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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
4/13/2017 I Really Thank God Rhymecelebration,
11/11/2014 Let It Flow Rhymeabuse,bangla,bio,black af
7/24/2014 Hand of God Slime Diminished Rhymevisionary,
6/3/2014 In Our Every Actions Rhymeeducation,
10/15/2013 My Real Home Rhymeabsence,abuse,city,feelin
10/15/2013 Abundant Life Rhymetogether,uplifting,vision
9/5/2013 Starship Rhymedesire,love,together,univ
5/31/2013 Love Song Rhymeabsence,loneliness,lost l
12/29/2012 I Lost, Loving You Rhymeboyfriend,courage,father,
12/16/2012 Millionaire Rhymethank you,visionary,god,t
11/28/2012 Green Paradise Rhymelove,urban,visionary,gree
5/28/2012 Gifted Rhymephilosophy,god,me,god,me,
5/6/2012 Don't Stand Rhymepeople,me,me,
8/17/2011 Don't Drop the Soap Rhymeepic,life,people,philosop
8/11/2011 Reason Rhymefaith,inspirational,
8/11/2011 Writings on My Wall Rhymelife,
8/11/2011 No Further Rhymefaith,inspirational,may,m
8/11/2011 Tell the Truth Rhymefaith,inspirational,sea,s
8/11/2011 A Miracle Rhymefaith,inspirational,mirac
7/29/2011 Fly on the Wall Rhymepassion,me,
7/29/2011 Makin Love Rhymelove,passion,
5/5/2011 Stop Lying Rhymegirlfriend-boyfriend,life
5/5/2011 Love Stinks Rhymelovelove,
5/5/2011 Ghetto Children Acrosticblack african american,fo
5/5/2011 Up, Up, and Away Acrosticinspirationalgod,god,
5/5/2011 Here I Come To Save The Day Rhymeinspirational,life,love,p
5/5/2011 Time Alone Rhymeloveme,time,love,me,time,
5/5/2011 Learn How to Treat a Woman Rhymelife,love,philosophy
5/5/2011 Can't Knock My Hustle Rhymelife,philosophygod,me,god
5/5/2011 Gotta Be Me Rhymelife,people,philosophycar
5/5/2011 He Got Up Rhymeinspirational,life,religi
4/15/2011 Surfing in the Sea of Sweet Love Rhymepassionsweet,sea,water,lo
4/15/2011 Harsh Reality Rhymelife
4/15/2011 Whatcha Say Rhymelife
4/15/2011 Night Blues Rhymelife,sadme,dark,dark,me,
4/15/2011 It's Okay Rhymelife,lovelove,
4/15/2011 Real Love Rhymelife,lovelove,
4/15/2011 Cotton Candy Rhymepassioncandy,day,
4/15/2011 Makes Me Wanna Holler Rhymelifelife,me,life,me,
4/5/2011 Live Rhymefaith,life,god,god,sin,
4/5/2011 With King Jesus Rhymefaith
3/22/2011 Too Late To Turn Back Now Rhymegirlfriend-boyfriend,love
3/22/2011 Love A Force To Be Reckoned With Rhymeloveme,love,me,
3/21/2011 A Whole in One Rhymelove
3/21/2011 The Time of My Life Rhymegirlfriend-boyfriend,life
2/23/2011 Live By It Die By It Rhymefaithlife,god,me,bible,bi
2/23/2011 Crazy Praise Rhymefaithgod,crazy,god,
2/2/2011 Prayer for South Monroe to Grow Rhymepeople,philosophy,politic
2/1/2011 A Good Thing Rhymefaith,happiness,husband,i
1/31/2011 Bam Acrosticinspirational
1/31/2011 Dry Spell Rhymelife,loss,lost love,lovel
1/30/2011 Kaboom Acrosticinspirational
1/30/2011 Tired of Being Alone Rhymelove
1/30/2011 POW Acrosticinspirational
1/30/2011 Dying to Stop Loving You Rhymelife,lovelove,
1/29/2011 Don't Live in Fear Rhymeinspirationalhappy,god,ti
1/29/2011 The State of the Kingdom Address part 3 Rhymeinspirationalgod,god,plan
1/29/2011 The State of the Kingdom Address part 2 Rhymeinspirationalme,
1/29/2011 The State of the Kingdom Address part 1 Rhymeinspirationalgod,god,
1/28/2011 Eutopia Man Rhymelifefamily,family,me,drug
1/28/2011 End of Times Rhymefaith,inspirational,life,
1/28/2011 Precious is Your Love Rhymelove,music,nostalgiame,lo
1/28/2011 My Cadillac Rhymelife
1/27/2011 Revolutions of Romance Rhymelove
1/27/2011 Hot Steamy Relations Rhymelovelove,
1/27/2011 Come Over and Play Rhymeloveme,me,
1/27/2011 Frustrated Incorporated Intro Rhymeloveme,work,me,work,
1/27/2011 Cruel and Unusual Punishment Rhymelovelove,me,red,
1/27/2011 What Did I Do Rhymeloveme,love,me,
1/27/2011 In Love I Think Rhymelovelove,me,time,
1/27/2011 Love Attack Rhymelost love,loveheart,heart
1/27/2011 Dry Heat Rhymepassionme,love,me,
1/26/2011 You'll Never Win Being Satisfied in Sin Rhymeinspirationalworld,work,c
1/26/2011 Satan, I Don't Want Any Part of You Rhymeinspirationallife,god,me,
1/26/2011 God's Creativity Rhymeinspirationalgod,me,god,m
1/25/2011 God Is Aware Rhymeinspirationallove,
1/25/2011 What God Says About You-Rhyme 1 Rhymeinspirationalgod,god,
1/25/2011 When You Decide to Get GLAD Rhymeinspirational
1/23/2011 Sister With a Sword Rhymeinspirationalgod,sister,g
1/22/2011 The Truth Rhymeinspirationalbible,bible,
1/22/2011 I Won Rhymeinspirational
1/22/2011 I Can Depend On Rhymeinspirationalgod,me,god,l
1/21/2011 That's Me Acrosticeducation
1/19/2011 Not Just a Cliche Rhymeinspirationalgod,time,god
1/13/2011 O Brothers Where Art Thou Rhymeblack-african amergod,wor
1/12/2011 On God's Side Rhymeinspirational,life
1/12/2011 Going Back to BR Rhymelifelove,
1/12/2011 My Due Time is Now Rhymeinspirational,introspecti
1/12/2011 Fill in the Blanks about Faith Rhymefaith
1/12/2011 Give God 100 Percent Rhymeinspirational,lifegod,god
1/11/2011 1-11-11, A Special Day for the Year of Increase Rhymeinspirational,lifeday,lif
1/11/2011 Dog Backwards equals God Rhymeinspirational
1/11/2011 Get to Know the Man Rhymeinspirational
1/11/2011 Satan's Sentence Rhymeinspirational,life
1/10/2011 The World Will Dog You Rhymeinspirationallife,god,wor
1/10/2011 You Got the Juice Now Rhymeinspirational,lifechild,
1/8/2011 My Fire and Desire Rhymeinspirational,lifefire,de
1/8/2011 An Unclean Temple Rhymeinspirational,lifegod,god
1/8/2011 God is My Redeemer and My Vindicator Rhymeinspirational,lifeday,
1/8/2011 Fight the Good Fight of Faith Rhymeinspirationalday,god,day,

