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Come Hell or High Water

She looks out the window and sees him in the distance. 
So much fear inside leaves no room for resistance. 
If she ran right now she might be able to get away. 
With every broken rib she's nothing more than a cliche. 
She was once a strong woman, and could stand on her own. 
Now he's broken her will and more than one bone. 
Run, run, run her mind screams in shear terror. 
She unlocks the door without so much as a prayer. 
Maybe this time will be different and he won't be mad. 
Somehow she has to tell him he's about to be a dad. 
She should have taken that card and called the hot line. 
Her whole world changed as soon as she got the plus sign. 
If she can make it thru the night she'll pack up and leave. 
Somewhere deep inside she knows that's only make believe. 
She's his till the end, come hell or high water. 
There's nothing anyone can do about the oncoming slaughter.

                    The National Domestic Violence 
                          Hot Line 1-800-799-7233  

Copyright © Scott Williams | Year Posted 2016

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Whispers From Beyond

Listening for whispers from beyond the grave. 
So hard to hear for the mortality slave. 
Wind blows a chill thru the winters trees. 
Hands clasped in prayer I'm on my knees. 
Denial on my lips disbelief in my heart. 
Scared and alone my world torn apart. 
A pastor speaks standing beside you. 
I know you're gone but don't want it to be true. 
Who are these strangers standing around. 
Inch by inch you're lowered into the ground. 
Everyone says, " I'm so sorry for your loss. "
Can't they see I'm on an ocean that I can't cross. 
If I close my eyes and listen really hard. 
I can hear you say, " go play but stay in the yard."
Memories hurt Mom and I don't want to cry. 
Please don't go I don't want you to die. 
I know I can't stop it there's nothing I can do. 
You'll just have to live on in my memories of you. 
Now I have to find a way to be strong and brave. 
Keep listening for whispers from beyond the grave.

Written on 3/24/16

Copyright © Scott Williams | Year Posted 2016

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I feel a little left out.
Looking back I guess I was.
It makes me want to shout.
Maybe it shouldn't but it does.

Why can't I seem to get it right?
Am I missing something?
Maybe I'm holding on to tight.
Or maybe it's really nothing.

Why do they have to stare?
What did they say?
I wish I didn't care.
I'm in complete dismay.

Are they laughing at me?
Maybe they're just having fun.
I wish they could see.
I'm coming completely undone.

I just want to fit in.
I feel so all alone.
Do they see my scared grin?
Maybe I'm really a clone.

Someone please help me.
I can't do it on my own.
I could sure use a whiskey.
Or maybe a headstone.

Copyright © Scott Williams | Year Posted 2017

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Children of the Night

They were just children when they were sun. 
Condemned to living in a world without fun.
One minute of sunlight could be the end. 
Shadows and night time their only friend. 
Who in the world would be there for them. 
Who would speak up for the youth condemned. 
A child stands in a darkened room, 
Staring out at a faceless moon. 
Fists raised toward the heavens, 
Searching for answers they beckon. 
Tears stream down an untanned cheek. 
Feeling like nothing but an unholy freak. 
Passing people point and stare. 
A life was never more unfair. 
A baby is born and they learn from a test
he will be just like the rest. 
Trapped inside away from the sun. 
Games and races he'll never run.

Copyright © Scott Williams | Year Posted 2015

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Lying in a heap face down on the floor. 
No reason to live just don't care anymore. 
Nothing really matters no reason to stay. 
Need some relief, take the pain away. 
Dozens in my life but I'm still all alone. 
Going thru the motions just another drone. 

The touch that I felt lifted me up. 
Felt like God's glory filling my cup. 
The passage I read turned me around. 
Lifted me up put my feet on the ground. 
I knew at that moment I was okay. 
My life wasn't over I needed to stay. 

Now here I am spreading the news. 
The life God gave me I'll no longer abuse. 
I'm sharing my life telling my story. 
Using myself to shed light on God's glory. 
I'll never forget what he's done for me. 
So open your heart and you to can be free. 

Copyright © Scott Williams | Year Posted 2015

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Walking With My Now

Pain drags it's long burning fingers down the length of my soul. 
Searing into flesh and bone and memory is the knowledge of crushing impact. 
Spiderwebs of molten tears streak down from top to bottom of my mind. 
Crashing into the smoldering corners of what once was my life. 
Time doesn't work the same here in hell as it does out in the light. 
I see the twisted shadow of what once was upright strong and proud. 
Broken splinters stabbing into what once was beauty and strength. 
All that's left is white hot tendrils of pain and fear forming pools of sadness.

Copyright © Scott Williams | Year Posted 2015

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Head Up Little Sister

Pushed back into a corner by what they claim her to be
They're not the same as what they claim they want to be
Stronger, they are taller by far born to rule and lead the way

She's no good lower class less than zero broken glass
Head down she looks away eyes closed as if to pray
No one listens no one cares no one there to wipe her tears

Who is she to draw a breath every one the fear of death
Must be strong have no fear eyes wide open crystal clear
Moving swiftly crouching low hang on tight don't let go

Trying hard to have a voice pushing forward only choice
Can't go back must push on fighting till the break of dawn
Face turned up feel the sun war is over battles won

Copyright © Scott Williams | Year Posted 2015

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I can't read the writing on the wall
The free hand print there is way too small
If I could just turn the volume up
I might find a way out of this cover up
But here I sit dissecting my downfall

Many were the voices who 
Spoke about the things they knew
The columns as they stood before
Now turned to rubble strewn on the floor
As suspicious whispers just grew and grew

Time will surely tell the truth and
Maybe video will become the sleuth
Meanwhile we'll just say our prayers
As they extend to be billionaires
Faith is now placed in our youth...and

Here I sit dissecting my downfall...yeah
Sitting here dissecting my downfall

Copyright © Scott Williams | Year Posted 2016

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Wasted Life

Wasted life is wasted time. 
Bullet freed can't be undone. 
Method of a senseless crime. 
Muzzle flashing from the gun. 

Screaming curses fill the air. 
No sense is there to be found. 
Silent mouthing of a prayer. 
Lying frozen on bloody ground. 

Riots explode flash to ignite. 
Stand in the shadow of the law. 
Faces glaring out from midnight. 
Pain exposed like a fist to a jaw. 

Lights flashing and sirens wail. 
Helmets looking out over shields. 
Lifeless body of a young male. 
Jack boots stomping killing fields. 

Sweet Charlotte weeps tonight. 
Hold her tight in a gentle caress. 
Find the answers to make it right. 
Lift the feeling of us under duress. 

Written on 9/22/16

Copyright © Scott Williams | Year Posted 2016

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The Trail Where They Cried

Walking along the trail he thought about days past. 
They were told they had to leave, but never were they asked. 
The morning dew was cool as they began the long walk west. 
When his father said don't look back he knew it was for the best. 
Leaving his home was hard, he couldn't begin to understand. 
The place they were going was said to be grassy meadowland. 
As the days turned into weeks many of his people perished. 
The hope they felt in the beginning had already vanished. 
It's impossible to know the horror they were forced to endure. 
Without John Ross however, they'd have lost more to be sure. 
There's no doubt they were forced to endure heinous barbarity. 
However, he walks with head held high because he is Cherokee.

Copyright © Scott Williams | Year Posted 2015