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Youtube audio link to hear me recite from my PS anthology

I am English and began writing poetry at the turn of this century.My early interest was in short forms,.I created and promoted quite a few here on PS (perhaps my best known is the Footle).With encouragement from a member here I moved onto to longer forms,publishing my poetry in print,blog ,twitter and kindle ebook form.I came to conclude that all poetry is structured prose and remains a work in progress until recited aloud, (the apex of our art form) when a unique experience 'an as is moment' occurs between voice and ear, much the same as the experience that happens when viewing a work of art

Check out my short forms @strandpoet on twitter and my kindle poetry guides on amazon and some of my artwork to  accompany my youtube clips of my poetry recited aloud




CONTEST 262 RESULTS now available ...any theme/form max 6 lines

Blog Posted:1/10/2017 4:09:00 PM

WHAT TO SUBMIT: Any form/any theme max of 6 lines

You are  welcome to submit winning , placed (or unplaced for that matter)poems from your back catalogue and especially  ( from earlier PS contests) before PS introduced their premiere trophy arrangement AND 4-10 placed poems in these premier contests of ?mine



Just your plain text poem to preserve complete ANONYMITY. 

 ( Some folks poetry postings here on PS can be identified as they add small marks at the end of their poem or they consistently using emboldened type.It becomes their 'house style' so to speak.Please amend as per my blog conditions for purposes of complete anonymity in my 'premieres')




First Prize, Glory
Second Prize, Glory
Third Prize, Glory
& 7 placings

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  1. Date: 1/10/2017 6:13:00 PM
    Brian, thank you very much for my placement in Contest 261, so honored and congrats to all your winners ~

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    Strand Avatar Brian Strand Date: 1/11/2017 3:09:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    Constance ,your talent covers such a variety of forms.Thanks for your support of my premieres.

