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The Cookie Jar

I learned a lot from Grandma
She helped me become a man
When I thought I just couldn't make it
She always told me I can

She taught me all of life's lessons
While sitting at her breakfast nook
Some homemade cookies and a glass of milk
Was usually all it took

She told me all about Heaven
And the price we'd pay for sin
She always started her lessons with
"Let me see now, where do I begin?"

I really miss her cookies
And the stories she used to tell
She knew how to get my attention
I just couldn't resist that smell

Whenever I messed up really bad
And thought I'd gone too far
She'd just pour me another glass of milk
And reach for that cookie jar

My grandma's passed away now
But that cookie jar is on my shelf
And whenever I start to miss her
I just smile and help myself

Copyright © Larry Belt | Year Posted 2010

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The Greed of Man

A spike was driven deep in the earth
In a quest to find man's greed
Prodded and pricked the earth relents
As it slowly begins to bleed

The vein they found would suddenly burst
As it spewed its liquid gold
They tried to apply a tourniquet in vain
Only to make it explode

Its poison blood would cover the sea
And reach to the distant lands
But now it becomes a liquid death
Caused by man's own hands

The fish and birds would suffocate
From this sludge that covered the earth
The greed of man had come with a price
And death would count its worth

The tears of men could not wash away
The oil that the earth had cried
The greed of man now claims its victims
As the plants and the animals died

Copyright © Larry Belt | Year Posted 2010

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In My Opinion

It's all a matter of opinion
We all have one of these
We always have something to say
Even if no one else agrees

My wife says I don't have one
I have to ask her what to say
She thinks I'll say something stupid
She says, "You're  just made that way"

If we go to a fancy restaurant
She orders what food we'll eat
She tells me when I'm finished
And when to leave my seat

Even on our wedding day
Before I could say, "I do"
She told the preacher, "Of course, he does"
So I just mumbled, "True"

If it sounds like I am henpecked
My wife says that's not true
She says to tell you, "You're all wrong"
She doesn't tell me what to do

So be glad you're not in my shoes
A man who lives this way
The only words I'm allowed to utter
Is, "Yes dear whatever you say"

Well, I think I'll end this poem 
And try to get on with my life
But before I go, I want you to know
I probably better ask my wife

Copyright © Larry Belt | Year Posted 2011

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Winter's Cry

Behold the silent battle
That the changing seasons bring
Winter's grip is loosened
As the robin begins to sing

The flowers strain toward Heaven
As their fragrance fills the air
For spring has given notice
But winter will not despair

Winter will not be broken
As it fights with it's last breath
But spring's warm winds are endless
And the reason for winter's death

Spring proclaims it's victory
As it watches it's rival die
The snowflakes have changed to raindrops
As winter begins to cry

Copyright © Larry Belt | Year Posted 2010

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Heart of Inspiration

I wonder if Poe could have known 
That his pain would bring him fame? 
His words would become his legacy 
So the world would know his name 

Then there's "Romeo and Juliet" 
A Shakespeare contribution 
This was written centuries ago 
But it's still in distribution 

And what about this man named Frost 
Known for "A Road Not Taken" 
Did he know the fire he'd light inside? 
Or the hunger that he'd awaken? 

Then there's a man named Whitman 
Known for "Song of Myself" 
Did he know that these word's he'd write. 
Would be a treasure on someone's shelf? 

And Elizabeth Barrett Browning 
Said, "Let Me Count the Ways" 
Did she understand these magical words, 
Would bring her so much praise? 

I'm sure they'd love to see this day 
For it would bring them much delight 
They are the heart of our inspiration 
And the reason why we write 

Copyright © Larry Belt | Year Posted 2010

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Here Kitty Kitty

I can't help myself, it's what I do
I'm just so addicted to the trade
I was too dang scared to steal the dog
'Cause of all the noise he made

You can see that I'm a cat burglar
By the mask and kitty in my paws
It's not like I stole your jewlery box
So I'm really not breaking any laws

See, I was only gonna borrow him
There's no need to sound the alarm
I needed this varmint to scratch my back
I didn't mean the little fella any harm

Now wait just a minute, don't call the cops
You caught me red handed with the critter
I'll give him back, 'cause he smells like poo
So you probably need to change the kitty litter

For Francine's Contest "Tell me about it"

Copyright © Larry Belt | Year Posted 2011

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November's Butterfly

Sometimes in November
When the sun is sitting high
A warm Fall breeze will steal the leaves
And cause the trees to cry

Sometimes in November
A butterfly will appear
A cherished thought, a battle fought
For one you loved so dear

Sometimes in November
A daughter will pass away
You wallow in grief, seek relief
And then you learn to pray

Sometimes in November
An angel gets its wings
It's good and bad but always sad
Both joy and pain this brings

Sometimes in November
A family must say goodbye
As Heaven awaits to open its gates
To November's butterfly

Copyright © Larry Belt | Year Posted 2012

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The Painted Blue Rose

Blue was his wife's favorite color
So he bought her a painted blue rose
She said she'd never seen anything like it
So she carries it where ever she goes

He woke up early one morning
To make his wife breakfest in bed
The rose lay alone on the table
Beside it his wife was found dead

The blue rose was placed on her coffin
Then removed when they lowered her down
Cast aside with the discarded trash
That was lying closeby on the ground

A little girl around nine or ten
Picked it up and took it back home
Here on vacation to visit her family
But now on her way back to Rome

She gave the rose to her Grandmother
Who carried it all the way to Japan
Who then gave the rose to her waitress
For lending her a helping hand

The waitress gives the rose to a stranger
Who was now on his way back to France
Who gave the rose to his daughter
As her whole class was watching her dance

She then gave the rose to her teacher
Who was leaving to start a new life
He was on his way to America
To be with his children and wife

He then gave the rose to his brother
Who's still grieving the death of his bride
He places the rose on her gravestone
Where it started the day that she died

Copyright © Larry Belt | Year Posted 2010

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Full Moon

I went to the doctor one day in June
I just wanted to keep my heart in tune
He had me take off my clothes
Then told me to touch my toes
And then he caused me to howl at the moon

Copyright © Larry Belt | Year Posted 2010

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Poe's Diary Page 7 The Hand of Dread

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Poe's Diary Page 7 (The Hand of Dread)

Postby Whiskurz » February 11th, 2013, 1:25 am

Awakened by the hand of dread
An apprentice to the night
She pulls me from my chamber bed
And forces me to write

My mind still captive to my sleep
I do not understand
Clutching my quill, my fingers weep
It does not know my hand

A whisper slowly fills my soul
My quill now feels at ease
For I'm no longer in control
I write from my disease

Infected words now fill my quill
To spread a rancid lie
My paper silent and feeling ill
As pieces of it die

Dread no longer holds me tight
As her icy fingers release
She disappears into the night
And hands me back my peace

Copyright © Larry Belt | Year Posted 2013