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Find My Way

Darkness is killing my will to fight
The way to climb beyond my scope
Searching for a ray of light
In an oasis called hope

Feel like a stranger in my house
Drying inward from the edge
Climbing like a spider
Got stuck in my own web

The clouds in the sky
Add to my tears
The balloons in my hand
Do not bring me cheers

Nothing to push me down from here
I can only jump without fear
I break the balloons, I dare the rain
I splash in my web full of my tears

Here I come, you can push me away
I will find my way to dodge you away
Not everytime can I go astray 
A day will come I will find my way

Copyright © Suresh Iyer | Year Posted 2010

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God’s gift
Cries or Smiles
Loves to Play Around

Many Colors
Smiles at You
Lights up the Garden

Flies high
Flaps its wings
To reach the stars

Work Hard
Walk in Line
One behind the Other

Gives light
Shows the Way
I found the Path

God’s Abode
Hands Fold Together
Pray for Well-being

Copyright © Suresh Iyer | Year Posted 2010

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The beggar in my street
The subject of my hate
An eyesore I felt he was
The old man with his plate

Sunshine or rains, chill or heat
Never had I pity for his fate
Yet he had that toothy grin
The old man with his plate

Mosquitoes crowned his head
Flies and insects were his mates
He shared his food with the dogs
The old man with his plate

He blessed one and all
Many pitied his state
Wrinkles ran all over his face
The old man with his plate

The crowd gathered one day
Around the subject of my hate
The old man was no more
Remained only the empty plate

He was a beggar indeed
But never stole other's plate
Felt I missed him
Put a coin in his empty plate

Life moves like a river
Stops and starts at every gate
Life moves on, so did
The old man with his plate

... Suresh M Iyer

Copyright © Suresh Iyer | Year Posted 2011

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Everyone called him Great
The Kind soaked with pride
He blew his own trumpet
Was he the God’s own child!
His subjects lived in misery
He did not bother for their plight
‘Can’t drink water, drink wine’
He shunted misery out of sight
Darkness never mattered for him
Beautiful women lighted his nights
No opponents to challenge him
He took delight at his might
‘Who is the wisest of you all?’
He made the wise men fight
Rewarded the chosen ones
The rest fled out of sight
The king strode over a desert once
The Sandstorms put him in a bind
Thirst overcomes him, no water at sight
His soldiers flee, left him behind
No drop of water around
The king went wild
Like an oasis, he saw a lone old man
Walking afar, nothing to hide
The Kind appealed to show the way
Promised to give back anything in kind
The old man asked for his kingdom
The angry King made him blind
The old man laughed at him
Ego made the King blind
Rains lashed over his dead body
The soul was back in humankind

Copyright © Suresh Iyer | Year Posted 2011

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Nation is getting richer

We are getting poorer

You say Poverty is crime

We say change your line

Criminals are treated better

Jails are their abode

Anyway get easy fodder

We live in the open

Destined to live in hunger

Crime Pays, Poverty is sin

Is Poverty a Crime?

Change your line.

Copyright © Suresh Iyer | Year Posted 2010

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Tree and me

Sitting under a tree, old and grey
No flowers to bloom, leaves falling down
Birds desert the nests, no one to play around
The clouds are around, they hold no charm
Gave shade to many, no one to shade us
Waiting to fall one day, are we made for each other?

Copyright © Suresh Iyer | Year Posted 2010

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I woke up one day
Unnoticed, unseen
The sparrows were chirping
Did not mind me between

I poked them gently
The sparrows got scared
Seeing them fly
I went mad

I ran out into the streets
Naked and free
Hurled pebbles on passersby
Watched them flee with glee

I felt like a king
In this blind men’s paradise
Shocking poor fellows at will
Making fun of their cries

I was shaken hard
By someone I could not see
I rubbed my eyes
Could see only darkness around me

It was my mother
She put me on her lap
Tears filled my eyes
As I went into recap

I wished my dreams were true
I could see the world go blind
Why O Lord, 
You robbed away my sight
What was my fault, 
You made me Blind

Copyright © Suresh Iyer | Year Posted 2010

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Can't wait to meet the Sea

Rushing down the mountains
It jumps with glee
Can’t wait to meet the sea

Winds through the mountains
Forests, valleys and greens
Fishes and insects sail along
Feeds Animals and Birds with joy

Its color matches the sky
Pure and virgin
Rushes through the land of man
Can’t wait to meet the sea

Man calls it river
Makes it flow like gutter
The sky is polluted
The river matches the sky

Slows down the river
Misused and abused
Where is the sea?

It hits upon a wall
It leaps upon and peeps
The other side, dry and barren
Far away rests the sea

Waits for the walls to open
Feeds the parched lands with bliss
Winds down the offered path
Can it meet the sea?

Copyright © Suresh Iyer | Year Posted 2010

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The parrot peeps through the tiny window

The fortune teller coaxes it to take a bow

Expecting keenly the parrot from the cage

to come out and gently pick a page

to tell his future; the young man wants to know

Looking at the ceiling, he recalls his past

Confined to bed, the old man looks lost

His near and dear ones desert him

like passing clouds; pastures not green as it seem

With blessings for all, he waits to breathe his last

........... Suresh M Iyer

Copyright © Suresh Iyer | Year Posted 2012

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None read my Poem

Writing a Poem of Love
Not much to cheer
Guess not my love
No one is my dear

Everything is virtual
Nothing is real
None write for me
None bother to read mine

Can’t lead my life
This way in strife
I write for myself
The Poem is for me

Copyright © Suresh Iyer | Year Posted 2010