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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
5/29/2016 Oh, My Patricia Sonnetinspiration,love,writing,
5/27/2016 Time Enough For Love Sonnetlonging,love,lust,passion
5/25/2016 The Eyes Have It Sonnetbeauty,devotion,inspirati
5/24/2016 To Never Share Sonnetlonging,love,
1/13/2015 Wash Cycle Rhymedepression,
7/7/2014 Unspeakable Blank versecharacter,death,introspec
7/5/2014 Spectacular Finish Sonnetbeauty,desire,muse,romanc
6/14/2014 In All Sincerity Sonnettruth,words,
6/11/2014 Go To Hell Sonnetblue,corruption,spiritual
6/3/2014 Death Of Romance Sonnetdeath,gothic,introspectio
5/25/2014 Ode Upon Such Passion Oderelationship,romance,roma
3/9/2014 Can't Keep Me Lyricfarewell,judgement,song,
2/8/2014 For The Woman Who Has It All Odeart,beauty,lost love,
11/5/2013 Testament Sonnetbeauty,romantic,
11/2/2013 Articles Of Faith Sonnetcorruption,faith,truth,
10/29/2013 Gethsemane Lyricdepression,garden,sorrow,
5/31/2013 Head-Scratcher Rhymeinnocence,muse,
5/27/2013 Not Long For This World Rhymeangst,desire,world,
5/8/2013 Believe You Me I do not know?identity,
4/26/2013 Stubborn Stains I do not know?brother,life,lyric,
11/2/2011 Stale Bread I do not know?confusion,
10/25/2011 The Most To Most I do not know?confusion,
9/21/2011 Wrong With Me I do not know?adventure,art,funny,
9/6/2011 Fall Collection I do not know?art,confusion,
6/16/2011 Am I To Understand - a fragment - I do not know?recovery from...
8/27/2009 Upon Further Reflection I do not know?life
4/30/2008 Strange Size I do not know?life,love,seasons,
4/28/2008 Want Of Me I do not know?introspection,life,lost l
4/26/2008 Chorus Of Muses Pt.2 I do not know?life,mystery,people,me,
4/26/2008 Chorus Of Muses Pt.1 I do not know?life,mystery,people,me,me
4/25/2008 Governments Of Passion I do not know?angst,life,political,hear
4/24/2008 Upon Sleep Sonnetimagination,life,time,day
4/2/2008 My Broken Hand I do not know?introspection,life,song-l
4/1/2008 Period Piece I do not know?introspection,life,time,
4/1/2008 Saving Daylight I do not know?passion,seasons,time,
3/31/2008 Paris Of Plaster I do not know?imagination,love,seasons,
3/31/2008 In Dreams Begin Pt.2 I do not know?introspection,life,myster
3/31/2008 In Dreams Begin Pt.1 I do not know?introspection,life,time,
3/30/2008 The Cracked Liberty Bell Versus The Raving Braveheart I do not know?angst,on writing and word
3/29/2008 Comedian's Song I do not know?friendship,life,song-lyri
3/22/2008 Now It's On To Chicago Pt.2 Lyricimagination,life,love,old
3/22/2008 Now It's On To Chicago Pt.1 Lyricimagination,life,love,
3/20/2008 The Agonies Of Niagara Lyriclife,nature,places,power,
3/20/2008 Maiden China Sonnetimagination,life,politica
3/20/2008 Rhythmic Ascension Sonnetimagination,life,space,
3/19/2008 Something Fierce Sonnetangst,imagination,lost lo
3/11/2008 When Wonders Cease I do not know?imagination,life,love,
3/11/2008 Love Is I do not know?imagination,life,love,may
3/10/2008 Beautiful To Know I do not know?imagination,life,love,bea
3/10/2008 Shivering Lunatics I do not know?introspection,life,season
3/8/2008 My Scottish Play Lyricintrospection,lost love,s
3/8/2008 The Ballad Of Heretical Appliances Pt.2 I do not know?nature,satire,song-lyric,
3/8/2008 The Ballad Of Heretical Appliances Pt.1 I do not know?nature,satire,song-lyric,
2/28/2008 Ol' Fact'ry Sense I do not know?hope,life,sea,seasons
11/4/2006 Brother Rhymefamily,hope,life,peace,
11/3/2006 Whenever I Look Back Down Rhymeimagination,introspection
10/26/2006 To The Casual Observers Rhymeimagination,introspection
10/26/2006 New Song Rhymelove,on writing and words
10/6/2006 Consecrate The Waves I do not know?hope,life,people,boat,
