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Trauma Poems

Trauma Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of trauma poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for trauma.

New Poems

Sir Pious Flagellant the Third
Beat beat heart beat
Tremble at tremors
These are veins and lines that are common
But this will be uncommon

August is now the dead of winter
Fear no longer stands between blade tips and skin
And the opening, like blossoming of flowers
Blood red

Tomorrow I'll go...Read More
Categories: trauma, depression,
Form: Free verse

How God can heal a broken heart
In life we may face toils and snares
but in every situation God will be with us there
they say time heals but this is not always true
especially if the trauma was severe for you 
I learned God is with me his...Read More
Categories: trauma, faith, heartbreak,
Form: Rhyme
Can you hear me -after Dayshaveronica
Mama says
I’m beautiful 
I’m smart
I’m loved
If this is true
Then why don’t you like me, mama?
How can you hurt me?
How can you face it with empty apologies?
“You aren’t skinny like those girls on TV”
“That shirt makes you look fat.”
“Why can’t you...Read More
Categories: trauma, 11th grade, anger, appreciation, deep, society,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member LeftBrain Trauma
My leftbrain deductive reason
now sadly sees 16/20,
since 2016 a patriarchal white privileged hierarchy
of orthodox RightWing religious social history,

Where I am either egomaniacally at the self-righteous top
of my competitive win/lose hierarchical game,
or I am a victim,
bleeder prey,
mortally morally wounded,
living in the...Read More
Categories: trauma, earth, health, humanity, humor, political, psychological, racism,
Form: Political Verse
karma incarnate
Karma incarnate

Symbolize synapses
refrain recreate
Blades of grass
Cannabolize compliance
Unions unite
Tongues of trauma 
Ignited ironies
Cycle compromises 
Earth and Sky
Nuisance nefarious 
Babel blessings
Kingdoms of self
Tetrahedron tongues
Idiom intrigue 
Scythe of time
Wakes within
Primal pentagons 
Minutes of minuscules
Frequent furtherings
Amock amiables
Omens of obsession 
Useless understoods
Dogmatic dharma
Wanting of whispers
Eccentric...Read More
Categories: trauma, angst, eulogy, fate, identity,
Form: Free verse

Depth Of Unfeeling

Deep tunnel of wound gripping

bored deep within sensual strata,

surface sheared in excruciating trauma,

sinks to benumbed depth of unfeeling...stillness.

Stanza taken from Layered Pain written on May 4, 2019
January 15, 2020
Submitted for contest : Arbitrium Divisa 6
Sponsor : Gregory R Barden
...Read More
Categories: trauma, pain,
Form: Free verse
Funom Makama Riding on a Llama
Remember Funom Makama,
Who went riding on a llama,
And viewed,
Family feud;
Fell off then had a trauma.

Jim Horn

...Read More
Categories: trauma, allegory, analogy,
Form: Limerick

      Team named Santos of Pelé, Coutinho, Doval, Mengálvio, Pepe and cia played against a Ceará first division team. It was not Ceará nor
the Fortaleza....Read More
Categories: trauma, allegory, allusion, art, football, hilarious, sports, tribute,
Form: Prose
A little light could persuade the darkness
to loosen its grip upon the weary soul,
so long kept in their coffin of dread
of trauma and shame--
constricted in the noise of fears
screaming mutely for relief.

And they do withstand,
grasping the quivering hand to hand--
cold...Read More
Categories: trauma, appreciation, confidence, dedication, miracle, spiritual, wisdom, world,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member I Recieved Your Message
Shocked by this today:

After so many years I received your message, wanting to talk to me
You had never done me wrong, but with your father, there was a history
Even with our old connection, I couldn’t trust the motives or take...Read More
Categories: trauma, dark, emotions, heartbreak,
Form: Rhyme
Tell me son
what happened 
on that Friday afternoon

You were taken without warning
You were taken far too soon
No time to say goodbyes 
As your spirit calmly rose above
the trauma down below

Tell me son 
did someone call your name
and gently take you...Read More
Categories: trauma, farewell, missing you, mother son,
Form: Free verse
my tips for dealing with shame
My tips for dealing with shame

