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Urban Poems

Urban Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about urban. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for urban.

New Poems

Pipe Dreams
…incongruous car




shiny-red, carwash-clean


not the usual

sharp edges


not stolen, like glances

not abandoned, like puppies

not torched, like memories

not peeling, like marriage

not rusting, like opportunity

not dumped, like dreams

not burnt out, well…


his coat was left on a rock

overlooking the industrial...Read More
Categories: urban, anxiety, men, poetry, sad, solitude, suicide, violence,
Form: Free verse

the daffodil folk
the daffodil folk
by Michael R. Burch

to live among the daffodil folk...
slip down the rainslickened drainpipe...
suddenly pop out
minuscule as alice, shout
in wee exultant glee
to be leaving behind the LARGE

Published by Andwerve and Bewildering Stories as "escape!" This poem...Read More
Categories: urban, change, cinderella, city, culture, daffodils, fairy, fantasy,
Form: Free verse
Shiny City
All the good old things replaced by the shiny new,
But when does shiny new become a has been?
Things of depth and things of worth trashed because you can.
It all looks so good now and you look so smug but time...Read More
Categories: city, places, social, society, urban,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member body guard

      noon day

heat shine drizzles

      atop blue umbrellas

boldly proclaiming safe passage

      till dusk......Read More
Categories: sunshine, urban,
Form: Cinquain
Premium Member Urban Art

The city's underbelly gets tagged
by gangs spray-painting their territory.
And vulnerable recruits are snagged
by local teens em-blazing their story.

Virgin spaces get inked with blood tattoos
depicting badges of fear crude and dark.
And yet, street artists allow folks to choose
graffiti art to brighten...Read More
Categories: urban, 10th grade, 11th grade, art, beautiful, community,
Form: Sonnet

Premium Member Being Content
Being Content
Written: by Miracle Man

While living in San Diego’s urban sprawl,
I was often admonished when I’d say y’all.

I felt the crowds press while feeling ignored,
 and fled the west coast and moved inboard.

My five years there were productive and fun,
but...Read More
Categories: urban, humor, seasons, travel,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member CITYSCAPE
                               ...Read More
Categories: urban, 12th grade, art, how i feel,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member I URBAN HARLEM-
Urban Harlem

"I Urban Harlem-Pokes up inland outward Like gray/black otters
Bumpy spars Cotton skies murky waters
Urban scrape building huddles
Broken and bundles like a jigsaw puzzle
Checker board black and read
King me, non rich selfish and poor
Looks like a concrete forest
Zzz’s for ladders...Read More
Categories: urban, allusion, analogy, city, imagery, poverty,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member Moving Canvas
hot, crowded platform
repulsive subway station
rush of rank damp air 
screeching heralds arrival
beast covered in urban art...Read More
Categories: urban, dark, imagery, new york,
Form: Tanka
My Graffitti
At the end of this dark alley
Under the streetlamp, on a boxcar
My graffiti screams
"This is MY territory"!

I've made my mark
In this concrete hell
See my soul
Exploding on this wall

Vibrant urban colors of expression
Shouting without words 
You cannot
Silence me

Cityscape Poetry Contest
Sponsored by:...Read More
Categories: urban, art, emotions,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Holocaust Denial and Survival
There are many who Holocaust deny,
those who refuse the mass Nazi killing; 
a hoax,  just lies-   to convince us they try,
historical facts of death camps chilling;
the images- all lies they keep drilling, 
to just see it ....Read More
Categories: urban, holocaust, world war ii,
Form: Sonnet
down the Strand
the church bells toll

the forgotten stroll
all the way to hell

he said: help me
I’m freezing

he f*cked the stone
right into my chest

on a paper baldachin
at Charing Cross...Read More
Categories: city, london, poverty, sad, society, sorrow, urban,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Connect Rural to Urban India
To connect the Indians
From rural with urban
Is the need for time
Before it comes to concern.

Today two India
Live in the same country
Think differently
But still live happily.

