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True Measure of a Man

Ask not how did he die
But how did he live,
Not how did he fall
But how did he rise;

Ask not what did he gain
But what did he give,
Not how many
records did he break
But how many
hearts did he mend;

Ask not what was his church
Nor what was his creed,
But did he help the one in need,
Did he care to wipe a tear
And offer a word of cheer,
Did he bring back the smile
And rekindle the spirit meanwhile;

Did he walk
on the path of God
And did not falter
to call His name aloud;

The true measure of a man:
What he is,
Not what he has,
Nor what did his eulogy say,
But how many felt sad
when he passed away?

~Didactic poem contest by Regina Riddle

Copyright © Abdul Malik | Year Posted 2014

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The Depression Destroyer

What causes someone to sink so low
And let an upright spirit to kneel and bow
To the pressures they are unable to undo
Neither can reverse this malady nor subdue?

Let us not someone retreat in the darkest nook
Before we try all the remedies in the book,
Replenish her love and together ardently pray
And shower her with care night and day.

Disheartening it is to see one of our own thus bear
The burden that lays on her heavy and rare;
Hang in there, Linda! Have faith--PERSEVERE,
Forget not who you are--The poet Destroyer!

Wishing you all the best, Linda, and a speedy recovery!

~Fighting Depression Contest by Shadow Hamilton

Copyright © Abdul Malik | Year Posted 2014

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All about Eve

Woo the woman
Love the lady
Mellow the maiden
Manage the maid
Garnish the girl
Dazzle the damsel
Bar the bimbo
Latch the lass
Silence the siren
Moor the mermaid
Net the nymph
Madden the madam
Tame the tart
Court the courtesan
Nudge the nurse
Null the nun
Shun the spinster
Strap the stewardess
Venerate the virgin
Vex the vixen
Vacate the vamp
Curb the coquette
Con the concubine
Whack the whore
Whip the wench
Pooh-pooh the prostitute
Slam the slut
Harem the harlot
Screw the shrew
Eschew the enchantress
Wallop the witch
Garb Godiva
Jail Jezebel
Dump Delilah
Gore the Gorgons
Harness Hecuba
Xpunge xanthippe
Wed the widow!

Copyright © Abdul Malik | Year Posted 2013

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Stalking Death

I rummaged through
the ancient ruins
and scoured
the carnage of our times;

I searched the scorching
expanse of the arid deserts,
I peeked into the crevices
of the broken hearts,
and probed the dark realm
of the deranged minds;

I looked in the dead ashes
of the funeral pyre,
I ransacked every nook and
cranny of the cemeteries
And forayed into the desolate
womb of the barren woman --
But did not find death!

I then looked at
the first flush of spring--
The blossoming flowers,
The fluttering butterflies
The humming bees,
The rising robust sun;
And found the hand of death.

I found death in the unyielding
faith of the trusting hearts,
In the ardent prayers
of the desperate souls,
And in the unbridled
passion of the heart;
Even in birth and
in the sprouting seed
I found the omnipresence of death.

yeah, I found death in life!

~'Death Shadow' contest by Justin Bordner

Copyright © Abdul Malik | Year Posted 2014

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Infinity in my hand

Are they mere grains of sand spewed by the waves of the seas or are they stars of the heavens washed ashore?
(Written in reference to William Blake's "Auguries of Innocence" - "To see a world in a grain of sand, And a heaven in a wild flower, Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, And eternity in an hour") ~3x8 contest by nette onclaud ~Image#2 ~Abdul Malik / 1/1/15

Copyright © Abdul Malik | Year Posted 2015

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My Karma

For miles silence reigns
For years solitude,
My heart is heavy
My spirit low
And I have a long way to go.

In life's eternal journey
I walk alone;
The night is dark,
Somewhere yonder
lies my home
And I must traverse
many silent shores.

I cannot laugh,
Try as I may,
I cannot bring
myself to weep,
My joys and woes die
before they materialize.

From dawn to dusk
I have toiled often
gathering the remnants
of my broken dreams.

Before a hope is built
It crumbles down,
Before a wish is fulfilled
Frustration overwhelms me.

I am helpless,
I drift through life,
As many a time I think to live
As many a time I die!

