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House of the Tragic Poet

Two thousand years, a tragedy is past
Yet it's history still leaves us aghast.

On a night, dreadfully dark
A  volcano erupted, leaving it's historical mark

Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD
The first recorded in all of history

The entire city of Pompeii
Defiled and buried that fateful day

On written account of a man named Pliny
can we view this volcano's ignominy

A city in which artist and poets did reside
Everything was not  lost, the day all died

In centuries after, excavation has commenced
The city of Pompeii, antiquities recovered since

The House of the Tragic Poet, one of many unearthed
I will tell you about, from it's peristyle to hearth

Elaborate mosaic floors, frescoes on the wall
An inscription in Latin, from a dog guarding the hall.

The atrium filled with with Mythic Greek nudes
From the peristyle Achilles to be sacrificed exudes

Art along the east wall are of Achilles and Briseis 
and the tragedy of Helen and Paris, all cherished

About the entire house, a living poem depicted
Along with words, owner, an artist addicted.

Two thousand years ago, this home was owned
Loved and nourished by a Popeiian unknown.

The House of the Tragic Poet
If you saw, you would know it.

A. Green

Copyright © Amy Green | Year Posted 2010

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Haiku VS Senryu

Impetus of spring
   Beget invigorate life --
       Fruition with hope.

Shrill winds rip, tear, cry
   Heated verse under the sheets,
The songs of love grow.

Copyright © Amy Green | Year Posted 2010

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P.D. vs AMY- Slam, Bam Thank You Ma'am

You said you wanted a slam
So here it goes
You're going to feel it stinging 
from your head to toes
A wham, bam, thank you ma'am
A sinister soul I am
I took to you
and quite so soon
I gotta make you unglued.

You're famous, you're a PS tart
and I do mean that
from the bottom of my heart-
But it's about time you got a taste
of your own medicine and male hitting disgrace
And I will scream this in your face!

Oh how right you were
and I must concur-
That this slamming crap is fun-
but your words will all be a blur.
So tap -tap you're next,
Don't worry, I like you too much to hex
but not enough to have...

So get with it, little bit-
waiting on you to get a clue
Send me your slam-
And we'll see who wins the GLAM!

From the Freak 

Copyright © Amy Green | Year Posted 2010

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Sentinel of Strength

* This one is for my Mommy, her Mommy ETC- the lucky ones.

Nourishment- encouragement.

Minister of all heart's treasure
Donor of the kindest pleasure 
Infinite love, no measure
Powerful embraces, your leisure.
Sublime being, forever proud
Never shallow, nor a shroud
Instructing all, love you vowed
Quiet sentinel, strength so loud.

Upon weary days, you'd not smother
Heart enriching, me 'n' my brother
To adore you, there in no other
Divulging to all, the perfect Mother.

This one is for the unlucky one's who have or had no choice.

O' girl born to royalty
From the moment of birth, 
Preened for the aristocracy
Prospect to a King's loyalty-

Fed from another's breast
Mother was busily searching for
your future husband's crest.
Princess's every movement planned,
even to whom would be given her hand.

Aged of thirteen years, 
a fountain of ideas was becoming hers.
Learned in languages, yet 
to never have a tongue
Driven to madness
O' so very young.

"All that is expected of thee
is to be wife and Queen, in this land
of unity. Bear sons and speak not
a whit, after all... you are but a 
woman, silly twit." Her Father, the 
King explained that eve 'fore her nuptial.

"But Father, I know not even who he is!"
The frightened Princess softly spoke.

Yet the argument was always the same.
She was to wed the King of a strange land,
to go with him as always planned.
She was to forge the union of Kingdoms.
To do as told and enjoy all that is grand.

The day of the Union, she met her 
betrothed, walking down the isle
He stood there , some fifty years old,
large, pasty, expectant and with a vulgar smile.

And all her fears, even within her 
young years- drove her instantly mad.
In a rage, she died then and there
rather than to be locked in her Royal 

These are akin to so many women and mother's alive to this day.
Never should these women go unnoticed.

