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calypso darting
peering through open windows
rufous hummingbird

an old gourd hanging
blowing gently in the breeze
its peach tree abode

this hummingbird has been hanging around all season, at first i thought it was simply due to the feeders. after doing some lawn maintenance today, i saw it entering a hollowed out gourd i put in my peach tree last summer. i figure, s/he is now part of the estate, may as well give it a name: calypso.

Copyright © Malkavian Raven | Year Posted 2014

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insight revealed into my own cosmic soul - a cup of strong brew

Copyright © Malkavian Raven | Year Posted 2014

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marriage made in hell

- - - - - so tired of fighting passive aggressive B S - marriage made in hell - - - - -

Copyright © Malkavian Raven | Year Posted 2014

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the malkavian - chapter one - the embrace - part one

the alluring subtlety of her curves with each little sway
his basic instincts overflowing from pulsing music and spirits
her attire revealing, leaving little else to the imagination
while her pheromone laced perspiration wafting his way
leads him to eagerly vacate his sedentary position of yearning

his approach stealthy, shadowing her in the rhythmic flailing crowd
her unostentatious heartbeat pulsing ever louder as he draws nearer
discerning her rushing luscious liquid from all others around
changing luminescense reflected in rolling beads of her chest sweat
openly glaring at the flesh confining the valve pumping inside

eyes closed, twirling around, her sensual tornado drawing him in
eyes opened, pivoting stopped, her pursuer's eyes fixated on her
his lavish and sincere visual praising brings about a coy smile
outreached hands taking hold and leading him through the throng
making headway for the exits, her goal the cool, crisp night air

outside the dead night slowly drying up the freshly laid rain
interrupted by the metal on metal clanging sound of the door
protagonist and antagonist, stepping out, hand in hand
their hurried steps implying an itch of a greater magnitude
their hands and lips putting on a public display outside her flat

[ character limit preventing poem from being posted as a single piece - part two quickly forthcoming ]

Copyright © Malkavian Raven | Year Posted 2014

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the love and lost quartet - part four - closure

i treated your loss just like death
grieving for you as i did my mother
i still wonder if the universe
wasn't teaching me a lesson in karma
for you were a personification of heaven
which surely meant there would be hell to pay

for a year i tried to drown you out
with illegal drugs and spirits
something to wipe away the memories
numb the gut wrenching pain
and to quiet the nightmares
that made me fearful of sleep

you still remain

after my previous endeavors failed
i sought out pleasurable company
calling on old acquiantances
and admirers of our once shared love
dull, boring, lacking in every sense
and that is putting it mildly

then that lonely august afternoon
an unexpected surprise
chiming from within my apartment
your tender voice on the other end
everything rushing back
my soul revitalized

your freshman year in your rearview
returning home to gather creature comforts
inviting me for a ride along to arizona
after all others had declined
i hesitated thinking it a bad idea
but knew the courage it must've took to ask

hey danny, do you remember
sleeping in the cab of your truck
at that shady looking truck stop
just over the new mexico state line
you nestled up in my arms sleeping
just like old times

i remember climbing with you
through the catalina shadows
chasing roses instead of lilacs
jumping over chasms
eating prickly pears
and showering in the springs

three days i spent in your bliss again
while three days you sharpened your dagger
waking up to the sight of ian
hovering over me, smiling
like a buzzard mocking its pray
unaware i'd been mislead

our time together cut short by my request
unable to bear the thought of you having moved on
standing alone at the terminal side-by-side
your hand reached over to cup mine
turning i could see the tears welling up in your eyes
your voice cracking now with apologies

one final embrace
your face buried into my chest as you sobbed
your eyes opening shedding tears
one final kiss
feeling just like the first
under the fall

a decade has gone by
i've sworn off love in hopes
someday you'll return to reclaim what's yours
now and forevermore
even after all we've been through
you still remain

~ fin ~

Copyright © Malkavian Raven | Year Posted 2014

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apples and green tea

all i need to comfort me
is an apple and some green tea
and a tablespoon of honey
mixed with some ginseng

a bright blue sky overhead
shaded by sycamore trees
classic literature in hand
and just the air that i breathe

i don't mind my world's on fire
or your heated blade pressed into my back
i don't mind the verbal onslaught
of your venemous personal attack

you got what you wanted
now i just ask that you go away
i've got a tale of two cities
and a bright blue saturday

i'll wait to pick up the pieces
of the shattered life you left behind
and i'll trade in my apples and green tea
for an endless chalice of blueberry wine

and i'll drink to drown you out
until you're just a faded memory

i'm done feeling miserable. i'm done grieving. and while i don't have to like it, i 
have accepted the divorce. and maybe somewhere deep inside of me, i wanted 
this as well. between friends, family, co-workers, the soup, art, yoga, music 
and just hiking the state parks - i am having a blast while my entire world is 
crumbling around me, making way for the new.

thanks for the continued support.

love & light to you all, brothers & sisters.

