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Blog Posted:12/9/2018 3:17:00 AM

The poet or anti-poet as defined in 'The World's Curves by John Blase



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Date: 12/9/2018 12:02:00 PM
Brian, I liked it, wonderful lines , thanks for sharing
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Brian Strand
Date: 12/9/2018 3:08:00 PM
I am sure John will pleased with your comment ,thanks

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4/28/2021 EXPERIMENTS in blue Ekphrasisart,tribute,
4/27/2021 MULTIPLE manifestations Clerihewart,tribute,
4/27/2021 IMPRINTS of IDENTITY Clerihewart,tribute,
4/25/2021 ONE SPRING DAY Versespring,travel,
4/23/2021 E N G L A hip hip hooray TODAY Verseengland,patriotic,tribute
4/22/2021 S and D railway Clerihewtravel,tribute,
4/22/2021 ALFONSE of austria Clerihewart,tribute,
4/21/2021 DUCHAMP displayed Ekphrasisart,tribute,
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4/20/2021 N A and all that Clerihewcommunity,humorous,
4/18/2021 TEN TALES of remembrance Versefamily,nostalgia,
4/17/2021 EMBLEMATIC poses JRV Ekphrasisart,tribute,
4/17/2021 IF MUSIC BE --- play on Clerihewart,music,tribute,
4/16/2021 A STORY of wine Versewine,
4/15/2021 A WINDOW on HiS art Clerihewart,humorous,
4/14/2021 Velazquez SIGHS and EYES Ekphrasisart,tribute,
4/12/2021 SPRING Pastoralspring,
4/11/2021 BEYOND the BEYOND Ekphrasisart,tribute,
4/9/2021 OPAQUE circles Ekphrasisart,tribute,
4/8/2021 FLUXUS Ekphrasisart,tribute,
4/7/2021 nature mort DEPICTIONS Ekphrasisart,tribute,
4/6/2021 TWO for PRICE of ONE Ekphrasisart,tribute,
4/5/2021 BLAUE REITER a ride on blue print Ekphrasisart,tribute,
4/4/2021 PAINTING a vermeer verity Ekphrasisallegory,art,
4/3/2021 VERMEER my dear Ekphrasisart,tribute,
4/2/2021 ABSTRACTION at large Ekphrasisart,tribute,
4/1/2021 STAIRS to repentance Ekphrasisart,tribute,
3/31/2021 APRIL Pastoralapril,
3/30/2021 MIGRAINE misgivings Ekphrasisart,tribute,
3/28/2021 APPARITIONS in colour Ekphrasisart,tribute,
3/28/2021 PENCHANTS aloud Ekphrasisart,tribute,
3/27/2021 Take HEART Versechristian,
3/26/2021 MASTERSTROKES of assimulation Ekphrasisart,tribute,
3/25/2021 FOUND a phrasis Verseeulogy,
3/24/2021 TANGIBLE miracles Verseimagery,
3/22/2021 IMPROVISATION aloud Verseimagery,
3/21/2021 ILLUSIONS of MULTIPLICITY magnified Ekphrasisart,tribute,
3/20/2021 WORDS will muse a phrasis Verseextended metaphor,poetry,
3/18/2021 WOLS with eyes closed Ekphrasisart,tribute,
