/2012 My Lover Rhymelost love,love,day,day,
10/16/2012 Broken, Awoken Memories Rhymelost love,
10/16/2012 Dumb Sky Rhymehappiness,
10/16/2012 Just Like Daddy Used To ,,,For abused children and formerly abused people everywhere Rhymechildhood,fear,sad,me,lov
9/17/2011 The return Rhyme royalrecovery from...,
11/1/2010 Eternal Figure Rhymereligion,
11/1/2010 Halloween poem I do not know? 
11/1/2010 Into The Darkness Free versehopetruth,
11/1/2010 The Obscene Unknown Free verseon writing and wordsrose,
10/1/2010 Our Roses have died Rhymelost loveme,love,me,
8/17/2010 Suicide Drive Goodbye I do not know?day,love,suicide,
8/17/2010 A Sweet Reminesce (to my loved one James Kendrick) Rhymelost love,loveme,love,me,
7/28/2010 Our Love is on a Cliff I do not know? 
7/28/2010 Where are we when forever ends? I do not know?death,me,death,love,me,
7/28/2010 Playing My Violin (the final chapter) I do not know?me,heart,heart,love,me,dr
7/28/2010 Playing My Violin (part two) I do not know?me,hate,love,me,drug,
7/28/2010 Playing My Violin (part one) I do not know?heart,heart,drug,
7/28/2010 I'm Untitled I do not know?me,me,
7/28/2010 You're Telling me to run but there's nowhere to go I do not know?me,love,me,i love you,
7/28/2010 The Story of Something and Somehow I do not know? 
7/28/2010 I'll Always be in Love with the Pain. . . I do not know?lost lovekiss,love,me,
7/16/2010 Stuck in this forever I do not know? 
7/16/2010 Running away and i don't care I do not know?depression
7/3/2010 Story from the Angel...for a contest Rhymereligion
7/1/2010 Marriage (contest...choose one, have fun) Rhyme royallove,sad
6/15/2010 The world in my hands (intro) Lyriclifeworld,
6/15/2010 Winter senryu Senryuseasonspeople,people,
6/13/2010 Gulf Oil Spill Free versepolitical
6/10/2010 Go to Hell Ethereefantasy
6/10/2010 Opera Ain't Over 'til the Fat Lady Sings Rhyme 
6/8/2010 Tears a' shed Rondeaulifeworld,
6/8/2010 I Cry Monorhymedepressioncry,high school
6/8/2010 I am your lover Shapelove
6/8/2010 Red is Dead Rhymedepression
6/8/2010 Nikki Biopeopleworld,
6/8/2010 Completely yours Free verseloveme,heart,heart,love,m
6/8/2010 I am Free verselife
6/8/2010 Going my way Free versehappinessme,me,
6/8/2010 Falling up Free versefunny
6/8/2010 happy, lifeless tragedy Free versedeath,depression,life,los
6/7/2010 I am alive, not dead Verseimaginationtime,time,
6/7/2010 A Love So Powerful Rhymeloveworld,love,
3/24/2010 twas only ever for you Rhymelove,love,
3/23/2010 I, the Leviathan Lyricintrospection,
3/23/2010 Only the Cessation Free verselife
3/22/2010 I'd stop in a second for you; just call. Verseadventure,confusionme,wor
3/14/2010 murder-suicide Rhymesadgirl,
3/14/2010 Dead Free versedeathcare,care,
3/13/2010 a poem my boyfriend wrote me (by jimmy) Rhymelovelove,boy,
3/13/2010 this is nothing Free versedepressionhate,hate,me,un
2/20/2010 Stupid money I do not know?lifefear,me,
2/20/2010 Never-Never Land Free verseimagination,lovefear,me,
2/20/2010 Peace or happiness? Rhyme royalteen,me,love,me,smile,i l
2/19/2010 Razor in hand; all in my mind I do not know?pain,
2/9/2010 Lost to meth I do not know?deathsorry,sorry,
2/9/2010 You've lost so much I do not know?lost,lost,
1/31/2010 never amount to anything I do not know?lifefear,
1/30/2010 Flying High Free versehappinessme,power,
1/24/2010 Infinetly Free verselove
1/24/2010 step dad Free versefamilyhate,
1/24/2010 Never have the chance Free verseangst,death,lovelove,
1/23/2010 Because of you Rhymelovelove,
1/23/2010 Don't read my poetry 9.16.09 Rhymemysterycare,care,hate,
1/23/2010 My Vampire Rhymevisionarypain,me,
1/23/2010 Blank sheet of paper Free versesadwrite,write,
1/23/2010 Blow out the Flame Free verselost loveme,love,me,
1/23/2010 The Used Free versegirlfriend-boyfriend,life
1/11/2010 telling yourself the truth I do not know?lovelove,me,trust,
1/9/2010 Learn to Hate Blank versedeath,depression,lost lov
1/9/2010 One Day Too Late I do not know?deathday,me,day,me,
1/7/2010 i still love you List loveme,love,me,
1/7/2010 Loneliness Verseteenloneliness,sin,
1/7/2010 Shame, Guilt, Hate, Sorrow Rhymesadheart,heart,love,
1/7/2010 The Girl in the Mirror Rhymedeathgirl,girl,life,
1/7/2010 Save Me From Myself Verseteenme,world,me,drug,
1/7/2010 I Know you are This Personificationloveme,lust,me,
1/6/2010 Her Cold, Gruesome Mentality Blank verseteenmay,
1/6/2010 Never Really There Rhymelost loveme,me,
1/6/2010 Give Me My Heart I do not know?lost loveme,me,

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I Wanna Write A Poem Rhymewrite,
Dear DaD Rhymedeath,forgiveness,loss,sa
Life After Love Dramatic monologuelost love,
Never Told You Balladangst,epic,girlfriend-boy

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