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Inspiration Writing Poems

These Inspiration Writing poems are examples of Writing poems about Inspiration. These are the best examples of Writing Inspiration poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Geography Of Poetry
Famed countries, old and new
Old civilization, myth or true
North to South, poetry of bards
East to West like flash of cards

Names on maps are words in...

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Categories: people, places, words, writing,

Far away from here
Let's go to a place
Where nothing to fear
None has to face.

Far away from here
Will get a lit of hope
Don't sit like a...

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Categories: writing, identity, inspiration, poems, poetry,

Premium Member Levi Celerio
From the Pearl of the Orient
A name was born without dent
A laureate in reticence
A paradigm beyond silence

Composer, poet and lyricist
Over four thousand songs on his...

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Categories: writing, inspiration, life, memory, music,

Too Far
There are those poems repeal themselves
When muses from afar
Sudden step from darkened wells
Or shimmer from a star

Their silent voice is captured
By fancy’s willing ear
Unto their...

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Categories: writing, inspiration, irony, muse, poems,

Premium Member The Poet's Plight

To lay hands on pen and paper
Before brilliance dissolves to vapor



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Categories: conflict, inspiration, writing,

Premium Member Ode To My Pen
My dear incredible pen,
you are the pinnacle of writing instruments! Looking refined with your elegant ebony shaft and gold-filagree trim, you are a true technological...

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Categories: writing, character, fantasy, feelings, funny

You are Captain Planet
We are the superhero's or should I say captain's planet of the earth, 
having unlimited power throughout the body.
Somehow, we lost connection and felt in...

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© K. Parker  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: writing, adventure, cheer up, encouraging,

Being An Autistic Black Man
Being a black man with autism is excellent, wonderful, and empowering, too. Being an autistic black man also means pure encouragement, inspiration, and uniqueness. That's...

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Categories: writing, black african american, courage,

Being Indebted to the Universe
We are indebted to the universe.
 Energy comes with a price and we all must pay.
 Why be a servant, when you can be a...

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© K. Parker  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: writing, analogy, appreciation, creation, dream,

Poetry Empire

The Elo's Poetry Empire, with power so great,
Uprooting the weeds that were once so sedate.
Their words like a plow, tearing through...

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Categories: writing, identity, literature, poems, poetry,

Premium Member Crossroads Corners Cafes
Once I got there I realized that I couldn't have found a more suitable spot to finish the novel that I started but then was...

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Categories: travel, writing,

New short story posted - the writers
I latest piece is too long the poem section - so it's in "Short Stories." 

It's called "the writers." I could shorten it - but...

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Categories: writing, celebrity, education, inspiration, school,

Premium Member Blank Slate
No inspiration or divine intervention.			
It’s just another night filled with apprehension.	
All these straight black lines				
Burn into my mind.					
And I’ve no new ideas to break the...

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Categories: writing,

Premium Member Composing A Lipogram
You may think that writing
is dysfunctional-
to script a thought not using 
that sign of ABCs post-D.
This art that's built of words 
is inspiration-bound;
finding worthy, optional...

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Categories: writing, poems, word play, words,

Premium Member Blank Page
it’s quiet
it’s late
only the humming and gurgling
bubbling and whirring
that go unheard all day
keep me company now
you see, the world
well my world
is asleep
and I’m sat on...

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Categories: writing, addiction, allegory, dark, drink,