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Thank you, anonymous donor.

Blog Posted:4/17/2017 5:04:00 PM

I've just received a soupmail from poetrysoup, telling me that a person who wants to remain anonymous, has made a donation to make me a premium member.  Wow,  I am so thrilled and humbled by that gesture.  I hope they read this blog and know how much I appreciate that.  Thank you.

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Date: 4/25/2017 8:31:00 PM
Congratulations, Ray,, totally enjoy your gift that was given.We have wonderful people here..Hugs
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Date: 4/18/2017 8:25:00 PM
that is wonderful, Ray. Congratulations.
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Date: 4/18/2017 1:24:00 AM
Oh so glad the PM fairy has visited you Ray!!! Enjoy your gift and keep the humour flowing with your wonderful words:-) :-) hugs Jan xx
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Date: 4/18/2017 1:26:00 AM
Your must be absolutely overjoyed ...change your name to Ray 'Grin'ley:-):-) hugs Jan xx

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Thank you, anonymous donor.
Date Posted: 4/17/2017 5:04:00 PM

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5/18/2017 Home From The Battlefields Sonnetrecovery from,war,
5/16/2017 Why Men Leave The Toilet Seat Up Limerickhumor,
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5/15/2017 Jimerick: Scary Premonition Limerickboat,fate,fear,flying,
5/14/2017 Clarinet Lessons Limerickhumor,music,
5/13/2017 I Set The Record Straight Tonight Lyricgoodbye,heartbreak,leavin
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4/28/2017 Jimerick: His Little Black Book Limerickhumor,love,mother son,
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4/15/2017 Overbooked, Get Off Our Plane Limerickconfusion,flying,humor,
4/13/2017 Life Rhymeforgiveness,humanity,life
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4/11/2017 Jimerick: Bad Investment Limerickhumor,money,
4/11/2017 False Alarm Senryucrazy,fear,
4/11/2017 Our Easter Eggs Senryueaster,
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4/7/2017 Labyrinth Of Dreams Lanternedream,feelings,sleep,
4/3/2017 Circus Of The Dead Rhymedeath,scary,
4/2/2017 Jan's Uncle Rick Limerickhumor,
3/30/2017 Jimerick: Seduction Advice Limerickhumor,sensual,
3/24/2017 Four Brass Rings Limerickhumor,
3/23/2017 Four Things, Actually Epigramhumor,
3/20/2017 Jaded Clown's Smile Juejunostalgia,sad,
3/19/2017 How I Sing The Doh, Ray, Me Song Lyricconfusion,
3/15/2017 Scam Sham Shamus Limerickhumor,innocence,
3/14/2017 My Big Fat Gypsy Poem Rhymehumor,marriage,wedding,
3/11/2017 Haircut By Hapless Barber Rhymehair,humor,
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3/4/2017 Kung Fu Wisdom Epigramhumor,word play,
3/3/2017 Ode To Jan - Queen of Poop Rhymehumor,tribute,
3/1/2017 Utopia and the Soap Bubble Rhymehumor,
3/1/2017 UFO's Explained Haikuconfusion,humor,science f
2/27/2017 Grief Follows Loss Rhymefriend,grief,loss,
2/24/2017 Anxiety, I Don't Like Heights Rhymeanxiety,humor,
2/22/2017 An Unwanted Guest, I Jest Rhymeanimal,dog,humor,humorous
2/19/2017 Sexyku For Two Haikusexy,
2/19/2017 Night In The Forest Rhymeanimal,anxiety,fear,imagi
2/17/2017 Where I Want To Go Sonnetjourney,mountains,places,
2/13/2017 Wing Walking Woes Rhymefunny,humor,humorous,sky,
2/10/2017 On A Country Trek Versenature,places,
2/9/2017 Just Slightly Overweight At The Moment Free versebody,food,humor,humorous,
2/8/2017 I'm Sorry About Your Photos Rhymeconfusion,humor,sorry,
2/7/2017 Tibetan Bride or Baggage, You Decide Rhymehumor,humorous,marriage,s
2/7/2017 You Broke My Heart Rhymebreak up,funny,heartbreak
2/7/2017 Blind Date With A Stunner Rhymegirlfriend,humor,humorous
2/5/2017 Blind Date With Madame Whiplash Rhymeconfusion,funny,humor,hum
2/3/2017 I Left My Cello On a Bus Quatrainfunny,humor,humorous,loss
2/2/2017 My phone is a Wondrous Device Versebusiness,funny,humor,peop
2/2/2017 I Fell Down a Wishing Well Free versefish,humor,humorous,nonse
2/1/2017 Dangerous Granny Rhymefunny,grandmother,humor,n
1/31/2017 Poem of the Night Limerickday,funny,humor,humorous,
1/31/2017 A Giraffe That Once Swallowed A Ladder Limerickanimal,fun,funny,humor,hu
1/28/2017 A Winter Walk Rhymesnow,tree,weather,winter,
1/28/2017 Brighton West Pier Memories Rhymebeach,holiday,remember,se

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