3/17/2021 FACADES in varied repetitions Ekphrasisart,tribute,
3/15/2021 STILLS statuesque Ekphrasisart,tribute,
3/13/2021 MANET model Ekphrasisart,tribute,
3/12/2021 VIENNA in giddy gravitas Ekphrasisart,tribute,
3/9/2021 METAPHORS of transience Ekphrasisart,tribute,
3/8/2021 BLAUE REITERS ride and paint Ekphrasisart,tribute,
3/7/2021 BRUCKE an inner necessity Ekphrasisart,tribute,
3/5/2021 PEREFECTION peopled Ekphrasisart,tribute,
3/2/2021 MARCH monoku Monokumarch,
3/1/2021 STILL LIFE without green Ekphrasisart,tribute,
2/28/2021 MARCH Versemarch,
2/27/2021 SYMBOLS of love Ekphrasisart,tribute,
2/26/2021 KOKOSCHKA lovers legacy Ekphrasisart,tribute,
2/24/2021 IMPRESSIONS thru the glass ceiling Ekphrasisart,tribute,
2/23/2021 the QUIETUS Ekphrasisart,tribute,
2/21/2021 A PANORAMA of notions Ekphrasispoetry,
2/20/2021 IN QUIETNESS and solitude Ekphrasispoetry,
2/19/2021 OH REDON before sur realtime Ekphrasisart,tribute,
2/18/2021 THE COMIC on a grand scale Ekphrasisart,today,
2/17/2021 FLUXUS a happening Ekphrasisart,tribute,
2/16/2021 SATURATIONS in the unreal Ekphrasisart,tribute,
2/15/2021 AS AMEDEO saw it Ekphrasisart,tribute,
2/14/2021 LIFE studies in focus Ekphrasisart,tribute,
2/13/2021 KEATS odes dreams Ekphrasispoets,tribute,
2/12/2021 INSIDE looking out Ekphrasisart,tribute,
2/11/2021 WHISPERED words Ekphrasispoetry,tribute,
2/10/2021 TRIPLET for today Didacticchristian,education,
2/9/2021 SURREALISM an outside in art Ekphrasisart,tribute,
2/7/2021 SON of HANNOVER an amalgam Ekphrasisart,tribute,
2/5/2021 IMAGES coalesce Imagismart,poetry,tribute,
2/4/2021 FEBRUARY Shapefebruary,word play,
2/4/2021 LUMINOSITY lives Ekphrasisart,tribute,
2/1/2021 LADDERS to the third eye Ekphrasisart,tribute,
1/31/2021 MONTHS of sundays Ekphrasisart,tribute,
1/30/2021 EVERYDAY everlasting Ekphrasisart,tribute,
1/29/2021 OPULENT and awesome Ekphrasismusic,tribute,
1/28/2021 SATIE in a cage Ekphrasismusic,tribute,
1/27/2021 turner CHURNING Ekphrasisart,tribute,
1/26/2021 AMALGAM of reality Ekphrasisart,tribute,
1/25/2021 COUNT it all JOY Ekphrasismusic,tribute,
1/24/2021 PRE impressionism AT LARGE Ekphrasisart,tribute,
1/23/2021 STEP UP CLOSE walk inside Ekphrasisart,tribute,
1/22/2021 THE CREATIVE impulse Ekphrasismusic,tribute,
1/21/2021 AB EX a wyoming wonder Ekphrasisart,tribute,
1/20/2021 YESTERDAY buried in today Ekphrasisart,tribute,
1/19/2021 LADY in GREEN Ekphrasisart,poetry,tribute,
1/18/2021 ARRESTED moments Ekphrasisart,tribute,