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Fav Poems

Silly Girl Rhymelife,
WOUNDED HEART OF A WOMAN Odelost love,passion,
British Invasion-1964 Rhymehistory,music,world,music
My Soul Mate Coupletdevotion,faith,hope,husba
1996 Narrativeadventurelove,i love you,
Broken Rhymelost love
Hope Lyricfaithgod,me,god,me,
Africa ABCanimals,history,inspirati
A man i'll never be Rhymededication,devotion,fathe
Back Seat Drivers Rhymegirlfriend-boyfriend,love
Seeing God Everywhere Haikuintrospection,nature
Negative Love Rhymelove,passionnight,me,nigh
Secret Love Free versepassionme,
Want Wanting, Mmmm Lanternelove,passion
Palm Tree Haikunature
The Lea of Love Rhymelove,nature
Never An Expiration Free versepassion
The Triangle I do not know?lost loveme,love,me,
Forever, Michael Jackson Lanternelife,loss,people,sad
Two Lovers Rhymegirlfriend-boyfriend,happ
Love For Christ I do not know?faithlove,
BACK TO ORIGIN Rhymededication,education,hist
Night Cap Acrosticpassion
Making Love Acrosticpassion
hide I do not know?sad
Loves Mystical Fable Sestinainspirational,love,passio
Children, happy and contented Senryuchildhood,family,for chil
The Quick Fix Verselife,people,social
Just dance Free versemusic,passionmusic,music,
FOR THE TIME : BEING Coupletinspirational,on writing
SATAN'S WAITIN Personificationparody
All Rivers Run Through It Haikunature

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