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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
12/17/2014 I Left Them There Light Poetryinspirational,
11/20/2013 Stand Rhymeinspirational,
4/7/2013 Steadfast Love Rhymeangst,hope,inspirational,
12/13/2012 God of Heaven Light Poetryinspirational,longing,lov
8/24/2012 Surrendered Heart Light Poetryfaith,
2/29/2012 Heart Collide Light Poetrylost love,love,love,
2/3/2012 She Light Poetryintrospection
8/28/2011 Captain of my Vessel Light Poetrydedication,faith,me,
7/4/2011 Dwindled Love Light Poetrylost loveme,
6/15/2011 Heathen's Heart Light Poetrylife
2/6/2011 The Unhappily Ever After Rhymelost loveheart,heart,
1/19/2011 Father Light Poetrydedication,family,fatherh
12/16/2010 Better Be Sure Light Poetryangst
12/16/2010 Broken Down Heart Light Poetrylife,lost love
12/9/2010 Broken Heart Debate I do not know?angst,sad,heart,heart,
12/9/2010 The Web You Weave Light Poetryangst
12/1/2010 Play on Words Rhyme royalloss,sad,heart,heart,
11/15/2010 He has Shown Me Light Poetryhope,inspirational
10/22/2010 Crucifier I do not know?christian,dedication,enco
10/21/2010 Pen to Paper Light Poetrysad
10/21/2010 Chained Rhyme royalconfusion,depression,sadh
10/18/2010 Silence In Solitude Rhyme royalangst,confusion,depressio
10/7/2010 A Promised Dwelling Place Light Poetryhope,inspirational,me,
7/4/2010 Our Country Flag Light Poetryholiday
7/4/2010 Grandma's Calling Rhymeage,life,time,
6/29/2010 A Cloudy Day into Night Light Poetrynatureday,day,
6/29/2010 Eternally Home Rhymefaith,inspirationalhome,h
5/4/2010 Renewed Vow Light Poetryinspirational
4/12/2010 Worldly Earth Rhymehope
3/13/2010 Spring Rhymenature,sea,seasonswinter,
2/16/2010 Waiting on you? Light Poetryhusband,love
1/8/2010 Grasping Light Poetrylife
1/1/2010 Dedication to Cookie Rhymededication,friendshipself
12/29/2009 Winter Pledge Light Poetrynature,seasons,
12/3/2009 Thanksgiving! Light Poetryholidaythanks,food,thanks
11/18/2009 Our Soldiers.. Light Poetrydedication,inspirational,
11/16/2009 Third Shift Light Poetryfunny,on work and working
11/4/2009 My Family.. Light Poetryfamilyme,family,family,me
11/4/2009 Thank you Light Poetrypeople,upliftingme,
10/30/2009 We the People... Rhymeangst,introspectionfreedo
10/28/2009 No Death Compares..... Rhymeinspirational
9/21/2009 Autumn's Allure Light Poetryseasonssummer,autumn,summ
9/17/2009 The Belittler Light Poetryangst,introspection,on wo
9/10/2009 Unintentional Light Poetryon writing and words
8/19/2009 Choose this Day Rhymededication,devotion,faith
8/11/2009 Enchanting Invite Light Poetryadventure,inspirational,n
8/11/2009 Ownership of Privacy Rhymeintrospection
8/11/2009 Loved Rhymedeath,lost love,loveheart
8/4/2009 Work Angst Rhymeangst,sad,workfire,fire,
7/30/2009 If and When Light Poetryintrospection
7/30/2009 Night Fear Light Poetryadventure
7/21/2009 Poisoned Mushroom Concreteintrospection,on writing
7/21/2009 Before it is too Late Rhymedeath,education,hope,intr
7/17/2009 Do I Light Poetrydepression
7/14/2009 What's Up Doc? Rhymefunnyme,me,
7/14/2009 A Twenty Questioned Lowlife Light Poetryangst
7/13/2009 More Faithfully Light Poetrydevotion,faithme,me,
7/4/2009 Sum of Me Light Poetryangst,depression
5/29/2009 Troubled State of Mind Rhymeintrospection,life,recove
5/28/2009 Worked up Lies Rhymeangstme,
5/28/2009 The Nights' Dazzler Light Poetryadventure,imagination,nat
5/21/2009 Library of Limbo Rhymeadventure,hope,inspiratio
4/26/2009 Mourning After Kill Pill Rhymeangst,birth,child,confusi
4/23/2009 The World Needs Love Haikuhappiness,hope,love
4/13/2009 The Grim Cry Rhymedeath,fantasy,on writing
4/10/2009 Roads and Paths Light Poetrydedication,life,
3/4/2009 The Day God Blew a Bubble. Light Poetryadventure,faith,happiness
2/18/2009 Happy Birthday Mom! Light Poetrymother,thank youlove,me,
1/29/2009 Once Upon a Mind.. Burlesqueintrospection
1/19/2009 I Feel Ashamed Burlesquecaregiving,food,health,ho
1/14/2009 The Memory Street Bank Light Poetryfunny,imaginationhappy,ha
1/14/2009 Paper or Plastic? Burlesqueintrospection,lifeme,
1/12/2009 Slumbered Spell Rhymelove
1/11/2009 Flirting With What Dramatic Verseconfusion,on writing and
1/9/2009 The Green Monster of Agonizing Ifs. Lyricgirlfriend-boyfriend,husb
1/9/2009 Babbling Brook Rhymeadventure,fantasy,funny,i
12/28/2008 "Wintry Mixed" Light Poetrygirlfriend-boyfriend,hope
12/28/2008 That One Enchanted Awaking Light Poetrygirlfriend-boyfriend,husb
12/22/2008 Mat Limerickfunny
12/22/2008 Curt and Rod Limerickfunny
12/22/2008 Poor Fat Mama.. Limerickfunny
12/22/2008 Play on Words Light Poetryintrospection
12/21/2008 "Three Million" Channels And Nothing to Watch List funny
12/21/2008 Reflections of a House Light Poetryimagination,mystery,nosta
12/20/2008 Annoying! Burlesquefunny,introspection
12/20/2008 Pendulous Rhymeadventure,fantasy,imagina
12/20/2008 I Still Want to Believe Light Poetrydedication,devotion,hope,
12/2/2008 One Heck of a Day! Rhymeon writing and words
12/1/2008 A Beginning? Or an End? Rhymefaith,forgiveness,hope,in
11/29/2008 "Lust County Fair" Burlesqueangst,girlfriend-boyfrien
10/28/2008 My Dearest Little Sister Light Poetrysister
10/28/2008 My Dearest Brother Light Poetrybrothermay,
10/17/2008 Purist Pain Light Poetrydedication,devotion,faith
10/15/2008 Shameful Sinner of a Saint Rhymedevotion,faith,forgivenes
10/13/2008 Simple Enough Lyricintrospection,life
10/13/2008 The Lunacy of Peace Rhymeangst,confusion,introspec
10/10/2008 Take this Week and Shove it! Burlesqueangst,confusion,depressio
10/5/2008 Mr Winter Rhymeadventure,introspection,n
10/4/2008 Homeless Heart Rhymedepression,girlfriend-boy
9/22/2008 Greedsome Collectors Burlesquedepression,introspectiond

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