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So Broken
Like Shards of glass
I'm shattered
A million pieces scattered
 across the floor of my heart
               for your love.
But I am not worthy
 for anyone's heart,
  much less yours.
For so long you were my heart
And now you are gone.
 I am dying
from the inside out
Like a knife carving its way out of my chest.
Blood trickles,
 as I leave this place.
Sweet release

Copyright © amber repoli | Year Posted 2007

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Brand New Welcome Mat

the moon lingers

hanging desperately in the sky

dreading daylight

it luminates the sky

casting shadows 

creating dark alleys 

and forgotten heartache

Daylight grimaces on the horizon

playfully gracing the sky.

the darkness fades

a portrait of wildflowers  welcomes the light

pathways to the soul refreshed.

doorway renewed

a fresh new welcome mat placed on  my heart:)

Copyright © amber repoli | Year Posted 2007

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I cant Breathe

I look at you and I can't breathe
I dont understand the way you effect me
I'm always feeling an aching need to please you
 or see your smile
I cant believe that its all over so soon
It brings tears to my eyes to know that 
 these are our last few days.
My soul aches at the thought that I may never see your face
 or your smile again.
No one could ever delight me
 the way you do
You carry an everlasting glow
 that, hopefully, I will never have to let go of
And so I ask myself,
     " Could this be love?"
But I do not know
So i keep it bottled up inside
And in my writing I will confide
 until the day I have the courage
 and knowledge to say
exactly what it is I feel for you.

Copyright © amber repoli | Year Posted 2007

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Spies of the Heart

spies of the heart

open locked doors

find unspoken dreams

unheard wishes

fantasies beyond ones wildest imagination


spied upon my heart

displayed pictures of my soul

found hidden joy

and created new scars


whispered sweet nothings in my ear

encouraged me to trust and to feel

to dream of a future

they promised me the world


spit in my face

they defecated on my dreams

laughed at my loyalty

turned my world upside down


they are unwanted


leave me be

you have no home here


fade into the distance

i dont want your future

i dont need your dreams

i encourage no feeling 


erase your hold on my heart

my life

my soul


Copyright © amber repoli | Year Posted 2007

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When all the world seems to fall apart, 
  and sunshine seems to be nothing but a myth
When everything seems to have stopped the beating of my heart
   I think of you.

I think of you
 and all my problems fade away
I forget the importance of it all
My heart flutters at every word you say

The words you say heal my broken heart
You say you love me
 and I forget "why did this fight ever start?"

I can't recall
All I know is I'm tired of fighting
So I nestle into your arms
Then comes the lightning
 and the fire !

But you swallow my word with a kiss
And all thoughts are lost
 as we enter pure bliss.

Copyright © amber repoli | Year Posted 2007

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The morning opens my eyes
 And like the moonshine lies on the grass
  You lie on my mind.

You are the secret, 
   I am always waiting to tell
You are the song,
   That flutters past my lips
You are the heart,
    That beats with my own

You speak to my soul

Spring has turned to summer
 and with each of these passing days
   You have stolen more of my heart,

Hardly stolen though,
  As I have found myself handing you
     every inch of my being.

You are my heart
  Beating in my chest.
You are the words
  Coming from my mouth.
You are the very essence of me
  For you are always on my mind.

Copyright © amber repoli | Year Posted 2007

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Testimonial to Love

Missing you is like missing the sun's entrance  into the day
   or the moon's allegience to the night.
With each passing moment, 
 There is not a single second that would not be better if you were there.
I can feel your hands,
  and while it is comforting,
    it only makes me miss and want you more.
Now, I lie here, wondering if you realize the power you hold over me,
  or the feelings that flow through me whenever I think of you.
I hope I will never regret saying,
          "I love you,"
and I know that you will remain in my heart
   for forever and eternity.
Wish you were here.

Copyright © amber repoli | Year Posted 2007

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Sometimes I cry
 when I realize youre gone
Sometimes I laugh
 but thats not for long
Sometimes I frown
 in the middle of the night
Sometimes I smile
 but thats just out of spite
Sometimes I stand
 for all that I love
Sometimes I sit
 because I lose sight of it all
Sometimes I knee 
 to pray for what I believe
Sometimes I turn my back
 but I am not proud
Sometimes I walk away
 because I cant take anymore
Sometimes you look at me
 sometimes you dont
  sometimes youre there when I need you
    sometimes youre not
Always I smile
 when you appear
Always I run away
 but thats just out of fear
Always I want you
 youre such a great guy
Always I need you
 I can feel it inside
Always I love you
 I'm just not sure why
Never can I approach you
 I'm much too afraid
Never can you know
 because I just dont know why
Never will I utter your name
 for you may laugh
Never will I tell you
 it would hurt too much inside
Someday you may figure it out
 that would be great
Someday you may approach me
 and then I would sigh
Someday you may love me,
 but for now, I die inside.

Copyright © amber repoli | Year Posted 2007

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I wake up
 and the silence is suffocating
Laughter fills my mind
 I turn
And expect to see you
 but youre nowhere to be found
I havent seen you in so many days
 and I feel as though I am lacking something
My greatest fear seems to be coming true
 our time has ended
 and I'm losing you
All I can hold onto are the memories 
 and I'm living in misery
I go to sleep once again
 I dream of you in the night
But, as always, I awake
 and youre not there
I replay songs over and over
 in hopes that they'll bring part of you back to me
But you seem not to be in my destiny
Why must I live with the songs,
 when all I want is for you to be here with me?

Copyright © amber repoli | Year Posted 2007

Details | Amber Repoli Poem

Joyous Misery

The wind creeps through my hair
 and your scent ingratiates itself within me
I look at the sky
 and i see your face in the clouds
          The clouds
             or my mind,
           I'm not sure which
              but you are still there
           You are always there.

The heat strikes my back
  and I feel you.
Touching me,
  Holding me,
     Kissing me
The light shines upon my face
 and I sense your gaze 
  burning right through me
    straight to my heart
Clear to my soul
This is your home, 
For thats where I hold all of our memories together

I look around me
I'm surrounded by green
It reminds me of looking into your eyes
 or being lost in moments of you
So easy to get lost
 when I'm with you
So easy to forget where I am
 when I'm thinking of you
My heart always yearns to be near you.

A bird flits by
 and I think of tender words
  fluttering past your lips.
I can hear them now
 as the wind rushes past me,
   and I miss you terribly.

The rain pelts down,
 as I begin to cry.

Copyright © amber repoli | Year Posted 2007