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11/14/2013 FAITH COMES BY HEARING Free versefaith,
1/27/2011 Born fallen and broken I do not know?religionprayer,
1/16/2011 Time is of the essence I do not know?family,for children,frien
1/9/2011 Yes i can, yes we can I do not know?faithpower,
1/9/2011 Love for others I do not know?faith,love,religion,love,
1/2/2011 Nothing more than a crutch I do not know?religionchristian,christi
12/21/2010 Still Counting my Blessings I do not know?faithday,me,day,me,
10/24/2010 I am no match for the devil I do not know?religion
6/10/2010 Forgiveness I do not know?forgiveness
4/5/2010 Who R They? I do not know?recovery from...
4/3/2010 I am Related to Adam I do not know?faithhope,jesus,
4/2/2010 It wasn't the nails I do not know?faithjesus,me,
3/21/2010 Gazelle's mentality I do not know?inspirational
3/21/2010 FAITH I do not know?faith
2/3/2010 You're so special Light Poetrydaughter,i love you,
12/31/2009 Live like no one else I do not know?life
12/31/2009 Life's emergencies I do not know?life
12/31/2009 It's the Climb I do not know?life
12/31/2009 Where were you? I do not know?hope,new year,
12/20/2009 The Joneses I do not know?life
11/30/2009 If it's to be, it's up to me I do not know?hope,life
10/11/2009 Hope I do not know?hopeday,hope,life,me,
10/10/2009 A hero lies in you I do not know?hopehero,
10/8/2009 The debt trap I do not know?life
9/12/2009 REPENTANCE I do not know?faithwords,
9/10/2009 From adversity to Triumph I do not know?naturemetaphor,
9/2/2009 When a loved one dies I do not know?deathlife,god,god,life,
9/2/2009 When I see the blood-.. I do not know?faithdeath,god,death,god,
8/31/2009 Heroes and heroines I do not know?inspirationalwoman,hero,
8/31/2009 The Tongue I do not know?words,power,planet,
8/29/2009 Every Little Helps I do not know? 
8/20/2009 Alone and not lonely I do not know?friendshipsad,
8/16/2009 I am coming out I do not know?life
8/16/2009 Christians are people too. I do not know?hopegod,god,
8/12/2009 HAPPY LIVES IN ME I do not know?happinesshappy,world,happ
8/1/2009 No pain no gain I do not know?lifepain,
7/27/2009 Better than I deserve I do not know?hopeme,me,
7/24/2009 Go thru to get thru I do not know?lifelife,
7/1/2009 God is still God I do not know?faithlife,love,
6/27/2009 Who feels it knows it I do not know?life
6/17/2009 Where the mind goes......... I do not know?hope
5/24/2009 Marriage is Sacred and Binding I do not know?weddingwork,marriage,love
5/20/2009 The God hole I do not know?faithgod,god,universe,
5/15/2009 Snap out of it. I do not know?depression
5/7/2009 Begin Again I do not know?inspirational
5/5/2009 Do it afraid I do not know? 
5/3/2009 I robbed God I do not know?faithgod,god,
4/29/2009 Today I do not know?lifefuture,
4/29/2009 Relationship not religion I do not know?faithjesus,
4/29/2009 Not outdated or far away I do not know?faithgod,god,me,
4/23/2009 Slow down I do not know?business
4/23/2009 A contented heart Rhymepeaceheart,heart,mountain
4/23/2009 Raising the bar Personificationinspirational
4/23/2009 Ransom paid beyond my worth I do not know?faith
4/23/2009 Salt of the earth I do not know?uplifting
4/22/2009 Subject to change I do not know?lifelife,
4/17/2009 The next Chapter I do not know?faith
4/13/2009 The Bible I do not know?hope
4/10/2009 I am a friend of God Enclosed Rhymefriendshipfriend,friend,m
4/10/2009 Abused for the right reason I do not know?hope
4/7/2009 No Respecter of Persons I do not know?inspirational
4/5/2009 Manage your Emotions I do not know?hopeemotions,
4/5/2009 Not in my strength alone I do not know?inspirational
4/5/2009 Obedient to the point of death I do not know?inspirational
4/2/2009 What ever the circumstance I do not know?hopejesus,love,
4/2/2009 Happy Mothers day I do not know?motherday,care,care,day,m
3/30/2009 PATIENCE I do not know?inspirational
3/24/2009 Take the High Road I do not know?peaceme,peace,me,peace,
3/23/2009 Never too old I do not know?hopeold,old,
3/23/2009 Meekness is not weakness Lyricinspirationalme,me,power,
3/19/2009 Overlook Offense I do not know?peacemay,
3/18/2009 Plain old Common Sense I do not know?song-lyricold,education,o
3/2/2009 the greatest Stress Reliever Lyrichappiness,health,science
2/28/2009 Peace and Joy I do not know?peace,upliftingjoy,streng
2/27/2009 Not my intention to offend I do not know?lifewrite,me,poetry,write
2/27/2009 Because Life's too short I do not know?life
2/26/2009 Worry gets us no where I do not know?faith
2/20/2009 I am created to Reign I do not know?faithlife,me,life,me,
2/9/2009 The grass is NOT greener on the other side I do not know?adventure
1/24/2009 I'm not a failure I do not know?inspirationalmay,me,
1/24/2009 Never give up, never fear Enclosed Rhymeinspirational
1/22/2009 Firm Decision I do not know?visionary
1/18/2009 Not Rocket Science I do not know?funny
1/9/2009 One day at a time I do not know?day,day,life,
1/9/2009 King of Kings Enclosed Rhyme 
1/9/2009 A right to live our own lives Light Poetrylife
1/9/2009 Learn how to say no I do not know?life
1/9/2009 Tragedy to one Crisis to Millions Light Poetrydeath
1/7/2009 Different in many ways I do not know?life
1/7/2009 God is true to his word I do not know?faithday,life,trust,
1/6/2009 Thank you I do not know?thank you
1/6/2009 Positive thinking Rhymeuplifting
12/31/2008 I know nothing I do not know?lifelife,
12/29/2008 Time is a resource..... Enclosed Rhymetimetime,time,
12/29/2008 Reach for the stars I do not know?lifestars,
12/29/2008 I am everywhere i go Personificationfunny
12/29/2008 When someone dies I do not know?death
12/28/2008 My children I do not know?for childrenchildren,futu
12/27/2008 Laughter is good medicine I do not know?health
12/27/2008 Back bone not Wish bone I do not know?inspirational

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