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PoetrySoup is an internet poetry resource and community that encourages the writing of poetry through community involvement and support. Founded in February of 2005, this Free online poetry website allows professional and amateur poets, from around the world, to post their poetry online and receive reviews. This allows poets to increase exposure from their work while perfecting their craft. For those who simply like to read poetry, PoetrySoup also publishes poems in many categories and forms for wholesome reading pleasure.

New Features on PoetrySoup!

Blog Posted:4/14/2019 12:29:00 PM

Hey Premium Members, you can now upload and attach photos to your poems. You no longer have to use an image on the internet. Check out the new Manage Photos/Images page.

Also, you can now add a cover image to your poem homepage once you upload an image.

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Date: 4/21/2019 9:31:00 PM
Dumb question... I posted a portrait photo and it switched to landscape then could not find a way to turn it upright. Please see and tell me how to fix it. Thanking you in advance for your attention.
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Nicole Avatar
Brandy Nicole
Date: 4/23/2019 4:00:00 PM
You are very welcome Line. :) I am so happy that I could help you. Your poem looks beautiful. ~ Brandy
Gauthier Avatar
Line Gauthier
Date: 4/22/2019 11:03:00 PM
THANK YOU so much for doing this for me, Brandy. I posted your link and it worked... HOORAY !!
Nicole Avatar
Brandy Nicole
Date: 4/22/2019 1:35:00 PM
Dear Line, I was able to adjust your photo for you. :) Now it is turned upright. If the size needs adjusting, just let me know. ~ Brandy
Date: 4/17/2019 12:50:00 AM
Thank you so much ... this is a great addition to the site! Blessings! :-)
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Date: 4/16/2019 9:56:00 AM
Oh, wow I see it now, it is amazing, now I have a place to showcase my photography too! I think I will have to change my avatar to match it, lol- thank you TPS
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Date: 4/15/2019 1:45:00 PM
Tried to do it uploaded my image and nothing is showing above my poetry page?
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PoetrySoup Avatar
Team PoetrySoup
Date: 4/15/2019 3:29:00 PM
We see it!
Date: 4/14/2019 3:44:00 PM
Sounds great, thanks
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Date: 4/14/2019 3:27:00 PM
I've had notification of 2 poems to be featured on the home page rather than the usual one,is this a new feature too? Jan
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PoetrySoup Avatar
Team PoetrySoup
Date: 4/14/2019 4:07:00 PM
Date: 4/14/2019 2:44:00 PM
Question- Why do only Premium Members get this feature?? This is a Free Website. Those that want to Contribute or (Pay) are welcome to do so. To help Support the site. Why are those that don't pay, not allowed any feature?? ~ Brandy
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Nicole Avatar
Brandy Nicole
Date: 4/14/2019 8:57:00 PM
Company seems to follow me. Not sure why. Gotta be prepared for anything.
Trestrail Avatar
Keith Trestrail
Date: 4/14/2019 8:25:00 PM
Brandy, remember you're a fine girl. You must take more care with the company you keep.
Nicole Avatar
Brandy Nicole
Date: 4/14/2019 6:28:00 PM
Lol. You really do like that side of me. You don't really know that side. Perhaps a little.
Spock Avatar
Son of Spock
Date: 4/14/2019 6:00:00 PM
The reins...
Nicole Avatar
Brandy Nicole
Date: 4/14/2019 5:33:00 PM
Let it go, let it go- I am not afraid of the cold. :) Let what go?
Spock Avatar
Son of Spock
Date: 4/14/2019 5:20:00 PM
Awww let go just this once. It's called uber blogging. Well maybe another time, another blog. This one is too benevolent
Nicole Avatar
Brandy Nicole
Date: 4/14/2019 5:18:00 PM
:) You have no idea. I am holding onto the reins.
Spock Avatar
Son of Spock
Date: 4/14/2019 5:09:00 PM
Rodeo lovin' cowgal
Nicole Avatar
Brandy Nicole
Date: 4/14/2019 4:58:00 PM
And what side is that?? Son of Spock.
Spock Avatar
Son of Spock
Date: 4/14/2019 4:29:00 PM
Why remove it? I like this side of you. Rock on Brandy!
Nicole Avatar
Brandy Nicole
Date: 4/14/2019 3:37:00 PM
I completely understand each website is different. (I will say this, any feature can be placed in the system) Used by all. Choosing who can use these features is set up by the Admin. I will probably remove my comment soon. Thank you for letting me share. ~ Brandy
Nicole Avatar
Brandy Nicole
Date: 4/14/2019 3:22:00 PM
I know about this, more than you may realize. Things cost money. (Thank you for removing that comment, by the way) My Website is far from perfect. Many here already know that I am an Admin of a Poetry Website. I am perfectly content with how I post here, with no features. I am able to do what I want at my site. ~ Brandy
PoetrySoup Avatar
Team PoetrySoup
Date: 4/14/2019 3:01:00 PM
Certain things cost money and disk space is one of those things. Still, there are a lot of free features on PoetrySoup.
Spock Avatar
Son of Spock
Date: 4/14/2019 2:57:00 PM
Ikr? I've spent $40 at least 4 or 5 times already. Where are my credits? ;)
Date: 4/14/2019 1:18:00 PM
Brilliant - this will be a great improvement - I could rarely get photos from the internet to work and often skipped adding a picture because I didn’t want the hassle.
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Nicole Avatar
Brandy Nicole
Date: 4/15/2019 12:00:00 PM
I have learned over the years, and I was shown this by another poet. By placing where the image came from upon your poem, it is really the best thing to do. Like on the bottom of my poem here at my website. As you see, the image is by- julia trotti. :) I really like her photography.
Parmenter Avatar
Nina Parmenter
Date: 4/15/2019 9:27:00 AM
Hi Panagiota, no that would still be breaking copyright. But if you have a photo you’ve taken, or a drawing, then you can upload that. Some photos are available from sites like wiki media on commons licenses or you can download images from sites like snapstock and unsplash which are available for all to use without a licence.
Romios Avatar
Panagiota Romios
Date: 4/15/2019 6:45:00 AM
Nina, I don't get it. Photos online or cartoons are also copyrighted, how can I freely LIFt one and claim it on the Soup as my own? anyone can lift one, is it really kosher or right to do so? Panagiota Romios Lost, Panagiota
Date: 4/14/2019 1:02:00 PM
But gee... what about us lowly non-preemies?
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Spock Avatar
Son of Spock
Date: 4/14/2019 4:30:00 PM
Seriously I have voiced before my appreciation for the upgrades, especially the audio feature which I have enjoyed immensely
carmack Avatar
rob carmack
Date: 4/14/2019 1:46:00 PM
Three words: "Pay and stay".

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