Contest: 'Faces of loneliness' by frank herrera

Copyright © Abdul Malik | Year Posted 2014

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My India

Let me set something straight -
Right here, right now!
Let me put India in the right perspective,
Let me banish some myths,
Some gross misconceptions,
And take you beyond elephants,
Sacred cows, snake charmers and yoga,
Beyond Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Taj Mahal,
To a civilization rooted for
over 5,000 years in the past
To a land rich - majestically rich -
In many cultures, customs and traditions,
In a bewildering variety of races,
Religions, languages and folk arts,
In a vibrant tradition of dance and music,
In religious festivals and traditional events,
In saints, sadhus, gurus and sages,
In gods, goddesses, munis and mahatmas,
In temples, palaces, shrines and monasteries;

I'll baby-steps you through a land
Of Vedas and Upanishads,
Of epic stories and incredible mythologies,
Of Ramayana, Mahabharata and Bhagavad Gita,
Through one of world's great spiritual sanctuaries,
Where religion is a way of life;

An overwhelming, complex land -
Its charm, its vitality and yes, its confusion,
Atonce alarming and enticing.
And that's the way India is:
Elusive, confusing, contradictory,
mysterious and exasperating!
Beyond easy description or analysis,
A phenomenal diversity of dress
and manners making one aware
of a different world -
A veritable fairyland!

No other country offers quite such
A spectacle of teeming masses that
continue to enrich the heritage of mankind,
Nowhere do the past and present
coexist in more colorful promiscuity -
An incomparable country,
Easy to love, hard to forget!

"There's only one India!" raved Mark Twain,
"A wonderland of fabulous wealth
and fabulous poverty, of splendor and rags ..."
"The cradle of the human race,
The birthplace of human speech,
The mother of history,
The grandmother of legend and
The great grandmother of tradition."

This, indeed, is my country
Where I was born - 
An Indian at heart,
An American in spirit!
Khuda Hafiz, Jai Ramji Ki,
OM Radhe Shyam, Sat Sri Akal,
Jai Hind!!

Copyright © Abdul Malik | Year Posted 2013

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Not Yet

I had a long day
and I carried the world
upon my shoulder,
The journey was
long and lonely,
I want to lie down
and close my eyes ...
But not yet.

The sun is setting gently
and a weary wind sighs
through the evening haze,
I want to lay my burden down
and quietly sneak away
from the din of the day ...
But not yet.

I had my days in the sun
I frolicked and I had fun,
It's time to retreat
to my safe haven
and reminisce about
those willful days,
I am ready to confess
and mend my ways ...
But not just yet!

Copyright © Abdul Malik | Year Posted 2012

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Monsoon Mojo

Let's go out and frolic in the rain
Shove aside all cares and be vain,
In this stormy night from nothing refrain
Neither cry foul nor complain,
Drench to the core and raise cain,
Clap with the thunder once again
And blaze a trail in the lightning domain,
Drive this sassy storm insane
Within our palms its tears contain--
And then...ha, kiss the rain!

~"Rain" contest by Silent One.

~"Your Best Poem" contest by Shadow Hamilton

Copyright © Abdul Malik | Year Posted 2013

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Paradise Now

All you need is one word,
Erase just one word
from the minds of the people,
Rout out just one idea, one concept,
Eliminate 'Religion' from 
the dictionary of mankind--
Man's stupendous and
gravest faux pas!

And, you'll see peace,
happiness, brotherhood;
There won't then be any infidels,
No gentiles, no heathens,
No pagans, no idol worshipers;
No racism, no hatred, no jihad,
No crusades, no inquisition,
No persecution, no repercussion.

No church, no mosque,
No temple, no synagogue,
No holy scriptures,
No words of God,
No places of pilgrimage,
No holy sites, no holy icons;
There won't be a pope or a priest,
Nor any saint or a swami,
No mullah, no imam,
No pundit or any rabbi.

No one to dupe you,
No one to lure you,
No Satan, no sin,
No guilty conscience,
No need for confession
No need for salvation;

And, what the hell,
There won't be any hell!

"I Can't Breathe" contest by Cyndi MacMillan

Copyright © Abdul Malik | Year Posted 2014