9/8/2006 Past Circumstance I do not know?life,people,sea,
8/31/2006 Collect The Dried Roses I do not know?life,lost love,love,heart
8/31/2006 Tragic Birth I do not know?imagination,life,on writi
8/27/2006 My Periwinkle Pace I do not know?imagination,on writing an
8/27/2006 You, The People I do not know?life,people,social,drug,
8/27/2006 Table For Two I do not know?imagination,life,on writi
8/26/2006 I Is Capitalized I do not know?hope,life,on writing and
8/26/2006 Immortability I do not know?imagination,life,on writi
8/26/2006 Latter Aspect I do not know?life,on writing and words
8/22/2006 Hell Defined I do not know?life,lost love,on writing
8/22/2006 For The Birds I do not know?imagination,life,on writi
8/20/2006 A Different Word For Everything I do not know?life,lost love,on writing
8/20/2006 Strange Merchant I do not know?lost love,on writing and
8/19/2006 Intelligent Design I do not know?life,lost love,love,
8/19/2006 Too True To Be Good I do not know?hope,lost love,passion,
8/18/2006 Same As Time I do not know?life,on writing and words
7/26/2006 Rain On A Sunny Day I do not know?life,lost love,love,rain,
7/26/2006 Find The Words I do not know?lost love,love,on writing
7/25/2006 Bleed For Me I do not know?allegory,imagination,life
7/25/2006 Now I do not know?life,passion,time,
7/25/2006 Small Sacrifice I do not know?angst,imagination,on writ
7/25/2006 Know No Better Part Two I do not know?imagination,introspection
7/25/2006 Know No Better Part One I do not know?imagination,introspection
7/25/2006 Dead Of Winter Part Two I do not know?life,love,seasons,me,me,
7/25/2006 Dead Of Winter Part One I do not know?life,love,seasons,
10/25/2005 Don't Call Me Crawl I do not know?life,on work and working,
10/14/2005 The Light Of Venus I do not know?introspection,life,love,h
9/18/2005 Not Unlike Lightning I do not know?love,nature,passion,
9/10/2005 Wave Me On I do not know? natural disasters,angst,
9/8/2005 Given Time Sonnetlife,lost love,passion,
9/7/2005 Comedian And The King Of Corroded Brass pt.16-20 I do not know?imagination,introspection
9/7/2005 Comedian And The King Of Corroded Brass pt.11-15 I do not know?imagination,introspection
9/7/2005 Comedian And The King Of Corroded Brass pt.6-10 I do not know?imagination,introspection
9/7/2005 Comedian And The King Of Corroded Brass pt.1-5 I do not know?imagination,introspection
9/6/2005 My New-Found Victim Pride I do not know?allegory,loss,on writing
9/3/2005 She Of Catastrophe I do not know? natural disasters,death,
9/3/2005 Oh, Please I do not know?imagination,introspection
8/31/2005 The Turn Down Temptation Sonnetangst,introspection,life,
8/29/2005 Search My Heart I do not know?introspection,life,love,
8/25/2005 Steepled Fingered Confusion I do not know?allegory,confusion,imagin
8/24/2005 Come Now I do not know?imagination,love,passion,

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Mythology And Image ABClife,lost love,love,socia
Inspiration Blank verseart,introspection,on writ
BALLAST Rhymelove,
In State Verselife,people,philosophy,pl
Elevators: 5 Horsemen Free verseangst,depression,devotion
Sheeps Of Society Lyricsocial,
Venom Of Many Biolove,
Power to the Poet Rhymeinspirational,on writing
To Have And To Hold Versefaith,life,love,uplifting
No Apologies Free verseinspirational,life,on wri
A Seasonal Review I do not know?nature,autumn,
State of Mind I do not know?friendship,inspirational,
Midnight Life Trial Rhymeintrospection,life,sad,
The Comedian Quatrainart,happiness,people,
A Quarters' Way Free versehistory,mystery,native am
The Red Babushka Free versedeath,sad,old,angel,angel
he's the one I do not know?blessing,body,dream,feeli

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