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Psycho Evaluation

                          Psycho Evaluation

    Physically unable to deal with all this stress
        a clinical Psychiatrist said that I am depressed
            No shat Sherlock you are such a genius
                10 years of college for this uneducated guess
                    Yah you're just an Idiot with an ego to caress
                    Pockets full of pens and eyeglasses to impress
                    Yes we all notice the impeccable way you dress
                    Armani styled striped suit all ironed and pressed
                    It looks quite expensive only the best for the best
                    No I don't want to do your magic ink blotter test

                    You act as if by the Almighty you are blessed
                Just like the Preacher trying to get us to confess
            So how do I know this won't end up in my arrest
        I guess I'll just have to remove you in the end more or less
    Now who is the one that's stressed???...

                              revised 04/27/16

Copyright © Brian Davey | Year Posted 2016

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Canvas of Catastrophe

Canvas of Catastrophe
An outcast portait of society Public opinion timidly restrained Descriptive world of psychotic anarchy Borderline genius, brilliantly insane Artificial imagined ancient discovery Sacrificed human, silenced little lamb Red drifted mist it's as thick as thieves King of the Dead, Queen of the Damned Perfect people dancing in puppet strings A choreographed movement of the masses The artists painted canvas of catastrophe dead people buried below green grasses Secret genetic DNA coded re-structuring Designer drugs for a euphoric state of mind left to watch planet earth fight its catastrophe Sitting in front row seats atop of cloud nine
Poem Revised @ 10/26/17 Entered into contest: "End October Premiere Contest" Hosted by: Brian Strand

Copyright © Brian Davey | Year Posted 2016

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Dog In A Purse

                           Dog In A Purse

  I have the very best pet, the absolute very, very best
    There is  no comparison he is better than the rest
      Funny story how we met one hot day way out west
        He was handed to me in a Prada Purse I must confess
          I first thought him a pest but he quickly passed my test
            He won me over in 2 seconds or less, oh but his name is a mess...

  We named him Prada you see, yah after the purse, so you get it
    He is a stud, definitely, all male but his name, yah I regret it
      So I call him Pra-Dawg instead of Prada because of my own ego
        Yep, uh-huh, he is a Chihuahua but not like any other that you know
          He is happy go lucky, loves rubber duckies, isn't nervous and won't relent
            He barks at big dogs at the fence, the backyard Prince, he's never tense...

  He fetches the ball bringing it back to you, dropping it every time right at your shoe
    He has this cute overbite when he chews, and loves to watch the evening news
      He is lightening fast but not furious, flying around and so damn curious
        He listens, obeys, won't run away, or worry us, he is really just super flus 
          No matter what he never goes potty inside, not even once has he tried
            I am his Master, he is my guide, always and forever Pra-Dawg by my side...


Copyright © Brian Davey | Year Posted 2016

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Haunting Memories

             Haunting Memories
                         The Safety Zone

    It feels like I have wind chimes in my feet
        The tingling feeling is that intense
            Pins and needles keep pestering me
                But obedience is my best defense

                    Every single step is a painful memory
                        Of the childhood I never got to see
                            Walking on glass eggshells metaphorically
                                Watching my feet continually bleed

                                Too young to understand what was happening
                            So obediently I tried to be brave
                        Every night I had to cry myself to sleep
                    I hadn't even lived yet but wished for my grave

                Punishment handed out like it was an offering
            Like my pain was some sort of sadistic prize
        Hiding away in the backyard that covered me
    Holding my breath and closing my eyes


Copyright © Brian Davey | Year Posted 2016

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Colorful Me LSD

Colorful Me LSD
Kaleidoscope euphoric psychedelic dreams Rainbows colour perfect peaches and cream Splashes orgasmic silhouettes of tiny screams Cobalt rain droplets in a sunny set theme... Tiny pearl spiders spin opaque webs in my spine Snow plowed glass hazards in white chalked up lines In awe to see so artfully the world in this design Cosmic Being floating heavenly sure I am just fine... Static electricity behind my waterfall aqua eyes Oceans of misery as I bid a colorful goodbye Back to mortality in a black and white world full of lies Lucy in the sky in tiny blue diamonds she cries...

Copyright © Brian Davey | Year Posted 2016

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Guardian Angel

Last night I had a dream, it had a tale to tell I dreamed I saw an Angel the poor thing wasn't well His body bruised and battered, his wings were ripped and torn he looked as if he wished that I was never born I walked up to him and I asked, "Angel how can this be" He turned around and paused a bit then spoke these words to me I am your Guardian Angel a great task as you can see You've run a muck all your life look what it's done to me These bruises are from shielding you in times both dice and ill Those dangerous things you had used I often paid the bill See my wings are ripped and torn, a noble badge that I wear How often they have flown you from evil unaware Each Mark is its own story of deadly wounds destroyed You've made me wish more than once that I was unemployed If only you could make it and stand up on your own Oh don't you fret or worry you shall not be left alone But please try to remember that I'm getting old and frail We will see if you can help yourself only time will tell I could not believe all I'd heard let alone how much he cared I sat and wept upon his shoulder then left in despair The next morning I pondered all the things that I had done And that's when the transformation hit, my life had finally begun So I made a final decision to change my life and try And in the distance I thought I heard a frail old Angel cry...

