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Biology Teacher

What do you do all day, I wonder
When you're not teaching me at school
You have no ring on your left finger
And you always cling to that rule(r)

You speak as if we are listening
I admit you seem nice enough
Do you enjoy your current life
Or is it lonely, boring, tough?

Although for science you have such a passion
You look lonely, at least to me
I'm sure you must have a family
But do you have family you often see?

You talk and talk and talk
Do you think that I understand?
(My eyes are getting tired
But still I move my hand)

What do you do at home, I wonder
Do you live all alone?
No wonder you spend so much time here
You have an empty home

Copyright © Juli- Michelle | Year Posted 2013

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Don't Let Go

If you take my hand and don't let go
There's a side of life I want to show
You've suffered a little, a lot, know
But I also know you have a beautiful smile.
You have a loving family, they look your way
A God that knows just what to say
And I, I promise I'll always stay
Even though I'll be gone awhile.

Your past and shadows may haunt you
I have reason to think they still do
You say it's hopeless, I say it's not true
You just need to remember where to trod.
You know from experience where light will dwell
And when things just are not going well
Bruised and broken after you fell
Rise to your knees and pray to God.

Through thick and thin He'll help you through
When you don't know just what to do
I want the light to follow you
So others may know where to go.
And every day you don't win the fight
When things just are not going right
You have learned to follow the light
And I've watched as you've begun to glow.

If you take my hand and don't let go
There are places of light that I know
We'll go and stay, rise high from so low
With our Father's help, we'll find our way
He loves you so much, and that is why
You learn in struggles; and when you cry
Remember it's strength that lifts you high
From the shadows of yesterday.

Copyright © Juli- Michelle | Year Posted 2014

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Just a circle in the dark, paved roadway
A halo of light in a blackened world
Just a ray of sunlight in a forest of shadows
Pointing straight while others have curled
Moving on, and searching the horizon
Just a lighthouse on a stormy night
A beacon to the shops in the harbor
So consumed with pure terror and fright
Sunlight to the clouds in the sky
A rose in a hackle of thorns
Just a circle of light in the darkness
One in white among millions who mourn
You shine to all those who surround you
Don’t blow our for the need is dire
And with your light, you lead the way
You have the power to change and inspire


Copyright © Juli- Michelle | Year Posted 2013

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Not Beautiful

they say you're not good enough
you weren't raised the right way
they say you should just be alone
no one will miss you anyway
they say that you aren't beautiful
because their mirrors never lie
they tell you not to come back again
but it's only weakness if you cry
they say you'll never find true love
because it only comes to girls like "us"
they say it's better to keep walking
because no part of you is worth the fuss
the voices deep inside your head
are the demons that you create
they tell you everything you expect to hear
those voices of contempt and of hate 
they say you're not good enough 
but if you knew who you were 
those voices wouldn't have the power
to give your heart such a stir 
they say that you're not beautiful 
and when you look in the mirror you cry
but sometimes you can't see your own beauty
because mirrors really do lie
but mirrors can shatter more easily
than the strength you've got inside
let them say what they want to say
because you have nothing more to hide.

Copyright © Juli- Michelle | Year Posted 2017

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If We Could Switch Shoes

If you could step into my shoes
Would you see the things I see,
Would your head feel dizzy like mine is now
Or would you still walk easily?

If I resisted like you do
Would I be this wreck of a girl,
Do you think I'd have turned out stronger?
... A lighter step, a happy twirl

If I was as white as you are
(Or as you seem to be)
Would I be someone's angel too?
Like the angel you are to me.

If you could step in my shoes
Would you understand my pain,
Would you have fallen just as hard
Or do you think it was all in vain?

Take a look through my eyes
And tell me what I'm doing wrong
Tell me how to fix it all
Whether the situation be short or long.

If you could step in my shoes
You'd see much better than I
Your beauty, wisdom, pure intent
Is enough to make me cry

If I could step in your shoes
I wonder what I'd see,
Would the world become more beautiful;
Does it all depend on me?

Copyright © Juli- Michelle | Year Posted 2013

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Wonders of Humanity

    This life is to me
 There are things here
I shall never wish to see
                                        These people are 
                                    They accomplish so much
                             Though we live on a blighted star
                                                                                   I don't understand
                                                                               How all this can happen
                                                                           In such as this desolate land
     Words can be so
   They take me so far
Where only angels can go
                                         That we should exist
                                     While all the other planets
                                   Couldn't support such as this
                                                                                    We humans are
                                                                                 We exist as a miracle
                                                                            In a world that stretches far

Copyright © Juli- Michelle | Year Posted 2011

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The Hope of a Texan

Gray clouds above
The wind is colder
Any chance of snowing?

Copyright © Juli- Michelle | Year Posted 2012

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Poetr-E For Dummies

Once, I think, you said to me
That poets are like the sand in the sea
But each grain plays a part in that ocean
To set each wave in motion.
Taste this
Little oasis
So you feel
The appeal.
Listen, my friend, to know what we are
How writing, in rhythm, does take us far
Every word takes our soul on vacation
To the culture of a new nation
We are open
When broken
For we know
How to grow.
Open your eyes, and you will see
That though we are like sand in the sea
Our work is parchment coated in emery,
Every word a recorded memory.

Copyright © Juli- Michelle | Year Posted 2014

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Once Upon A Car Ride

Feel like that woman
Screaming, he betrays
They're stealing her
They're taking her
And everything shes kept safe
He Can't protect her
Not strong enough
Not brave enough
Nor man enough
To understand her horror
And how she will remember
The rest of her life

Copyright © Juli- Michelle | Year Posted 2012

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The Rose Ghost

Shadows dance behind her silver eyes
The ghost of her beauty struggling to show
A crimson rose amid the rage of thorns
Seemingly pure like the white of snow

Such a stupor of silence hangs above her
But it loses the battle in her mind
The silver key trembling in her ghostly finger
Attempting to lock up the heart inside

Never meant to be open, delicately curled
Her petals shouldn't seem foreign anymore
So she dances, silencing the screaming thorns
Leaving the key, now crimson, on the floor

Copyright © Juli- Michelle | Year Posted 2016