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My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
2/27/2017 PRECIOUS MOMENTS OF LOVE another quintile Biofeelings,love,
2/27/2017 FIRST BORN PRECIOUS memory moment Biobaby,father daughter,memo
2/27/2017 NATURE precious moments -a quintile Cinquainnature,seasons,
2/26/2017 IN SPATE Free versenature,weather,
2/26/2017 RIVER DEEP Free versenature,
2/25/2017 IF a pleiades free verse Verselife,remember,repetition,
2/25/2017 I Biochristian,life,
2/24/2017 SILENCE my muse Free verseinspiration,poetry,
2/24/2017 CLIMB EVERY MOUNTAIN Carpe Dieminspiration,poetry,
2/23/2017 LOVE ENTERS THROUGH THE EYES Verselonging,love,
2/23/2017 ANXIETY the antidote Free verseangst,blessing,christian,
2/22/2017 UNWANTED GUESTS by some Coupletfriend,house,
2/20/2017 POETRY SOUP a pleiades free verse Free versepoetry,tribute,
2/19/2017 HYMNS Versechristian,music,
2/18/2017 AN ENGLISH CHILDHOOD IDYLL Idyll (Idyl)bio,places,
2/18/2017 IMAGISM the form Cinquainimage,poetess,
2/18/2017 THE ORIGINAL IMAGIST Versebio,imagery,poetry,
2/18/2017 AN EKPHRASIS IDYLL Idyll (Idyl)places,poetry,
2/18/2017 ADELAIDE the number one Imagist Verseamerica,april,poetry,
2/17/2017 SOME NATIONAL TREASURES Idyll (Idyl)beautiful,places,
2/17/2017 VENICE a living painting Fibonaccibeautiful,places,
2/17/2017 VENICE my belle Versebeautiful,places,
2/16/2017 FEELINGS Kyrielleemotions,life,
2/16/2017 MISSING THE POINT Kyrielleemotions,life,
2/16/2017 SWEETEN THE PILL Lanterneirony,life,
2/16/2017 INVISIBLE TO THE NAKED EYE Kyriellechristian,truth,
2/16/2017 THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COIN Epitaphhow i feel,rights,
2/16/2017 INVISIBLE THREAD 2 Fibonacciemotions,life,
2/16/2017 INVISIBLE THREADS 1 Fibonaccichristian,
2/15/2017 LIFE IN BLACK AND WHITE Kyrielleart,imagination,inspirati
2/15/2017 THE ETERNAL LIGHT Cinquainchristian,light,
2/13/2017 MY FIRST FREE VERSE on PS Free verselife,truth,
2/13/2017 VISUAL VERTICAL shape Shapepoetry,symbolism,
2/13/2017 MY FEMININE BEAUTIES Versebaseball,beautiful,flower
2/13/2017 A DAY THAT CHANGED MY LIFE Coupletfirst love,
2/13/2017 ANNIVERSARY Cinquainbirthday,christian,
2/13/2017 CHANGE OF MIND Coupletbirthday,christian,joy,
2/11/2017 A FOOTBALL MEMORY Biosoccer,sports,
2/11/2017 WHOLE NEW BALL GAME tristichsports,
2/11/2017 ITS NOT CRICKET Versesports,
2/11/2017 ANOTHER CAKE EPULAERYU Epulaeryufood,
2/11/2017 FOREIGN EPULAERYU CAKES Epulaeryufood,
2/10/2017 MY VALENTINE VERSE Coupletlove,valentines day,
2/9/2017 WHY SO SAD Versesad,
2/9/2017 ANOTHER SAD SONG Elegysad,war,
2/9/2017 A SAD VERSE Free versesad,
2/8/2017 MY ONLY HEROIC COUPLET Heroic Coupletsnature,poetry,
2/8/2017 2007 MY FIRST HAIKU Haikuimagery,poetry,
2/8/2017 HYMNODY the form Versebereavement,christian,son
2/8/2017 HAIBUN AND HAIKU 2 in 1 Haibunpoetry,winter,
2/7/2017 WEEKLY WOES an alliteration List blessing,christian,thanks
2/7/2017 LESSON OF THE EXPERIENTIAL Lanternelife,
2/7/2017 LESSONS LEARNED Free verseeducation,life,
2/7/2017 A POETRY LESS LEARNED Free verseeducation,poetry,
2/6/2017 HEMISTICH and ellipsis-the form Monokuimagery,poetry,
2/5/2017 LOVE PHRASES 2 Free verselove,poetry,
2/5/2017 LOVE PHRASES Free verselove,poetry,
2/5/2017 CHIMERA ON THE WING Cinquainart,
2/4/2017 ANOTHER POEM of titles Verseeulogy,music,poetry,
2/4/2017 A POEM of titles Verseeulogy,poetry,
2/3/2017 GROOK a fibonacci irony Grookirony,nature,
2/3/2017 GOSH a gushi muse Verselove,poetry,
2/3/2017 GOSH a gushi tristichlost love,love,
2/2/2017 ABSURD absurd Verseintrospection,people,
2/2/2017 FUTILITY futility FUTILITY Free versewar,
2/1/2017 MUSICAL my euphony Verseanimal,magic,music,
2/1/2017 MUSIC TO YOUR EARS Free verseassonance,music,
2/1/2017 EIGHT SIX COUPLET the form Coupletinspiration,poetry,
2/1/2017 WORD MORPH the form Cinquainpoetry,words,
1/30/2017 ELF end line form Trioleteducation,poetry,
1/30/2017 ANOTHER QUINTILE CINQUAIN Cinquainnature,poetry,
1/30/2017 QUINTILE the form Cinquainlove,poetry,
1/28/2017 CHAOS imagined Free verseanalogy,dream,
1/28/2017 CHAOS in perspective Fibonaccichange,nature,
1/26/2017 LOVE'S PROMISE Romanticismlove,people,
1/26/2017 A LOVE SPELL Romanticismlove,passion,
1/26/2017 A SPELL OF LOVE Romanticismlove,romance,
1/25/2017 FULTON its conception as form Shapepoetry,
1/25/2017 FREE VERSE or what you will Free versefreedom,poetry,
1/25/2017 FOOTLE its conception as a form Footlebirth,inspiration,poetry,
1/25/2017 FIBONACCI as a quaternion Fibonaccipoetry,
1/25/2017 FIBONACCI as an ekphrasis Fibonacciart,poetry,
1/24/2017 ONCE UPON A TIME poetry's story Free versehistory,journey,poetry,
1/24/2017 ONCE UPON A TIME my poetry story Free versebio,journey,poetry,
1/23/2017 MY BLUE MATISSE Free verseart,color,people,
1/23/2017 A BLUE EKPHRASIS Ekphrasisart,color,
1/23/2017 A BLUE TANKA Imagismapril,bird,moon,
1/21/2017 EPIGRAMMATIC in form Epigramtime,
1/21/2017 EPITAPH a last word Epitaphdeath,tribute,
1/21/2017 ELEGY lanterne sequence form Elegydeath,poetry,
1/21/2017 EPULAERYU the form Epulaeryuart,food,
1/21/2017 ENGLYN the form Englynlost love,love,
1/20/2017 MY BEST NA EVER perhaps Free versebeauty,bio,
1/20/2017 VITALITY lost Free versebird,life,power,
1/20/2017 THE MIASMA EFFECT on humanity Free versehumanity,
1/19/2017 FINE WORDS just metaphor signals Free versemetaphor,
1/18/2017 ABSTRACT ekphrasis an eg Ekphrasisart,people,
1/18/2017 EKPHRASIS a description Ekphrasisart,
1/18/2017 EKPHRASIS thevstyle Ekphrasisart,baseball,people,
1/18/2017 EKPHRASIS the form again Ekphrasisart,