Copyright © Brian Davey | Year Posted 2016

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Ugly Boy

               >center>Jaime was such a lonely boy and this he couldn't understand?
                    He didn't possess one harmful bone in his entire body.
     He thought everything and everyone to be beautiful, until one summer day...
            The day that he finally looked in the mirror, really looked, and poor
                   little Jaime sat down and cried because now he knew why?

                                                 He was ugly!
                                               He was a freak!

               Double chin, uneven face, buck teeth, and a million freckles!
                He thought of himself as a cartoon character, no wonder all
                                 of the other kids made fun of him!
                        So he withdrew deeper inside, year after year!
              The pure hearted adoring boy closed himself off to the world.

                                           Because he was ugly!
                                              He was hideous!

               Then one day now a junior in highschool in Science class he 
                  got paired up with the Bethany Miller for a class project!

                                              Oh the torment!
                                              Oh the humility!

       So he decided to play sick from school, but his love of science won out!
      After a few days he relaxed and loosened up and Bethany was quite nice!
          He actually was starting to believe that they might be friends, until...
           One day after school walking down the hall he over heard a small 
                             group of girls whispering and laughing,

                      (but not really whispering like highschool girls do)

  and right there in the middle was Bethany telling the story and it was about him!
       One of the girls turns and points "There he is, that's him"! And in a panic
                  he turned and bolted down the hall out the front doors!
               once out side he bent at the waist trying to catch his breath.

                          (He obviously wasn't the most athletic boy)

           After a few moments he felt the softest hand touch his shoulder.
    Then the sweet voice of Bethany asks what's wrong Jaime why did you run?
    With tears stinging his eyes he looked at her and said because you all were
                               making fun of me, laughing at me!
            "Oh silly boy" she says, that's not what we were doing at all!
    I was telling them how great you were and that the next time that I saw you 
     that I was going to ask you to the winter dance...So what will it be mister?

                                (Hands sternly placed on her hips)


                                                   "Yes really"

          And this was the happiest day of Jaimes life because finally somebody
     saw the real him, and it just so happened to be the prettiest girl in the world!


Copyright © Brian Davey | Year Posted 2016

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Butterfly Alphabet

                   A Butterflies Cocoon Designed 
                        Eternally For Good

                   Hiding In Jaundiced Karts
                        Lingering Mutations

                   Never Once Being Parented
                        Quietly Restrained 

                   Seductively Tepid 
                        Until Vacating Wings
                              Xtend Youthful Zooms...


Copyright © Brian Davey | Year Posted 2016

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Flowers of the Spring--contest

              Flowers of the Spring

Apple Blossom petals cascade in the wind
 Blue Stars light the path for Spring's friends
  Cosmos intoxicating euphoric scent
   Dewberries dangle down over the fence
    Earths season has shifted from winter to spring
     Flowers bloom for miles enhancing all things
      Geraniums illuminate in colorful glow
       Holly oak, Hawthorne, and Hyacinth now grow
        Irises dilate like the most beautiful eyes
         Jasmines sweet scent can not be disguised
          Kaleidoscope's of colors tell you Springtime is here
           Lilacs lush lavender color crystal clear
            Marigolds take first prize in the Spring Orange Fair
             Nighttime is full of scented flower petal air
              Orchids adorn every little ponds shore
               Petunias in a pot sitting next to Grandma's door
                Quietly this meadow blooms listening to birds sing
                 Roses that are red are the best gift of love to bring
                  Snowdrops can grow enormous bulbs all year round
                   Tulips wear the seasons most popular crown
                    Ursinia the African Daisy is beautiful but rare
                     Viburnum group together on a single branch to share
                      Witch Hazel's are up to their same old silly tricks
                       X marks the spot best suited for picnics
                        Yellow flowers adorn every gals springtime dress
                         Zephyr Flowers round out this poetic Springtime list


Copyright © Brian Davey | Year Posted 2016

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Raven Shadows

Raven Shadows
Ravens fly in an ebony pool out of the mouth of evil Someone please suture the mouth from which they come Then let the beasts fly away into obscurity The masquerade of Shadows moves on In their aloof manner coaxing you to follow Behind you walk in cousin shadows towards death Darkness tends to hypnotize all that want to believe Flashing you a veneer smile, darkness with fake teeth All the darkness, ravens, and shadows share like eyes Those of a glowing opaque evanescence Still you are just too weak to show your resistance Into the mountain runs a crimson creek The gateway into which you are being led All these evil spirits that you now call friends Are going to claim victory the very moment you die...
05/31/17 For Contest: Write Me Something Deep and Dark (Free Verse)

Copyright © Brian Davey | Year Posted 2017