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Fav Poems

The Nose Concreteart,life,on writing and w
Sailing Leaf Haikunature
The Rain Haikunature
Reflections Free verseon writing and wordswords
Hippocratic Oath Rhymelost love,son,sympathywor
Ever After Cinquainlove
Mortal Season Free versesea,seasonssummer,day,sum
A Whisper on the Wind Personificationnature,
There Will Be Mountains Coupletfaith,lifemountains,
Tender Moments Quatrainlovesweet,sweet,,sweet lo
Blush of the Roses Couplethope,nature
Haiku/Limerick number twenty Haikunature
Time Machine Coupletnostalgiamom,me,night,can
I AM THE ONE Free verseinspirationalme,
Finally Quatrainlove,passion
The Gift Coupletintrospection,nature
footle .. Footle !! Light Versefunny
Believe! Coupletdevotion,faith,inspiratio
Lavender Soap Narrativefamily,happinesseaster,
The Love Letter Quatrainlovelove,passion,
cream seeps from the sun Haikuseasons
Yesterday's Rain~ Coupletforgiveness,hope,inspirat
Winter Pond Free versenatureautumn,
Restoration Free versenatureme,me,
requiem to my hero Elegyloss
Bed of Roses Rictameterlove
Spring Tango Haikunature,seasons
Farewell, alas Free versedeath,i love you,
An Idyll of the Past Versehistoryme,child,me,
Unconditioonal Love - the short version Rhymeloveme,me,
The Old Homestead Lyricfamily,history,introspect
The Red Rabbit I do not know?life,
Perspective Coupletintrospection,natureheart
God's Orchard Senryuimagination
Ode to a rose on a sunset Quatraincaregiving,dedication,dev
The Beauty of Peace Chokanature,seablue,
When Violins Weep Verselost love,love
Where are you so soon, my love Quatrainlove,i love you,
Basho Senryudedication
Maxine Free verselove
Weather Observations Free versenature
Lovers Utopia Quatrainfantasy,happiness,imagina
Melancholy Mists Free versephilosophy,sad
Nightfall Free verseimagination,naturebird,bi
Cricket Free versepoliticalred,
The Reader Free verselove,on writing and words
The Conciliator's Cry Free versecaregiving,devotion,inspi
My heart Quatrainfriendship,hope,loveheart
Haste! Personificationallegory,confusion,life,l
Whispers Free verseintrospection,life,passio
Masterpiece Senryupeace
The Ambiance Free verseeducation,happiness,passi
Movements of Beginnings Free versehistory,philosophy,politi
Poetic Waters Haikunature,sea
A Bit of Joy Senryuhappiness,life,nature
Before & After the Lull Verseseasea,sea,
Diamond in the Bud Lanternenature
NIGHT IS NOT LIKE DAY Terza Rimamusic,mystery,nature,sea,
Ghetto Summer (redo) Fibonacciplaces
Night's sentry Free versecaregiving,imagination,my
Rain Free verseintrospection,peopleday,d
Dreamtime: flowers never bloom Quintain (Sicilian)imagination
Awaiting Dawn Chokanaturenight,night,
Cubic Romance Senryuart,imagination,love
Symbiosis Rhymeadventure,nature,peace
Falling in Love Haikulove,nature
Autumn's Breeze Coupletnature,peace,sea,seasons,
Destination Tetractyslife
The Power Tail-rhymeallegory,love
The Walk We Take Crystallinehappiness,hope,inspiratio
Winters buds Free versepassion
Solace of Nature Haikunature,peace
The Old Painter Couplettime,
A Change of Season - A Haiku Haikunature,
Morning Baptism Haikunature
Reflection Monokuintrospection,
Evening Grace Free versepeaceme,
Haiku - Mirror Reflection Haikunature,
Quiet Comfort Parts 1, 2 and 3 Crystallineintrospection,life
Flying My Kite of Prose Free verseon writing and words
Winter Footprints Quatrainseasons
Sienna Eyes Narrativeanimals
Eye of the storm Free versefaith
Uncaring Wind Free versenature
Brighter Senryufaith,inspirational
Causalities of War Elegydeath,war,
Snails Pace Shapelife,nature
Sweetly Fragrant Sonnetdevotion,faith,father,ins
It is Written in a Star Concretehistory,love,peace,
To VC Free versehope,love,mysteryheart,he
Transition Kimonature
Christmas Eve of Old Couplethappiness,music,
Baby Girl (For Asante Indira) Free versedaughter,education,intros
Ode to Winter Odefaith,happiness,hope,natu
Wisdom (An Emily dedicated to Brian Strand) Epigramdedicationmay,
Buried Rhymeangst,death,imagination
Glare Ice Haikunature
The Sun Rises--The Moon Sets Acrosticlife,naturemoon,
She Danced Quatrainimagination,inspirational
Coloring Page Sonnetallegorylove,

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