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Oh, Lord! Lest one is asleep, the purge to kill you,yet again, is quite deep. Some, who read your word in the Bible, re-create it, with myths that are long and deep. Or, they in arrogance and fervent ignorance stomp, on your words as but fairy tales. They are turning the tables on you,  woking hard to make you a fable! As in days of Hitler, we who believe, are shot dead in Temples and churches! (Then, they blame guns!) We live in a society in great pain. Of course, bullets in this society reign! We are being attacked for any freedom of speech of you, and are always besmirched. We are beaten and called names by lost soul jerks. We open businesses but those who hate your children want all of them shut down. Because the businesses won't support the  killing of babies. They torture us wearing their popular~~ 'freedom of choice' crowns. Churches are objects of derision. You, God, they wrongly surmise is the source of any division! Poets here, who write of you, are mostly passed over as "boring." Your creations are adored ad infinitum~ They drool, however over their dog, Rover! The seas, the birds, the splendor in all the flowers. Their poetry glories! Of these they write and sing for endless hours. Of you? Bah, humbug! Our serenity, our hopes no longer lies in you. But in politics, poetry, news, movies, booze, sex-aplenty, self-adoration and calming drugs. Oh, Lord~ we are so lost! Have Mercy on us all, I beg! Panagiota 
POTD*. 10/17/2019

Copyright © Panagiota Romios | Year Posted 2019

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The joy, the camaraderie, the smoke.
The great ale, my great friends in Chicago.
Old Town, North Avenue, twas Chicago,1967.
O' Rourke's Pub, where else?
Smoky, filled with excellent, lively,repartage 
and boisterous, glorious laughter.

Great friends like Roger Ebert, international 
film critic now in heaven.
Or Tom Erickson, who was in Damien II, a
great actor and my boyfriend, too.
Even a future Congressman was one of us!
I see him currently on the House Floor, fume 
and fuss.
But when I knew him he was a Black Panther!
Guess he lost his beret on a CTA bus?

Gone, gone,the world is so empty without them.
As silent as a banned, Covid-empty church pew.
Hellers we were, full of vodka, vim and vigor.
Joy and love was our de rigeur!
And of course...tasty, foreign liqueurs.

Second City Imrov Actors joined us, too.
I never dreamed that one day I'd share that stage
with other famed Second City crew.
We were all like close family...
Writers, actors, actresses and patriots, too.

We marched for civil rights and ending
the war in Viet Nam.
But never violent nor did we hurt anyone.
I still have my leather peace symbol~ with
What pride I wore it.
No swearing or hurting did we once do!
Today's marches resemble rabid animals
Escaped from a mental health zoo.

These memories, oh, pressed like sweet roses
in my heart's golden memory book.
Oh, take me back in time, God, I beg you to 
have just a peek in that window for one-more
last look?

To see the portrait of Brendan Behan, 
To hear the bagpipes once again play.
To celebrate New Years Eve when O'Rourkes
Was on that one night, by invitation only.
'Tis no wonder this poetess gets so lonely!

It was indeed one of the many best times of 
my life.
Whilst many were in bed by nine... playing
husband and wife,
We were discussing news, jokes and life!
Some ended up with their names, on the
Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Such funsters and carousers, we.
Our goal: to celebrate life with vigorous hilarity.
News was not told by high paid TV liars.
My old friends who were truthful  writers, 
Whom I so admired.

Today my life..silent as a small dinner bell.
My new friends? Poetry Soup.
From the wild life...totally retired.
But..if I could turn back the hands of time,
I would go back to glory days, on a dime!

                      August 10, 2020
                       4am  PST


Copyright © Panagiota Romios | Year Posted 2020

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                       Sunset Shiverings

                When the sun goes down
                we shiver, it's cold!
                Stop complaining, you look so old!
                Inside,don a warm sweater.
                Ah, yes~ so much better!
                Now light the fireplace
                Warm my chilled hands.
                My lips.

                     November 16, 2019

Copyright © Panagiota Romios | Year Posted 2019

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On Blocking

Oh, in this technological age,
Mistakes can happen without our intention!
Press the wrong key, be forewarned
You might lose a poet-friend eternally.

Don't get furious and assume the worst,
If you are a Pisces, this is an even stronger danger.
The person you supported never turned on you.
Just made an technological error, maybe they are new?

Love the poet over technology,
Such is life on the Internet.
Hearts broken the internet way.
Blocking is a silent error we might make.

I have no one blocked, best to find a solution.
Turning off a TV, I quite understand.
Turning off a fellow poet?
Sorry, I feel quite murdered, buried under the sand.

I am not alone in this boat~
Just pleading for understanding.
Perhaps, t trusted you too much?
Communicating is love's landing and life's destination.

