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keep your dreams

Above the sky
   Is a dream
That comes to my
  Distant shore.

Here's a little, formula ,
  I hope all. Can

Keep your dreams
  Nurish them.
Compound it in 
  Your soul.

Seal it in a destiny
 forever you Will hold.

Confine & patent it,
  Replace it in your mind

Preserve & restore it
  True love you, will find

Meditate, with prayers
  Keep it refreshed,  
Revived & new.

No matter how diminished
  At times,
Dreams do follow through.

Let not age, gender, race or
  Where your from.
Hinder you.
  Never believe, for a second
Its unattainable.

Channel, create,  &  formulate
  The self esteem, in you.
No matter how simply small
  Or enormously big it may be.

Throw it in the stratosphere
  For all the stars to see.
Memorize, emancipate, your
  Own prophecy.

The destiny is self fullfilled
  If only you believe.
Think with an open heart,
  There's something, out there
To achieve.

Come in humble spirits,
  It is there for you.
Keep dreams to yourself
  Bind it to your core.

Never relinquish the dream 
  You have.
Keep it safe & secure.

This is the most important
  Detail, I must say to you.

As selfish, as it may seem.
  To hold a fragile dream in 
Your palms, 
  Can be destroyed, before
It starts.
  When verbally rendered
In the wrong hands
  May take away that 
Special chance.

For it is meant to be
  Gods gracious gift, 

Created souly for you!!!

Copyright © cherie thomas | Year Posted 2013

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Just Incase,,,

Just incase...
The world should end.  
Ive made a few friends,
Some relationships came and went.
Some endured to the very end.
Other relations could not mend.
No animosity, to any of them.
Its just life, how things begin,
And often end...

Just incase...
The world should end.
I dont have alot, of worldly possession's
Just some earthly aquirements,
Attained along the way.
Physical attachments, that will astray,
When my life has withered away.

Just incase...
The world should end.  
I hope one-day we Meet again.
This flesh, we do not own.
Its just a vehicle, that transports the soul.
Until, it finds a place to go.

Just incase...
The world, should end.  
I need to say, one more thing.
I need to let you know, how much I truly cared.
How sometimes, my own ignorance,
Ruined the love, I could have shared.
That my own fears, have often shattered my faith, &
How ive struggled, to find the right
Words to say.

Just incase...
The world should end.
Please know, I will always love you
Till the end.

Copyright © cherie thomas | Year Posted 2013

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Barriers broken, 
   Words unspoken
Cant let you in
  My skins to thin
My hands are bare
  Sweat covers the 

A layer taken,
  Starting to break in
My thoughts are shaken
  I cant breath...

Im sinking slowly
  I have to leave
The door is closing
  Im slowly choking.

Your prescence is 
Another layer taken
  Nothing faking.

Im slipping in silence
  Weakened in shyness
Butterflies, fluttering, 
  Anxious, nervous
Whenever your near.

A layer has just again, 
Your touch is tender
  Passionate, intense.

Im breathless, blinded
  Have no defense.
I cant deny what I feel
Although I hide.
  A layer subsidies.

This is heavy, I love you
  So much.
I scream with emotion,
  Each time we touch.

You have pulled me out
  I have, let you in.
I have never experienced
  This feeling.

Vulnerable no longer,
  My heart secured.
My love crys with

No longer a layer
  A layer no more

This was originally, meant to be a song.
I wrote
Inspired by a song I love
Colour blind ,,by counting crows:)

contest: new poets 
Posted 6/ 14/ 2013

Copyright © cherie thomas | Year Posted 2013

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By your love

                                                           Deeply motivated
                                                              Highly concentrated
                                                                 Emotionally elated
                                                      By your love...
                                                   Im complicated
                                                 Extremly frustrated
                                              Sometimes un-cooperative
                                                By your love...
                                                             Passionetly persuaded
                                                               Often intimidated
                                                                  Internally fixated
                                                               By your love...
                                                 Verbally Stimulated
                                                    Visually captivated
                                                      Unconditionally infatuated
                                                                  By your love...
                                                                         Would be...
                                                             Completly aggravated
                                                                 Visibly violated
                                                                    Undeniably devistated

                                                                                       Without your love!!!:(

Copyright © cherie thomas | Year Posted 2013

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I'm unplugged for now, im free.
  This virtual situation can be poisoning, truly.
I try not to let it capture me
  Its imagery, can be so damn pretty.

So if sometimes you dont see me
  Know that its just temporary.
I've unplugged every inch of me
  From the cell phone, net to HDTV

I do not want to get stuck in, a trance treaty
  With the entertainment, industry.
These subliminal messages are attacking me
  I just needed, a little time to breathe.

To break this systematic energy,
  Bring me back to reality & focus on whats 
Really important to me.  
All that glitters is enticing, indeed.
  But its perceived, to make one happy.
A devised plan, through the enemy.

These companys do not love you or me
  Its just a perception, of what they want 
You to believe.
  Electronic warfare control, is there gain
To achieve.  

