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Ww2 War Poems

These Ww2 War poems are examples of War poems about Ww2. These are the best examples of War Ww2 poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Seems the Battles Never End
When I think of soldiers fallen in defense of our country
   To the Revolutionary War, my thoughts make their way

Musket-toting volunteers from near...

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Categories: death, memorial day, war,

War - WW2 - Kokoda Christmas
It was 1942 on the Kokoda Track
And the Diggers were holding the Japanese back
Keith Irwin of the 2/2 nd battalion was in a slit trench

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War - WW2 - Arctic
The sea spray hit my face
As the ship sailed into the storm
The movement up and down of the deck
Had me holding the deck railing

It was...

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Premium Member Terrorists
There is a lot of talk about terrorists today,
but very little discussion on why they became that way.
My father was a marine during WW2,
and I...

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Premium Member Operation Barbarossa
Operation Barbarossa 
the panzers start to roll,
Breaking out from Poland’s Baltic,
towards Sevastopol, 
Ten million soldiers strong,
go goose-stepping east,
The Fuhrer’s Wehrmacht, 
alongside his waffen SS elite.


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Categories: war, allegory, allusion, america, world

QANTAS and the Bully Beef Bombers
When the Second World War began 
QANTAS aircraft were part of the RAAF plan
Two Empire Flying Boats were taken with their crews
To form part of...

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Categories: remember, war,

Kokoda Warrior
Just read about the passing of 39th Battalion Militia Australian Infantry WW2 soldier who together stood alone facing the Japanese when they first invaded Papua...

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Was it a reproduction
Of a Rothko in a book resting on his lap,
A swathe of black sky over 
A grey sea, perhaps, 
That triggered it.

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Categories: war, beauty, conflict, dream, environment,

Premium Member Mourning the Passing of Herman Wouk
An old-fashioned modern Jew
  He was brilliant, unique
Weaving the strands of tradition
  Into best-selling novels sleek 

A Navy man, aboard a WW2 mine-sweep

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Categories: war, death, jewish, literature, tribute,

Pendle's unseen war
Tap tap  boom… sheep scattered like shrapnel
Brian Dunn’s instant memorial smoke rose
from his peaty wet death hole, roots
lumps of peat and ling fell like...

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Categories: war, death, horror, loss, world

Premium Member Political Health Paradigms
cognitive and experiential,
spiritual and natural,
sacred and secular,
are paradigms,
mature revolutions and still partial evolutions,
with WinWin orthodox pretensions
and yet carrying our own WinLose seeds of destruction
non-golden rules...

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Categories: war, community, conflict, destiny, health,

Six One Seven WW2
The moon casts shadows of deep cold glare
Grumbling engines roll and tear through the quiet loss of silence in the evening air

Practice over the walls...

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Categories: war, class, cool, courage, hero,

Damien Parer, WW2 Cameraman
Damien Parer was an Australian cameraman
Who went to war with the 2nd AIF in WW2
In the desert sands of Libya at Tobruk
And Greek mountains he...

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Categories: world war ii,

The Anderson Shelter
l decided to write a little poem today about when my late mom and dad told me about the time when, as a newly young...

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Categories: miracle, world war ii,

Triggars clicking,
Men shooting,
aeroplanes flying,
bombs dropping,
bones breaking,
trees snapping,
people dying,
letters sending,
women crying,
peace starting,
children learning,
earth changing.


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