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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
10/13/2014 Dinner On The Lake Prose Poetrychanukah,romance,romantic
10/13/2014 The Moon Shiniest Bright Prose Poetryheaven,october,poetry,tea
7/8/2014 Fire and gasoline Blank verseemotions,feelings,
7/8/2014 I'm sick of feeling sick of you Prosebetrayal,
6/1/2014 Fire in my bones Prose Poetryfeelings,fire,
12/6/2013 Cycle that never ends Blank verseabuse,bullying,lonely,poe
12/1/2013 Sunset behind rainstorms Ninettenature,
12/1/2013 Winter Storm and a hero Ninettenature,
11/29/2013 Vacation cruise Villanellepoetry,
10/2/2013 Cranes In Migration Blank versenature
4/25/2013 Terror in Boston Prose Poetryevil
11/30/2012 PoetrySoup And The iPad Blank versefunny,
11/30/2012 Playing Around Wit Haiku Counter Verselost love,sad,
9/18/2012 Way too analytical Blank versesad,visionary,
9/18/2012 Success is a questionnaire Blank versethank you,visionary,
9/18/2012 Finesse does not mean success Blank verseinspirational,on work and
9/5/2012 Red Rose Left Burning Lyricmusic,song-lyric,name,old
8/23/2012 The Dumpster of Life Blank verselife,
8/23/2012 Snaked This Late At Night Rhymedepression,
8/18/2012 Strangled and Mangled By the Estranged Blank verselost love,
8/18/2012 Devoured By the Beast Blank verselost love,
8/18/2012 Pangs of Love Never Dies in Diseased Minds Blank verselost love,me,me,
8/4/2012 Beat Down Dragged Kicked In The Trash Blank versesad,urban,day,words,me,he
7/31/2012 Crazy People Write Crazy Poems Blank versehealth,
7/29/2012 Heat Free versehealth,
7/26/2012 The Tribunal Blank verseschool,
7/26/2012 Turning the pages Blank versesad,
7/19/2012 hung out to dry Blank versedepression,
7/13/2012 The New Moon is Out Tonight Blank versenature,moon,
7/11/2012 Tanka About Corn On The Cob Tankafood,
7/11/2012 Haiku About Giraffes Tankaanimals,pets,
7/11/2012 Haiku About Bats Tankaanimals,nature,
7/11/2012 Tanka Cat's Behavior Tankaanimals,pets,
7/10/2012 Tanka About Mosquitos Tankanatural disasters,nature,
7/9/2012 Black Bear Roams Camden Blank versenature,seasons,
7/9/2012 Yellow Leaves Falling Like Butterflies Blank verseanimals,nature,peace,me,
7/9/2012 II I Could Fly 2 Rhymemusic,
7/9/2012 If I Could Fly Rhymemusic,
7/4/2012 Pariku The Light Versenature,light,light,
7/3/2012 Song Writer Inpires Me Tankamusic,
7/3/2012 Mountainous Waterfall Haikunature,
6/25/2012 Fading Memories Blank verselost love,romance,me,me,
6/22/2012 Emotional Eruptions Blank verseangst,girlfriend-boyfrien
6/22/2012 My Joy Has Been Zapped Blank versedepression,me,world,joy,m
6/22/2012 Not All Barbaras are Home Wreckers Blank versegirlfriend-boyfriend,desi
6/22/2012 Insecurities In a Woman Free versegirlfriend-boyfriend,may,
5/1/2012 Roses Are My Favorite Flowers Prose Poetryfamily,
5/1/2012 Feelings The Unnatural Prose Poetryfamily,baby,baby,fruit,
5/1/2012 Diabeties in Children Blank versedeath,food,cancer,
5/1/2012 Geese and Airplanes Fight for Right of Passage Prose Poetryanimals,
5/1/2012 Spinning Blank verseconfusion,
3/31/2012 a dreamy night Free verseadventure,
3/31/2012 share my love Free verseadventure,love,
3/30/2012 the hunter moon Balladnature
3/30/2012 the moon Sonnetnature
3/30/2012 fairy dust in her laughter Versechildhoodfairy,
3/30/2012 Nantucket's Beach Tankasea
3/30/2012 Nantucket's Beach Haikunature
3/29/2012 No Knowledge Tankadepression,me,pain,me,
3/20/2012 justice for all Dramatic Versesong-lyric
3/19/2012 Sadly Free versesad
3/19/2012 Beauty In The Carolinas Free verseseasonsnature,spring,beau
3/19/2012 Summer Here Again Free versenaturespring,tree,fun,me,
3/19/2012 Connected With Nature Free versenaturelight,light,
12/17/2011 A Shiner Tonight Prose Poetryhappiness,
12/17/2011 Love's Battle Prose Poetrydepression,
12/17/2011 As Blue as the Moon Prose Poetrydepression,
12/16/2011 Life is like a Waterfall Prose Poetrydepression,water,life,wat
11/23/2011 Autumn Tree Free versefaith,tree,light,autumn,g
11/23/2011 I'm Too Old For This Versefamily,family,family,
6/28/2011 Love Victorious Evil Conquered Free verseloveme,emotions,love,me,
6/25/2011 The customer is always right Free versepeople
6/18/2011 Peace at last was not found on earth Free versedepression,loss,lost love
6/18/2011 An Alien from My Mothers Womb Rhymefunny,life,crazy,
4/27/2011 St Helen Eruptions Free versenatural disasters,nature
4/27/2011 Haiku: Hiccups Haikuhealth
4/27/2011 Senryu: Toothpaste Senryuhealth
4/23/2011 In God Hands Free versededication,devotion,faith
4/23/2011 Searching for God Free versedevotion,religiongod,god,
4/19/2011 Final Dip Lyricdepression,sadme,
4/19/2011 Peace Within Sonnetdepression,health,sad,pea
3/25/2011 Love is Gentle Lust is Wild Verselove
3/23/2011 Nature of Love at Sunset Free verselove,nature,love,
1/2/2011 Just Shut Up Free versepeace
1/1/2011 Shut Up Sometime Free versefunny
12/30/2010 Haiku: Deep Freeze Haikunature
12/30/2010 Haiku: The River Haikunature
12/22/2010 The Shortest Day-Coldest Year Free versenature
12/21/2010 Take Me Down Free verseloveme,
12/19/2010 Showers of Love Free verseloveheart,heart,
12/19/2010 Death of a Seventeen Year Old Free versedeath
12/13/2010 A Dolphin and White Clouds Free versesea
12/13/2010 Rest in Peace Free versedeath
12/13/2010 I Wish Not Free versesocial
12/12/2010 A Gun Free versesocial,war
12/11/2010 Death Seeks Me Free versedeath,depression,sadme,me
12/11/2010 Death Is Peace Rhymedeath,depression,peace,sa
10/27/2010 I am so tired Rhymedepression
10/14/2010 Standing on Top of The Hill Free verselifeday,morning,
9/21/2010 My First New Car Biosocialcar,house,me,old,ca

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