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A desire

Come back, my love and we shall have some summers again
      The beauty of sunshine and the showers of rain

  In the valleys strange and unknown
     Between the butterflies and silkworm's cocoon

   Under the canopy blue and endless
       Across the oceans deep and tasteless

 The dance of peafowl and the melodies of koel
      Lavish green meadows and the fragrance of soil

  The hops of grasshopers and the croaks of frogs
     and the sober eyes of your's under that dense fog

  Those sweet whines in bright crystal glasses
     I miss those days and regret those passes

  Come back O! beloved and dance with me in the rain
     Quench the thirst of my soul and relieve my pain
Published in 2021:Book soul tales and international poetry anthology
First placement~Brian strand poetry contest
                                        June 19 2021
Honourable winner~Alison Hodges poetry contest
                                        August 16 2021


Copyright © Aamir Khan | Year Posted 2021

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Friendship:A long lasting bond

The hottest sun hid under the dense cloud
   A harbinger of mercy with tiny droplets of rain
  All my worries are ploughed
  and i am relieved of pain
 The road to happiness has  many bends
    and some times i need a high jump
   I am bestowed with the best of friends
    To worries together we clump
      The Darkness that scare me alot
    and the danger that sometimes i pretend
    With friends i make the best of plot
      And i see the light in the end

Copyright © Aamir Khan | Year Posted 2021

Details | Aamir Khan Poem

Broken soul

In search of mighty elixir i roam
  Across the streets intoxicated
Destroyed i whirl,Destroyed i whirl

  With valour and faith i do stand
  Sometimes in segments and sometimes as warrior

   Frality of a wingless butterfly
     In a garden of bliss and much like a caged bird
  Hooked between the songs of love and chores of forgetting

   Frozen the blood in my cold veins
     and oozed in droplets
Is where i found the warmth of my lonely heart

   In fragments i breathe and float like lotus
     On the still waters of dal lake

 To find the pearl of happiness
    I wore the boots of frog and plunge into deep waters

    There i met a mermaid 
       In her eyes lies my ecstacy
      and in her lap my seeds of poetry

    I hide myself in the long tresses of rainbow
    And wrote the lullaby for broken soul

Copyright © Aamir Khan | Year Posted 2021

Details | Aamir Khan Poem

The Last Salutation

Squiggle a sketch of me
   Before the dawn appears 
And i move on with flocks

Salute me with the best salutation you can
   May be this is the last memory we share 
   And seperation is destined

The caravans are on the way
Look into my eyes
   You see no fear and my hands won't tremble
   War and love both are important

Kiss my forehead
   And hug me a farewell
  May be ,this is the last romance

Chants of victory
  you will hear before dusk
 May be i will not come back

Don't moisten your eyes and regret not
   Its not betrayal
  Moments of love are often short

If some one brings you the news of my death
   You should not believe
       Rather celebrate the victory
   Surely i shall have spilled my blood

Don't count me in stars
    Search me in your heart
I will be there forever, alive

    And those western winds
  Carry my soul
Honour  them with smiles
     And don't be sad
 This will be the last salutation for sure

Copyright © Aamir Khan | Year Posted 2021

Details | Aamir Khan Poem


Verse by verse i poured into you
   Sing me with your lips,in a voice full throated

  Dancing and whirling,all i know
  What else could be in love?

Drop by Drop i immersed in you
  Seedling of love will certainly sprout 

Spring is almost over
  and the love is well rooted
How can i die in penury?

In smokes i roam 
  and with ashes i settle
i am fascinated with my opulent lifestyle
  Feel the bliss of first summer rain
   and sink with me in ephimeral pleasures
   i am lost in your euphony

Death is not my end
   and my verses will be hard to forget
 My Coffin will be forever white
who else could be such immortal?


Copyright © Aamir Khan | Year Posted 2021

Details | Aamir Khan Poem


Send me elixir back and bless me with the rain
The fruits of the sacred tree and the ointments of pain

Copyright © Aamir Khan | Year Posted 2021

Details | Aamir Khan Poem

Reunion of souls

Thine beautiful soul hidden in the veils of flesh
  I have met you on the planet of love

  Oh soul,with the butterfly wings
  Where you learnt this art of seduction?

   I see thy reflection in the bright moon
     Won't you see the jealousy of stars? 

   Oh soul,with the moorish eyes
  Why you compare years of seperation and few moments of reunion?

  The intense feeling of thy love has burned my heart
   Won't you smell the Pleasent fragrance?

 Thy blood and mine mingled in the lovers pool
   Won't you feel the level of euphoria in me?

  Oh soul ,burning inside 
       Set my wandering soul on fire too

Copyright © Aamir Khan | Year Posted 2021

Details | Aamir Khan Poem


With eyes i drink
   The new whine of familiar taste
Restrain your glances
    I am scared of magic

Copyright © Aamir Khan | Year Posted 2021

Details | Aamir Khan Poem

One lonely nymph

Staring at the moon for long
  and sometimes she count stars
Her eyes filled with inferno 
  like she was hiding her scars

Many wishes she had
 I thought so
and on her behalf 
 I take a bow

Dusk and Dawn
   poised between her earrings
   Dappling the pale  moonlight 
    the joy she brings

Beauty embedded in silence
   is an amalgamation of love and art
The nourishment of soul 
   and the the cordial of heart

Immaculateness of her 
   shattered in the watches of night 
  and she looked more like a nymph 
    in the moon bright

 streamlined as fish 
   and spineless as prawn
enchantress she is 
  and the perilous falcon

And to me the storm seems 
   not to be subsiding now
Smitten with her
    and reached on the brow

Copyright © Aamir Khan | Year Posted 2021

Details | Aamir Khan Poem

You will rise again

The darkness swallowed the sun 
   and stars have conquered the sky
   Night will pass and it will rise again
Despair not, for it is curse
    Waiting is an art,if only you know
What if,the bones turned britttle 
   And muscles have cramped
   The fire in you is still not extinguished
   These days that breaks you now
     You will be grateful one day,i must assure
Stand still and mingle your blood
  These battlefields are meant for warriors
  So what if they criticize you now
Same hands will clap one day
    Held your head high and exhale free
  Everything will be fine,if only you believe
Take a bath of sweat and leave this cowardice
  Bitter pills of patience,the only drug of valiants
Bear the pain now and it will rain one day
  Pardon me warriors,i disclosed the secret

Copyright © Aamir Khan | Year Posted 2021