Panagiota Romios

Copyright © Panagiota Romios | Year Posted 2019

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      Oh, I admire so, any poet who is willing to be real.
      This is my personal, on-going, endless longing!
      A poet-soul unafraid to swim against the current!
      To stop hiding behind a costume of image-filled words.
      And fly in the face of popularity!
      A poet who is an eagle that soars, fearlessly.
      Rising high, high above the poet crowd and realizes, 
      A poet's heart is human and needs ever so much more!

      September 14, 2019

Copyright © Panagiota Romios | Year Posted 2019

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Stop being so downcast!
Stop feeling so blue!
And please, stop caring about how many here like you!
On this planet we have but a short time here.
Don't you understand this basic truth?
There is nothing to fear!

Don't come here to be a comment collector.
Reply to comments for heaven's sake!
Please don't be just a selfish taker!
Someone took time to not only read but comment!
You let them sit ice cold, so arrogantly bold.

Some will like you, some will not.
So, laugh, get a tall, cool glass of apricot nectar,
And let the arrogant rot!
If you ever get insulted, get a screenshot!

Big whoop if poets go in another direction!
Ta-ta, au-Revoir~you don't need to be, by them, to be
The arrogant here think they are by the very God selected?
They by pass your poetry as if it were garbage, freshly collected?

You can see it in their "perfect poetry"
Always a race to be at the top of the poetry tree.
Rarely, will they comment to thee.
You must first comment to them on humble,bended knee?
Looking in mirrors, it's only themselves they see!

Just, please pen some words from your very special heart!
Not Shakespearian wannabes, such pretentious smarts!
There are marvelous poets here, genuine people 
I praise them from the highest steeple!

Put on the page, whatever you feel,.above all else, be 
unflinchingly real.
And when you go to bed each night, oh my.
How happy and accomplished you will be!
That you are a genuine poet not a poet-groupie!

                    April 10, 2020
                      1am PST

Copyright © Panagiota Romios | Year Posted 2020

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    ~Yes, I Know I Won't Be Here Forever~

       Sometimes, I just don't realize,
       How golden my minutes are.
       I sit around and criticize,
       Like a hapless drunk in a bar.

       Yes, I know I won't be here forever!

       The decades, as dreams, swiftly pass,
       My irritability gets the best of me.
       I complain too much and sass,
       Surprised  I am not banished to sea.

       Yes, I know I won't be here forever!

       I never seem to fully appreciate,
       That each minute never is coming back.
       Time to love and not to berate,
       All the beauty God laid in my life's track.

       Yes, I know I won't be here forever!

                       June, 19, 2020

                       Poem# 1254
                         6:30pm PST

Copyright © Panagiota Romios | Year Posted 2020

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BECAUSE OF JUST ONE POETESS I let go of living in sadness. My life seemed going nowhere, and looking back now, it all seemed like madness! It wasn't because she did gymnastics with boorish poetic forms. Nor was she cute or wordy. using only the shortest forms. I was in search for something far deeper that healed me with human warmth and a soul balm. Best of all, through her, I was to learn to waltz happily with shadows of my past! And to know that love seems to end, but I found contrarily it, in another form, always lasts. BECAUSE OF JUST ONE POETESS I kept coming back to read her at the Soup. And, finally,after a number of months, I concluded to sign up and express myself with my freshman, weak pen. I used to write the saddest poetry, before I came here. I try now to stay away from poets who hate my country, or get joy out of living in lost love or sadness. And to avoid all who laugh at and demean myself! Belittling others in a poem, creates and furthers world madness. BECAUSE OF JUST ONE POETESS Indeed my days have transformed  from gloom to splendiferous gladness. No hopelessness nor grief can fingerprint my life any longer. And in the days to come, may my words become far stronger. BECAUSE OF JUST ONE POETESS! **Her name is known best to the  the humblest of the twinkling  stars and God's ears** With affection and thanks~

Copyright © Panagiota Romios | Year Posted 2019

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          dark, grim sky and soul
          lone crow, flys all alone
          rain wet, liquid coal

                     6pm PST


  POTD.  January 5, 2021

Copyright © Panagiota Romios | Year Posted 2021

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T_tendernesss and tolerance are his territory.
O_openness to all poets, too!
M_magnanimity and modesty, shine in this friend of mine!

C_compasstion and consideration, so outstanding.
U_understanding of the human soul he sees.
N_nice to all, marks his poetic gentility.
N_nobility glows in his poetry.
I_intelligence sparkles in all his works.
N_naturalness, nothing forced.
G_goodwill and graciousness he shows to all
H_humor and honesty,exceptional qualities.
A_amiability in comments to all
M_magnanimity he has, a virtue, esteemed.

Copyright © Panagiota Romios | Year Posted 2020