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Hello, Everyone

My name, is William Darnell Sr. I'm a retired carpenter, and a father of 5 grown children, 4 boys, and a beautiful daughter. My wife's passed away, 13 yrs now, so that makes me, a widower. My oldest, a son, is passed as well. I also have 6 grandchildren, 4 boys, and 2 beautiful granddaughter's. I've been writing poetry for around 20 yrs. My inspiration's God, my 7th grade English teacher, and my woodshop teacher. The greatest thing I have ever done, was married my wife, may she rest in peace, and the children she has given us. I was supposed to write a story of a tragedy that has happened to my family. But, having some difficulties. So, I'm just going to come right out and tell you. Two of my children had been raped, by a family member as some or maybe most of you might well know. My late wife's little brother done this. I hold myself responsible, most say, it wasn't my fault and I get that. But, the truth is, we knew. more to come... And, for this reason alone, that we knew, I hold responsible. I, as a father, husband, protector, and a man should have been assertive, regardless of my wife's feelings, having our children's best interest at mind, and said no, absolutely not! Ok, this is a Bio, an entry as to who I am, a briefing. I'll carry this story over to my blog. Anyways, that's me!

Best of Wishes,


A Sad Time

Blog Posted:9/7/2020 4:27:00 PM

Hi, Everyone!

I know I don't need to do this, but it helps me to share, even with strangers. On August nth, @ 10:57 am, my brand new granddaughter being 9 months old left this world and went home to God. He needed her more in respect as to how these ending days and times are, the conditions of how the world is being changed to this NWO, an entrance setting up for the Antichrist, yeah I said that.

He didn't want this child to be part of that and brought her to His home. My granddaughter, Ms. Adelina "Gracie" Darnell, took her last breath and departed. She is with my wife now up there, but that baby girl, just had my heart since her entrance and I never had the opportunity except here on the internet, of actually seeing, holding, and touching, smelling her, and breaks my heart so badly, but it's ok, cause I know where she went.

It put me in a deep depression and still mourning her existence and her presence and the footprints she left in me, even though I didn't get that chance with my "Gracie." She had me from go man, and I looked forward every day of a new picture, and to watch and see her cognitive skills and motor skills flourish as she grew. That little one was my Gracie and is the reason I haven't been here, on the internet as I laid in that bed, just wanting to die myself. Life isn't fair, it isn't supposed to be.

But, after a week and a half, I believe. God, said ok now William, enough, I'll ease your hurt, but don't give up on Me, God, Christ Jesus my Trinity. I didn't even eat, that's how bad I sunk. If anyone of you would like to read such a small Tribute I gave her on the Facebook platform, you can find me there, "French William Fry's" is the name I use. And, if this against the guidelines here for me saying that PoetrySoup staff, I am very sorry, but I have to snap back into where I was. I just submitted a new poem today which was my main purpose coming here. It titled The Abyss In Loving Someone. Thanks for your time everyone, I bid you well. 