Hold on to whats tangible, in truth.
  Life is to fragile.  Our mind is our armour,
If only we ,  choose to use.

So today I can say, im not mechanically free
  But im thankful, I took some time out

Copyright © cherie thomas | Year Posted 2013

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As I arise to face a new day
  The governments in foul play.
Taxation is a total drain
  Crime is a money gain
Pollution clouds my membrane
  Healthcare is a crying shame
Love can be a constant pain
  Hatred may never end.

You ask me what, I CAN DO
   I measure life as you do to.
To de-value one's life, is everyones issue
  Reguardless of circumstantial views.
Put yourself in someone elses shoe's
  It may very well, oneday be you.

Blaming, fighting, fear & pain
  We all know it, there's nothing to gain.
No sense in crying, establishment blues
  It only feeds the anger, we fuel
Its human nature, win or lose
  Chose not to be like them
Love unconditionally thats your tool.

You ask me what I CAN DO.
  I measure life as you do to
Theres only so much one can do
  To acknowledge & challenge, for change
Is the power within you.
Responsibility lies, in what we CAN DO
  When time to give, gift with a open heart
A peaceful demeanor, is a pure start...

Copyright © cherie thomas | Year Posted 2013

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T, B, M's

 Tommy Tucker Tater Tott
  Took tomatoes to tip top
  Tossed turned tumbled 
      tripped turning trails
         Telling toothless 
             Tongue tied 

Bloom baby boo Busty bombshell 
 boldly blue, Bumping, boisterous 
                Bumbling brew, 

Misty mountain mellow moon
 Music made my melody move
    Majestic medley meaningful 
        maze More memories 
             makes my mind 

Copyright © cherie thomas | Year Posted 2013

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I am a butterfly

I wish I can go back , to where it all began.
   I should have said something,  I should have taken a stand.
      I feel like a butterfly, but only in reverse...what I really am is LARVA, 
       the beginning the first.

My stories pretty simple, its not hard to define.  Somewhere at some, strange moment. I transitioned.
   & lost in  mind.
     I think I was falling IN LOVE, but didnt know, how to deal.

I disguised myself, like the wings of a butterfly, this became my shield.
   I felt like a PUPA,  not yet ready to open my wings....still growing and maturing , 
     still not knowing. Anything

If I was a butterfly kissed, I would tell myself this.
  There is no plan in life, we simply exist.
    We are all butterflys , Morphing everyday,  Finding our own stories, in very unique ways.

We cannot alter, what has already been, done
    We can only acknowledge,  & learn from our past, 
       and in the present, move on......

Copyright © cherie thomas | Year Posted 2013

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Invisible people

  The people, I may never know
Have touched my life completely so.
  The connections, that are formed
Radiate with so much warmth.

  It's a gift from above, appreciated with 
 Sincere love, a kind & written word
  Although our voices may never, be heard.
There's nothing like reading a poem,
  It's just as beautiful as the sweetest song.

In the depths of every soul, there's a magical possession 
 That Unfolds.  A message connecting us.
Interpretations, a constant must. Of the things in life,
  We all share.  

Our dreams & hopes even when we dispair
  Our, disappointments & triumphs
Wrapped inside, a few paragraphs,
  No matter what our social status

Or where we are from on this planet,
  A tranquil voice, unheard echos in the midst
Is worth more than a thousand words...

Copyright © cherie thomas | Year Posted 2013

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What, my eyes dont see

What my eyes dont see...
  Anguishes me, to this harsh society.
As I look to the majestic sky
  I see darkness & destruction in its light.  

How can one, be truly happy??

As we embark on this so.called journey

those prostitutes, who lurk on the corner.
  Dont ignore them!! They are someone's 
Son or daughter.

Look beyound that young ladys eyes
  A rambunctious, little girl waits inside.

For a glimmer of care, in a faceless 
  Strangers lies.

As a mothers silent prayers,
  Cradles her daughters life.

And someones loving husband,
Creeps around tonight.

I Close my eyes, I dont want to see
  These villians, that surround me.

They smile politely in your face
As the back is turned, a frown takes shape.

A brutal dishonesty, of the worse kind.
Manipulation, so intriguing to the weak &  blind.

As the congregation prays, the preacher is delayed
  On his private jet, to save there day.

Confessions of each sin, bought to him
  As a collection plate, constantly circulates.
In such abundance, to make his life great.

While another waits, she couldnt attend church Today
  Her sons disease fatal, if a transplant doesnt take place

Another struggles with the morgage, 
  To bring the family forward.

While a homeless man on these streets,
  Rummages to find food to eat.

It is such a disgrace, the lack of love
  For the human race.

Regardless of personal riches, I can never envy.


They mirror selfish needs, 
  to compensate constant greed
Laying dormant in my dreams, 
  why my eyes dont want to see!!!
                Because it.
Will be the destruction of our


Copyright © cherie thomas | Year Posted 2013