My Photos

Fav Poems

The Nose Concreteart,life,on writing and w
Sailing Leaf Haikunature
The Rain Haikunature
Reflections Free verseon writing and wordswords
Hippocratic Oath Rhymelost love,son,sympathywor
Ever After Cinquainlove
Mortal Season Free versesea,seasonssummer,day,sum
A Whisper on the Wind Personificationnature,
There Will Be Mountains Coupletfaith,lifemountains,
Tender Moments Quatrainlovesweet,sweet,
Blush of the Roses Couplethope,nature
Haiku/Limerick number twenty Haikunature
Time Machine Coupletnostalgiamom,me,night,can
I AM THE ONE Free verseinspirationalme,
Finally Quatrainlove,passion
The Gift Coupletintrospection,nature
footle .. Footle !! Light Poetryfunny
Believe! Coupletdevotion,faith,inspiratio
Lavender Soap Narrativefamily,happinesseaster,
The Love Letter Quatrainlovelove,passion,
cream seeps from the sun Haikuseasons
Yesterday's Rain~ Coupletforgiveness,hope,inspirat
Winter Pond Free versenatureautumn,
Restoration Free versenatureme,me,
requiem to my hero Elegyloss
Bed of Roses Rictameterlove
Spring Tango Haikunature,seasons
Farewell, alas Free versedeath,i love you,
An Idyll of the Past Versehistoryme,child,me,
Unconditioonal Love - the short version Rhymeloveme,me,
The Old Homestead Lyricfamily,history,introspect
The Red Rabbit I do not know?life,
Perspective Coupletintrospection,natureheart
God's Orchard Senryuimagination
Ode to a rose on a sunset Quatraincaregiving,dedication,dev
The Beauty of Peace Chokanature,seablue,
When Violins Weep Verselost love,love
Where are you so soon, my love Quatrainlove,i love you,
Basho Senryudedication
Maxine Free verselove
Weather Observations Free versenature
Lovers Utopia Quatrainfantasy,happiness,imagina
Melancholy Mists Free versephilosophy,sad
Nightfall Free verseimagination,naturebird,bi
Cricket Free versepoliticalred,
The Reader Free verselove,on writing and words
The Conciliator's Cry Free versecaregiving,devotion,inspi
My heart Quatrainfriendship,hope,loveheart
Haste! Personificationallegory,confusion,life,l
Whispers Free verseintrospection,life,passio
Masterpiece Senryupeace
The Ambiance Free verseeducation,happiness,passi
Movements of Beginnings Free versehistory,philosophy,politi
Poetic Waters Haikunature,sea
A Bit of Joy Senryuhappiness,life,nature
Before & After the Lull Verseseasea,sea,
Diamond in the Bud Lanternenature
NIGHT IS NOT LIKE DAY Terza Rimamusic,mystery,nature,sea,
Ghetto Summer (redo) Fibonacciplaces
Night's sentry Free versecaregiving,imagination,my
Rain Free verseintrospection,peopleday,d
Dreamtime: flowers never bloom Quintain (Sicilian)imagination
Grandfather's Arbour (revised) Sonnet 
It was on June Tankaloss,lost love
Awaiting Dawn Chokanaturenight,night,
Cubic Romance Senryuart,imagination,love
Symbiosis Rhymeadventure,nature,peace
Falling in Love Haikulove,nature
Autumn's Breeze Coupletnature,peace,sea,seasons,
Destination Tetractyslife
The Power Tail-rhymeallegory,love
Hopscotch Concretelife,
The Walk We Take Crystallinehappiness,hope,inspiratio
Winters buds Free versepassion
Solace of Nature Haikunature,peace
The Old Painter Couplettime,
A Change of Season - A Haiku Haikunature
Morning Baptism Haikunature
Reflection Monokuintrospection,naturemay,
Evening Grace Free versepeaceme,
Haiku - Mirror Reflection Haikunature
Quiet Comfort Parts 1, 2 and 3 Crystallineintrospection,life
Flying My Kite of Prose Free verseon writing and words
Winter Footprints Quatrainseasons
Sienna Eyes Narrativeanimals
Eye of the storm Free versefaith
Uncaring Wind Free versenature
Brighter Senryufaith,inspirational
Causalities of War Elegydeath,war,
Snails Pace Shapelife,nature
Sweetly Fragrant Sonnetdevotion,faith,father,ins
It is Written in a Star Concretehistory,love,peace
To VC Free versehope,love,mysteryheart,he
Transition Kimonature
Christmas Eve of Old Couplethappiness,holidaymusic,mu
Baby Girl (For Asante Indira) Free versedaughter,education,intros
Ode to Winter Odefaith,happiness,hope,natu
Wisdom (An Emily dedicated to Brian Strand) Epigramdedicationmay,
Buried Rhymeangst,death,imagination
Glare Ice Haikunature

Fav Poets

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