Copyright © Amy Green | Year Posted 2012

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The Valkyrie

In days of yore, when Vikings vigorously reigned
Beauty of the Valkyrie, vixen of intoxicating dreams
The maidens chose a paladin who departed and gained
entrance into Valhalla, they were Odin's esteemed

Beauty of the Valkyrie, vixen of intoxicating dreams
Goddess to serve her warrior - immortally embraced
Entrance into Valhalla, they were Odin's esteemed
Under her soft touch, favored men - tenderly placed

Beauty of the Valkyrie, vixen of intoxicating dreams
The maidens chose a paladin who departed and gained
Goddess to serve her warrior - immortally embraced
In days of yore, when Vikings vigorously reigned.

Amy Green

Epic motif

Copyright © Amy Green | Year Posted 2010

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Dr Dr

Shut me up, slam the door in my face
Doctor, doctor-
Is it really so bad I wanna know about  
the human race?

The human condition, or maybe
even addiction- is it so wrong to ask
a question without a dollar sign?

I ain't bad, I ain't nuts-
Just a regular ol' girl who's curious.

A. Green

Copyright © Amy Green | Year Posted 2012

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P.D. /// Sid Lee

P.D.- Sid Lee
When will you reveal to us
Your mysterious androgyny?

A. Green

Copyright © Amy Green | Year Posted 2010

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Secreted Pond

                              Quixotic are we
                     Our bliss every night one kiss
                           A phantom mirrored
                       In a fervent moonlit pond
                         Like Nushi and Suseri*

Copyright © Amy Green | Year Posted 2012

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Whispers In the Dark

I was fed a brain scorpion tonight.
Small sting...  but a cute glimmer of the things to come.
Hypodermic needle pinning point blank on my frontal lobes-  
and other places deep and hidden between the gray valleys of DNA, 
time and space.

He changed me tonight- the scorpion did
Every prick is hotter and deeper every valley dripping away second by second
Those chipped away parts then disappeared into the ether 
where I heard the howls.

The howls - what were those- the ether refuses to tell- Something whispers 
to me, "They are hell".
The howls. The howl-  The howls - In the ether- Howls in the ether. 
Howls in the ether. Somewhere between Body, Ether, Space,
Heaven, Hell-  Dreams are now where I am at.
What is this place
       Is this a place
         This a place?
            This place?
Howls- ether- place- scorpion- man- ether-place- voices howls

Grecian mountain wind, shivering, so cold
Howls, ether, Scorpion stings.
Memories of voices, heads turning all the way around.
Candle wax- Howls- Ether
     Whispers in the dark.

I promised to leave, to escape
DONE! I told them.
But all I hear are howls, ether, wind.
All I see are the candles and the man.

I climbed the mountain where the heavy winds tried to 
drag me back into the howls, scorpions and ether.
I hung onto a snake, a strong snake, but the howls, 
ether, scorpion dreams overtook him too.

Small dead things are lying about- salamanders, snails, spiders 
were flipped on their backs from the scorpion tale.
Squeaks from murky corners WELCOME me-

Howls, whispers, a man murky, scorpion, howls, ether, ether, time and dreams-
all things
Those jaws snapping as I pushed away, by plumes of gargantuan 
smoke screens- their bodies,
Those dreadful heads were snapping in the ether.
Some eyes rolling, some eyes fading away-
Some stare ravenously-- some things standing so close in this pith of Hades I can smell rancid breath- In the ether.

Something awoke, something so immense, something so colossal, 
it's length was that of the heavens to the underworld. 
It’s teeth were broken jagged rock bitten right out of the earth. 
My eyes so wide and as soon as I did see- I knew it was dragging 
me into the depths of where ever it came from-
somewhere between ether, space, and 
nightmares. This thing of the ether
thundered out the sounds of a million trapped souls.

This thing that is not a thing- 
No sense in fighting, I am done...
The howls began again. 
Why did I leave?

Copyright © Amy Green | Year Posted 2012

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Ah! But to be unnoticed
But to be in the shadows of 
life's living day by day

To be the veiled spectator
of a father cutting grass and
a child in the sandbox-

To witness these normal things
normal people do on a normal day
is pure ecstasy to one who
glides past all like an unseen

Copyright © Amy Green | Year Posted 2012