- aaron

Copyright © Malkavian Raven | Year Posted 2014

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the love and lost quartet - part two - first kiss

summer before freshman year
stargazing from the muddy banks
of a class celebratory bonfire
across the roaring river

multiple guitar melodies
competing with the sounds
of joyous screaming and laughter
as well as the usual night life

ever the outsider
all alone in the crowd
why am i here?
cause she invited me

she rustles through the treeline
to stand riverside with me
wet clay between our toes
and lilacs masking the river scent

light astral conversation
with a bit of finger pointing
followed by awkward silence
and a chilling wind

by my hand she takes me
leading me down the trail
the sounds of our companions fading
as we draw nearer our destination

a dry dirt path between grass edges
leading us to a cobblestone stairway
once taken we find ourselves alone
secluded behind a rushing wall of water

she relinquishes my hand
and takes a seat
removing her shoes
she rinses them in the fall

i follow suit
sparking up light conversation
the butterflies trying to get out
and voice trying not to crack

rubbing the goosebumps on her arms
i blanket her in my hooded sweatshirt
she rests her head on my shoulder
and breathes a deep a sigh

a comfortable silence
for what felt like an eternity
dear god, let me die here
let this be my last memory of us

turning her gaze as she raises her head
leaning in slightly
a million neurons firing at once
as we get lost in each other

some unseen natural force
pushing us from both sides
ever closer our lips grow
until the universe explodes

perfect harmonious bliss
no other description will suffice
my hand on her cheek
hers on mine

we pull away slowly
smiling and satisfied
having answered the question
we were both too afraid to ask

a year of friendship expanding
like the cosmos above us
an entire universe formed from a single bang
a love story begins from one touch, one kiss

Copyright © Malkavian Raven | Year Posted 2014

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the malkavian - chapter one - the embrance - part two

with ravenous intentions, their clothes getting tossed about
before retreating to seclusion under virgin white sheets
chests heaving, bodies writhing, lips locked and never parting
frolicking over and spent, he on his back, her on his chest
a few remaining kisses venturing up his chest to his collar
the warm breathes expelled from her lips exciting his skin

silently baring fangs, she takes hold with both hands and teeth
still love drunk, he lies unaware of the life fleeting from him
each warm, ichorous mouthful of vital fluid tightening her grip
nearly drained, he can feel the fleeting pitter-patter of his heart
all the strength he can muster to shed his aggressor is no match
his life flashing and vanishing before his eyes bit by bit by bit

after drowning herself in several liters of lifeblood, she releases
gasping and groaning as she raises up, whipping her gossamer hair back
staring paralyzed, his vital fluid running down her chin, neck and chest
arms weakly outstretching, lips moving but words having difficulty escaping
arms collapsing, eyes closing, labored breathing as death's veil draws near
the light of his eyes growing dimmer, dimmer still until all but gone

her hardened nail slicing at the wrist of her unnatural pallor stark skin
providing a lifeline to her future child, trickling over his pale lips
dry mouth opening, tongue slithering to take first taste of his new life
in a mere instant, he can already feel a degree of psychosis taking over
strengthened and frenzied, he raises up and leeches onto his new sire
the holy grail of madness emptying and replenshing his once vacant vessel

Copyright © Malkavian Raven | Year Posted 2014

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hope - part one

for you, m

pale horse led by shrouded spectre through foggy thicket
dark days behind them illuminated by soaring ember skies
saturated soil slick under their feet impeding their ascent
leafy shelter their only escape from the rainy elements

their trek is treacherously long, winding over the countryside
days on end, not another living, breathing soul in sight
the spectre locked in inescapable conversation with his mind
rationalizing the pain and loss given and taken without ask

muscles sore, aching back, throbbing feet, gasping lungs
resting against damp bark, drinking water from a leaf
looking, his eyes piercing through the thick foilage
a sign of life comes to him, the humming of a muse's song

a lady in white, aimlessly about, content to herself
her fingertips gently caressing both flora and fauna
stumbling over a tree root, her majestic dress soiled
the spectre witnessing, rushes over, aiding her recovery

her arm draped over his neck, rolled ankle hindering her steps
taking her fully into his arms, he seats her atop his steed
back on route to new life, the company now made three
her inquiries met with silence, not so much as a name spoken

destination reached, he retrieves the damsel from on high
carrying her through the inn threshold, to her rented loft
dressing her ankle, elevating it and massaging away discomfort
his eyes fixated on hers, remnants of his past reflecting out

== see part two ==

Copyright © Malkavian Raven | Year Posted 2014

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the love and lost quartet - part one - a chance meeting

like a breath of fresh air
my eyes fixated as she rushed on by
like an angel put here just for me

my shyness a weakness
an opportunity left behind in her wake
a ticket to stand in her presence

her deepest desires and darkest secrets
bound up inside a spiral notebook
finding its way to the floor

i took possession of it without hesitation
giving silent chase without a name to call
tracking just the scent of her lilac perfume

heart racing and pupils dilating
tired muscles and short on breath
dodging people and barreling through corridors

once outside my pursuit ends
a gentle touch creating ripples for years to come
how soft her skin felt under my fingertips

her long brown hair flowing as she turned
her green eyes piercing through me
and her voice intoxicating me with but a word

yes, yes indeed
oh god yes

without a word on my part
she looks down and takes notice
bewilderment mixed with relief on her face

a "thank you" from her lips
felt like being knighted
forever your humble servant

oh dear angel
speak unto me your name

my body shudders
my mind races
my chest tightening

my name escapes as meek
she smiles
and waves goodbye

that night in my bed
restless by the days events
by the glow of my desk lamp

pen in hand, "february 20, 1994
dear journal, today
i met the girl of my dreams..."

* inspired to write this based on Leo Larry Amadore's "The You In Me"

Copyright © Malkavian Raven | Year Posted 2014