Best of Wishes, 

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Date: 9/17/2020 7:36:00 PM
William, I'm so sorry :( I can't imagine how painful this must be. You are a man of faith, so you know that she is ok, Jesus is taking care of her, and you'll see her again someday. But it doesn't make the pain here on earth any easier to endure. I pray God will comfort you and your family.
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Darnell Sr. Avatar
William Darnell Sr.
Date: 9/18/2020 7:51:00 AM
Hi, Becca! That baby had my heart the day I saw the pictures I was sent. It was the highlight of my waking up each morning, just to tag myself to her pictures. That was grandpa's Gracie. My son kept telling me her name is Grace dad. I said well I believe that I being a grandparent supersede your statement and definitely say she is my Gracie, so get used to it. Ok , if you insist. How many other grandpas wrote poems to the grandchildren and said thousands but considering all the people in the Thousands is a fraction out there. Thank you, Becca you such an encouragement and you know, if you dont mind, I'd like to take a few more poems of you and feature and the new feature. I still have my favorite "One Dismal Night", its is my absolute of you. And I cant thank you more the grace of you allowing me to feature. But, it's with great pleasure I do. You as well blessing to fulfull all that you need in abundance. Best of Wishes, William
Date: 9/13/2020 2:58:00 AM
Firstly William, you most certainly should NOT have to apologize for speaking from the heart ! Although in this PC BS*** world it's very easy upset the snowflake crew and particularly if you have Christian beliefs. I'm not into FaceBook, William, but I read your moving "Abyss" piece and it captures your sadness and hurt, without all the patronising cliches. It's difficult to describe emotional pain (it's the same as attempting to describe the "atmosphere" while attending a wonderful show or game - You can't. You've got to be there. Same with your genuine grief -unless I've walked in your shoes, I can't feel that sinking hurt. Your Faith will bestow you the strength and courage to drive-on.
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Darnell Sr. Avatar
William Darnell Sr.
Date: 9/23/2020 11:04:00 PM
Hi, Sean. Well said, and stated! The very one thing I am facing, even through all these curves coming at me. Is forgiveness for me, since I place me in this self-conviction. It's one of the hardest things I'm facing. I'll miss that sweet little child, and I have 6 grandchildren. That little one came in this world, and see her for the first time,(picture form), oooh she just took my heart by storm. As far as Facebook platforn, I use it to send my poetry out to the other social hubs, and I feature other writers, just ask Ms. Becca Teagan straight above. I have 2 websites. Thank you for your sentiments, and thoughts and just being here mostly. Sometimes, all it takes is a smile. Thank you, Sean. Best of Wishes, William
Date: 9/10/2020 4:55:00 PM
Oh my William...I am so so sorry for your huge loss and the hole in your heart...I'm glad you are tiptoeing back and being bold to write to us here. May you find daily solace in the small things that hold us together and in your love and devotion. I light a candle for you. Jeanne
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Darnell Sr. Avatar
William Darnell Sr.
Date: 9/11/2020 3:24:00 AM
Hello, Ms. Jeanne! Thank you, from the center of my heart, truly. Tiptoeing across rice paper very carefully. Life is truly about the little things that seem irrelevant to others, is me. I'm not being arrogant, but I always have been so deeply attached to life and wear my heart where it should be worn, on my sleeve. But I sure do appreciate, each of you being here to share my loss and burden, and I can speak for my children and family, we thank you, most graciously. This is where I take pride in saying, I hope, God Blesses you abundantly all the days of yours and your family's lives. Best of Wishes, William
Date: 9/9/2020 2:16:00 PM
I’m very sorry for the loss of your granddaughter, William, and may God comfort and give you His peace. I also believe that she is in the arms of Jesus now. God bless you.
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Darnell Sr. Avatar
William Darnell Sr.
Date: 9/11/2020 6:12:00 PM
Hi, Ms. Laura! Thank you, and I am humbled you being here. God is walking very close to me right now, I'm glad you made that statement, I assure you. And yes, yes I actually invasion Him doing this too. His grandma is up there, my late wife. Thank you once again Laura for you beautiful sentiment and being here in a time of need for a fellow writer. Best of Wishes, William
Date: 9/9/2020 5:44:00 AM
Peace be with you William...
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Darnell Sr. Avatar
William Darnell Sr.
Date: 9/23/2020 11:07:00 PM
Thank you, Charlie. May you find many blessings in your life. Genuine soul! best of Wishes, William
Date: 9/8/2020 5:54:00 PM
William, my sincere sympathy for your immeasurable loss. You have God on your side, and he will walk with you through the sorrow and lift your head. He is our rock, our fortress, our shield, and our deliverer. He has been all these things to me during my seasons on darkness. God bless you, William.
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Darnell Sr. Avatar
William Darnell Sr.
Date: 9/23/2020 11:24:00 PM
John, I cling to our Lord above. He wants me here still, and He is carrying me now, because I knew the hells I was about to face, under the use of elicit drugs slipping down the rabbit hole. But still I held on to him. My life has turned out exactly the way it was meant to. Still, clouded from coming off the drugs, but I just wanted to live again, before my final breathes, be taking away. Thanks, John for being here. I'm coming home, just have a few things to learn along the way. You are my blessing, John, I thank God too. Best of Wishes, William
Date: 9/8/2020 4:58:00 PM
William, I am so sorry. My grandchildren mean the world to me and I cannot fathom losing one. My prayers are with you and your family
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Darnell Sr. Avatar
William Darnell Sr.
Date: 9/23/2020 11:31:00 PM
Hi, Eve! I have or had 6 grandchildren, but Gracie, she had my heart, soul and not even being able to touch her, she left footprints in me, and I was captivated. The grand entry she made, indeed. Thank you, so much being here even just in spirit helps. God Bless you and you family. Best of Wishes, William
Date: 9/8/2020 12:50:00 PM
I cant begin to imagine the grief at losing a child of any age, my thoughts are with you all:-( hugs jan xx
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Darnell Sr. Avatar
William Darnell Sr.
Date: 9/23/2020 11:41:00 PM
Hello, Jan. I've lost my wife, my oldest son, and now my grandbaby. I fight a battle inside of me. But I have felt hate, and rage once, 22 years ago, and that one word I do not like, it isn't inmy vocabulary. I don't ever want to feel it again. It's too strong of an emotion, no no no, never do I ever want to feel it again. Thank you, Jan for helping me! Best of Wishes, William
Date: 9/8/2020 9:40:00 AM
William, I am so deeply sorry for your great loss and grief. This is a grief I know as I lost a baby child also, I know about that empty hallow feeling inside of you. It is hard to let go of the pain and it takes time, give yourself the time and cherish all those photos, in the years to come they will be your treasures. I will try to find you on Facebook. It is hard sometimes to understand why these things happen _Constance
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Date: 9/7/2020 6:59:00 PM
If we believe, it's times like this where we are tested...He is standing right there for you William and will console your grief till you can readily feel His Grace (Gracie knows joy we can't fathom). Prayers lifted.
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Darnell Sr. Avatar
William Darnell Sr.
Date: 9/8/2020 1:39:00 AM
Hi, Wayne! I'm at a loss here, and truly don't know how to respond to the power in your sentiments and prayers. I feel it though, literally. He has chosen you to deliver it though. It has me at a calm and I can feel love emulating from it. God Bless you all the days of yours and your family lives. I am though truly blown by the power here and it has calmed me. Thank you, for delivering such a message to my family and me, we are grateful. Best of Wishes, William.
Date: 9/7/2020 5:27:00 PM
I am so sorry for your loss. I can't even imagine what you must be going through. I send my deepest apologies and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
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Darnell Sr. Avatar
William Darnell Sr.
Date: 9/24/2020 12:27:00 AM
Thank you, Mark. I don't what it was about grandpas Gracie, but the first picture my son sent, 3 days later, she just captivated me, won me completely over, even over the rest of the 5 other grandchildren. We had great video time with each other. Both, Gracie and I, in our facetime, we both would reach for the screen, so adorable. Thank you again, Mark, sharing my loss. I'm very grateful. Best of Wishes, William
Date: 9/7/2020 4:39:00 PM
My heart is sadden by this news. Oh my !! I don't know what to say. I will say this. She is in a better place. This doesn't make the pain go away, but it is comforting to know. I am keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. ~ Brandy
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