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War Villanelle Poems

These War Villanelle poems are examples of Villanelle poems about War. These are the best examples of Villanelle War poems written by international poets.

The Crow, the Crusade, and the Collapse
An arrow shot past my head, 

Punctured nothing resting inside. 

It took another one instead. 


I shrink as their land spreads, 

A heavy scar...

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Categories: anxiety, mental health, pain,

Premium Member The shots ring out
The shots ring out,
The soldiers drop,
Comrades shout,

The soldiers are filled with doubt,
As they splash through the slop,
The shots ring out,

The blood shall spout,
The bodies flop,

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© Fire Bird  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: war,

How Many Putins Are There Anyway
It is. It isn't. Is it him today?
It might be Putin, or it might be not
How many Putins are there anyway?

That's not his chin. It...

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Categories: identity, image, political, psychological,

Dying Wishes
If I had a dying wish
Your pain would exist no more
All the agony would ease, diminish 

The withdrawals would quickly finish
Hoping you'll remember what you...

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Categories: addiction, relationship,

The Ravishing Rain
Drizzling, dazzling
splinters of diamond
          Shards of crystal
or  liquidized glass!
      Transparent drops
from a translucent sky. 

       Ooh, that lucid lustre:
No wonder they say,
there's something sexy about...

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Categories: rain,

Premium Member Our Lighthouse Forewarns
Sailing atop waves, this life in full bloom,
Upon the shoreline, the lighthouse forewarns,
Darkened clouds hover, the impending doom.

Waves still like mirror, glass shimmering womb,
Life in...

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Categories: anxiety, life, mental health,

Premium Member Remembering Sylvia Plath

What she might have been was hidden
Beneath self-destruction and depression
Despair so black it silenced light, war-ridden

Life without purpose, true love forbidden
Leaving darkest doubt lost in...

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Categories: angst, anxiety, confusion, death,

Premium Member They Visit Now
They visit now, where once men fought,
heads bowed in silence, and yet still,
no lesson learned from what was taught.

The trenches, ground, where carnage wrought;
fields in...

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Categories: war,

Psalm 25
Host of heaven, be in war; rescue my peace, please!
Look at the map, locate the field and battle on...
Till my all is free from the...

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Categories: art, endurance, grief, health,

My First Villanelle
Why do I survive in a world so cruel?
I'd like a life without war.
Why should I remain a fool?

Why should I obey the rule?
I'd like...

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Categories: angel, community, emotions,

Premium Member This Sordid Villanelle
It seems I can’t escape this plot, this telling of the tell;
a mandatory element is a first-person write.
Just don’t make me the villain of this...

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© Jeff Kyser  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: self,

Premium Member In Our Hearts and Prayers
“If only it were all so simple! If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate...

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Categories: conflict, political, war,

Premium Member The World Is Watching
The world is watching with bated breath,
   while an unforsaken slaughter takes place.
   A man with no soul, an angel of...

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© I Am Anaya  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: sorrow, war,

My Dream Girl
Written on : 02/03/2022

Walking on a lane, and I see you, 
You are so beautiful, as a...

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© Amit Gunda  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: crush, cute love, love,

How can the world hold all this pain,
the vile hurt done to another;
what does mankind expect to gain?

Person to person, just like Cain
who murdered his...

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Categories: hate, murder, violence, war,

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