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Dark Waters

The other girls were Shallow Waters.
Catching Sunlight with ease,
and gleaming crystal clear.

She was as deep as the Ocean.
And the further you dive into her,
The Darker the waters get.

-December 7, 2017

Copyright © Julia Ford | Year Posted 2018

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One day last summer,
In the stagnant July heat,
I was swimming in cool, green, waters.
As the one I loved
Dropped an anchor
From the little boat;
So that he may watch me dance.

My Hands glided
On top of the still bay
Fingertips believing it was made of silk,
And it gleamed with liquid sunshine,
Mimicking the smile on my lovers face.

It was then.
When I was fearless,
and arrogant,
A mermaid of cool, green waters
My sailor seduced and deeply in love,
That a beating blob of virtually nothing
Wrapped a hand of something like seaweed,
Around my very human ankle.
And entered into me,
enough venom to make me cry out.
And break apart.
The silk stillness of the Bay.
And the water no longer mimicked,
The now horrified expression,
painted on my lover's face.

One day, this Summer.
I sat alone on dry land.
And traced the jagged scars
like whip marks on my very human ankle.
Left by a beating blob of
virtually... nothing.
And i vowed.
To never again be fearless.
But instead,
I would stay in the little boat.
With the one I still loved.
Because I no longer needed
him to be entranced by the way I danced
In the cool, green, waters.

I just needed to float above it.
Allow him to Sail,
And allow me
To Heal.

Copyright © Julia Ford | Year Posted 2018

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Elastic dreams, 
Gathering in my mind 
Like full, inevitable clouds
Raining down my cheeks with such promise 
Then settling down until the next day 
When the water rises again. 

Elastic love,
So smart on my lips
Tingling with excitement 
Pulling me to a wild grin 
Then snapping back again,
In a way that is always a little painful 
But these days a little more hopeful,
Than they have been in awhile. 

Elastic memories,
These are the sharpest of them all.
Unpredictable rule on my eyes,
Played on repeat,
Against the tender parts 
Of my pleading eyelids 
Then disappearing like precious vanities.
I have never learned if I should hold on 
To that dissipating mist.

Elastic young woman,
And she 
Is the most resilient of them all.

Copyright © Julia Ford | Year Posted 2019

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She is Trouble,
but she does not want to be.
She is a Loaded Gun,
That desires to protect.
But everyone who handles her
keeps tilting her in angles 
that point her 
straight at their heads.

Copyright © Julia Ford | Year Posted 2018

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What I see

His mouth was a creation of the World.
Gaping lines,
Opened wide for booze 
And thoughtless grins
And screaming the words 
Of his best friends favorite songs.

But his eyes,
Oh his eyes were a creation of his own.
With all the depths of the ocean.
Iridescent with empathy and intellect.
And dark tides of longing and passion.

His mouth had a nasty habit of bandwagoning.

But it was his eyes.
Those tell-all eyes.
That drew me in.

Copyright © Julia Ford | Year Posted 2019

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Stepping Stones

And I am sorry if I hurt you.
But we were balancing on a stepping stone.
One that was beautiful none-the-less

But darling we had kingdoms in our horizons.
That I could not see 
From our little stepping stone.

And now, 
I am forever grateful to you,
For pushing me away from your chest 
And towards my kingdom come.

Copyright © Julia Ford | Year Posted 2018