Set up a camera 
Get naked
And stand in front of the lens
Walk in a circle 
And watch the tape back 
And begin to own
This is your body
This is how you really look
And make...Read More
Categories: trauma, community, deep, identity, inspirational, moving on, philosophy,
Form: Free verse
Frequency of heart beat high
Extreme unexpectation apparent without a sigh
Affliction by an unseen trauma
Recurring in the mind is this non-existing failure tumor.
...Read More
Categories: trauma, 3rd grade,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member Baptism of Love
And the water rolling down a mountain does the talking
where the streams murmuring echoes inside this earth 
Heart of one thousand whispers enters the soul 
rendering homage to Justice 
sin is an outrage to Thy Majesty 
Vain driven desires will...Read More
Categories: trauma, baptism, blessing, christian, faith, god, judgement, love,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Roses vs Sunflowers
Woke up with roses 
Their company puts me at ease 

The morning sun kisses them 
Adding color to my bleached walls 

Woke up with their soul 
That radiates from the bottom of the vase 

Like my heart, their petals are...Read More
Categories: trauma, august, break up, color, flower, growth, metaphor,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Too Much Drama
There was ever so much drama
Inspired by her role-modeling mama.
Her everyday bordered on trauma
Until they met President Barak Obama

Who helped take their existing karma
Delighting their Grandma Charma
She, the owner of a lovely llama
Too busy to pay attention to silly drama.
...Read More
Categories: trauma, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th
Form: Monorhyme
Premium Member Iguanas

Funny thing happened on my way to the sauna
Met a strange-looking man carrying an iguana
Perhaps a family pet
Not many friends I'll bet
Iguanas have the ability to cause a trauma

...Read More
Categories: trauma, animal, pets,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member In A Suburban Paradise
In A Suburban Paradise

I was to spend hours on my bed 
writing short stories in 1967;
with my left leg dangling over the left side, 
I sat on the right leg,
like I was some nosy bird nesting on a log, 
watching...Read More
Categories: trauma, art, memory,
Form: Free verse
Mami Owon
It is so true that good mothers are rare.
In the furious face of hunger,
And in the ferocious jaws of sickness
You have always been near.

Mami Owon,
This verse could have been a salutation,
Expressing my love for you,
Or to seek help from you,
But...Read More
Categories: trauma, death, mother,
Form: Elegy
Trauma Roses
I wanted to make you feel something 
I wanted to make you see 
that the pain that forced you into numb
had nothing to do with me...
But trauma doesn't affect all the same,
and since you lacked your own
you stole the innocence...Read More
Categories: trauma, emotions, growth, roses are red,
Form: Rhyme Royal
Premium Member Capital Investment Problems
A cold and calculating problem
I see
is finding resonantly warm motivation
for resilient employment
by following mere capital short-term acquisition norms
for sacred vocational gravitas,
and maybe a smidge of gratitude--
where "smidge" is warmly defined
as the opposite of cold hegemony.

Back in the golden age
of NeverLand,

Perhaps...Read More
Categories: trauma, appreciation, caregiving, community, engagement, health, humor, integrity,
Form: Political Verse
I thought I was free
You held me down like gravity
Blaming me for everything 
You bought flowers to say sorry 
Id forgive you everytime 

When did you forgive me ? 
Never ever have you ever forgiven me 
Love is not a game 
And now you...Read More
Categories: trauma, childhood, crazy, family, spoken word,
Form: Free verse
Haunted hospital
Air becomes heavier to breathe
Suffocate in trauma
Please leave

You don't care when the dead come to haunt you
When you lead them to it doctor
Cut me with a scalpel tearing away the symptoms
Where's the prevention?
Feels like I'm stuck in detention?

All the nightmares...Read More
Categories: trauma, abuse, anxiety, dark, death, depression, health, horror,
Form: I do not know?
Build Me A Home
Build me a home
Build me a better life
Mould the sands of my past
Immortalize my hopes and my desires
Raise them high on the path of my growth
Paint them with my sweat, paint them blood and salt

Build me a home
Put in it,...Read More
Categories: trauma, home,
Form: Lyric
Tear drops of rain
It started raining when my life began falling apart
And now it just won't stop pouring

Tear drops of rain from the crying sky

Feels like I've been falling my whole life
Waiting to hit the ground

like a prison sentence
The same painful routine everyday
What...Read More
Categories: trauma, absence, city, cry, depression, loneliness,
Form: I do not know?