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Nuclear War Poems

These Nuclear War poems are examples of War poems about Nuclear. These are the best examples of War Nuclear poems written by international poets.

When Time Stops
Time will never wait
Since it hears no pleads at all
But time is sure to stop
The day when darkness crawls

Time is sure to stop
When every man...

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Categories: time, violence, war,

No Peace
No peace ! These are the words I hear whispering in my ears. I knew what I wanted to write because I had the first...

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Categories: war, confidence, conflict, courage, endurance,

Just To Inform You That The War Is Due To Expire On

Dear Ukraine, I am sorry to have to inform you
that you must keep fighting and dying.

Dear Russia, your options are to die or kill.

We have...

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Categories: war, poetry,

The mad writer licked the crystal

To get a sale

This he got oh yes

Bought an atomic 

And sent it to Putin

By 1st class post

Eventful War Book...

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Categories: war, conflict, funny, nonsense, political,

Path of Destruction
1.Attack Nuclear sites where nuclear weapons are kept.
2.Destroy Main GT road river bridges and grid stations.
3.Target airbases including airports to avoid air strike.
4.Bribe corrupt politicians...

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Categories: war, death, evil, hurt, military,

nuclear war wished for
A nuclear war wished for

There is among the youth of the West an ingrained boredom
a hidden wish to swipe away from the old world they...

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© jan hansen  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: war, anger, anxiety, dark,

The Rebirth
the red winds howl earth's outrage
but it brings only futile tears
a habitat gone, in Sapiens nuclear age
undoing all of four billion years

enough oxygen left for...

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Categories: war, destiny, nature, scary, society,

Premium Member Sputnik Scare
Sputnik Scare

The beep-beep-beep signal scare,
From the Sputnik artificial satellite
Orbiting the earth; broadcast through air
Continued for twenty-two minutes
Until the batteries ran out.

The Russians are first in...

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Categories: history, space, war,

Premium Member Ukraine Christmas
Spare a thought this Christmas for those suffering in Ukraine
While you are enjoying the festive season Russia inflicts more pain
Huddled around makeshift fires with no...

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Categories: conflict, death, dog, war,

Premium Member Russian Evil Will Thrive If Good Men Do Nothing
The west went in guns blazing to help their fellow man
In Syria against the Islamic State and in Iraq and Afghanistan
They brought an end to...

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Categories: conflict, death, war, winter,

Premium Member China


Her name was China.
she wasn’t fragile
in that way, like
bones break.

when she was born
her home was 
a small island
the world, her entire world.

it was fought...

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Categories: muse, mystery, war,


Hate is circling like a starving vulture over the heads of the innocent 

Waiting for the war to unleash its accumulated wrath of destruction 


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Categories: fear, hate, love, war,

is raw
to strike 
a solution

Bombs, Missiles
Nuclear payload
can kill en masse
can never kill 
patriotic spirit

Fusion, fission
are powerful 
can devastate matter
but have limitation of
Space, Intensity
Nationalist Spirit

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Categories: war,

Premium Member Nothing to Lose
Nothing to Lose?

I’ve got no money in the bank
Can’t afford to fill my tank
I haven’t got any property
I live in a town called poverty
I don’t...

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© Dave Cox  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: war, 11th grade, 12th grade,

Premium Member Apocalyptic rituals
the nuclear snakes
   slither into disaster
warheads waiting 
   in the dithering wings


light explodes
darkness erupts
fiery projectiles 
  obliterate without mercy

the reptilian...

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Categories: war, dark, natural disasters, society,