The concern is not happiness
The matter is about the differences
Of traditional beliefs  with modern
Time to...Read More
Categories: urban, inspirational love, integrity, peace, philosophy,
Form: Verse
A Good GPS
I’m recalling how
intelligent my father
became, as he grew 
older; things he said
one day just seemed
to make sense to me.
And when he was
really old, he told
me: “Son, don’t ever
get old...” then he
smiled, and began
a new journey some
day I will follow.

Of course,...Read More
Categories: urban, humor, humorous, introspection, meaningful, poverty, truth, wisdom,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Cityscape

The artist’s hand reshapes yesterday
    In straight lines
    Of hard edges -
Peaks of 
    Right angles perfected
    Missing oblique or obtuse –
Claiming the horizon
    In...Read More
Categories: urban, art, city, night, perspective,
Form: Free verse
piri piri and piss
stain the paper baldachins
of everyday-value men

their hands grow
out of London planes
to pray; or serve curry

and whether or not
they lose their bets
a party takes place

friends --
whom I miss
when I am gone...Read More
Categories: absence, city, immigration, london, poverty, sad, urban,
Form: Free verse
we settle into our lonely together
dozens of adrift souls
drifting through the city on half-worn brake pads
ears turned away 
from keening car neighbors

they catterwaul louder 
than the notes playing hopscotch
in the near-empty space
between my drooping eyelids 
and the fading dye in...Read More
Categories: angst, city, community, travel, urban,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Reflection On An Aging Nomad
I finally finished retiring four years ago,
a process that started in my mid-fifties
due to late adopting kids with special needs,
including needs for me to be home
to personally walk them on,
harness them in,
and wheel them back off, their diverse buses
and robotic...Read More
Categories: urban, age, health, integrity, relationship, religion, retirement, river,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Intellectual Snobbery
When I was in grade school
I was, already, 
on my leftbrain dominant path
toward acting the intellectual snob.

This, in large part
my best offense,
my trump card, sadly,
against marginalizing prejudice
of our community's non-farmer economic
and political Elite;

The few kids
whose parents went to college
and/or inherited...Read More
Categories: urban, appreciation, emotions, farm, gender, health, integrity, peace,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Snapdragons

One is a serpent on the wing, the other a butterfly.
Each belongs to species created from
tissue paper, water, and light.

When half-awake I can hear the droning
of their nocturnal flights,
amber engines rattle cut-glass hangers;
as they lift off from Wright-Patterson airbase
to carpet...Read More
Categories: urban, poetry,
Form: Free verse
City Starlings
Waiting for the light to change
(A busy urban street),
I noticed quite a gathering
Not far from my two feet.

Upon a sewer grate I saw
Some starlings pecking ‘round
Although I didn’t even 
See a crumb upon the ground.

Their beaks dipped down, oblivious
To passersby...Read More
Categories: urban, bird,
Form: Rhyme
Sirens of Manhattan
The sirens of Manhattan
Make a sound we always hear,
Alerting all pedestrians
And traffic to stay clear.

It’s background noise that city folk
Don’t pay attention to,
The urban version of a field
Of cows all saying, “Moo.”

It doesn’t matter if the sound’s
From ambulance or police
Or...Read More
Categories: urban, new york, sound,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member OUF- -


Word of the day wha’ cha say
I’m juz an ugly nerd
What ya heard


Was walk tween class period
In the halls the bell rung
Skittishly I accidentally ran into
Unexpectedly run into the prettiest girl in the school


when face to face with female hotty
her...Read More
Categories: urban, 10th grade, analogy, irony, meaningful, sorry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Urban Anthem

  How? -- Pow
When? -- Then
Where? -- There
  Why? -- Die
  Who? -- You...Read More
Categories: urban, city, death, song,
Form: Free verse
Look you, to the path
Through a copse of wood
A soft floor of mulch
Bushes tucked in clumps
And on up ahead
And on out beyond 
You can just make out Park
And the 7-Eleven
...Read More
Categories: green, urban,
Form: Free verse