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Premium Member Maria- Cantame
Lo, escúchame María, María;
 Lo, escúchame María, María;
Oh, esta es para ti una canción mía;
Oh, escúchame María;
Cantando esta canción;
Maria canta alegremente
Una canción que ella siempre canta gratis.

Cantando su canción todo el día;
Mientras las campanas aún suenan a la hora;

He aquí,...Read More
Categories: appreciation, for her, how i feel, song,
Form: Lyric

Premium Member Spanish Musings
Rumbling in my mind
The song of Los Lobo:
Ay arriba, y arriba
Por ti sere, por ti sere, 
Trying to get into a Spanish mood
As I gaze at the flamingo dancer,
Dressed in red flaming wide dress.

Hear her castanets, clicking in rhythm
To the...Read More
Categories: ti, dance, love,
Form: Free verse
College Bill
I grew up with Phillip Jones who was our doctor’s son.
We built huts amongst the ti-tree and fired the odd slug gun.
We went through school together and we hung out up the street;
played footy and played cricket, and there’s girls...Read More
Categories: ti, humor,
Form: Rhyme
Suddenly Swans
From the branches lifts a song of violins and resonances.
Voices from the wind are wailing fair lyrics of flora.
Sparrows whistling so truly amongst the mocking birds.
Though what sonnet is said from down below?
Orchestra of fauna.
Flamingo re me fa so la...Read More
Categories: ti, dance, song,
Form: Free verse
I Do not Drink From An Others Bottle
Ya no lo niego I love you
With all my soul, en me corazon
Love songs sang your tone
But, it’s been some time
I erased you from my phone
Wiped the computer clean of you
Yet, en las noches mis suenos son de ti
I hear...Read More
Categories: ti, divorce, farewell, freedom, heartbroken, love, moving on,
Form: ABC
Premium Member 50 Words for Poe: The Lacrimosa
“Where does Love live
It lives in The Light within
where time never ends it just begins”. 
Lady Labyrinth

"50 Words for Poe: The Lacrimosa"

Room 9 was haunted
this much was known 
with great fear and trepidation
all patients avoided that room the most

Terror Fell...Read More
Categories: birth, dark, death, devotion, forgiveness, freedom, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member O Darling Most Beautiful Sprout---A Song for Rosario Spanish Verse-
O Querida, la Brote más hermosa --- Una canción para Rosario

¡Esta es para ti, señora!
Alfa eres mi brote más hermoso;
Un día, tal vez seas mi esposa más bella
Creciendo juntos en el jardín tú y yo seremos nosotros.
Rodeado de la belleza...Read More
Categories: appreciation, celebrity, desire, for her, i love
Form: Lyric

Life Happens
Life Happens

Life happens says the preacher
Preaching to the masses en mass on the day of the sun
Words so heavy,it depicts finality
And desperately i seek tranquility
In all sense of serenity
O pàrí Johnny tì ku lati aro
Tears flow through my eyes
Faster than...Read More
Categories: ti, allusion, art, birth, books, death, desire,
Form: Didactic
A Celebration in Spring
The winter and the spring are intermingling;
some days warmth and sun; some cold and rain,
and the flora that is needing reconditioning
swell their buds, and start greening once again,
and on the clothesline wire,
or dead branch on a briar,
soon become the occupier...Read More
Categories: ti, bird, nature,
Form: Rhyme
another reason to love you
available through all major streaming services and general digital stores 
from the ep to my closest friend from my solo project echoes in the snow 
autumn leaves
             ...Read More
Categories: ti, autumn, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Papa no muerto se acaba de ir a casa Daddy Not Dead He Just Gone Home---
Papa no muerto se acaba de ir a casa    Daddy Not Dead He Just Gone Home---

Todos somos pases de paso ...
Viajando eternidad cielos
En el cielo entonces nacen en pecado;
Situada en esta tierra para nacer de nuevo.
¿Por qué...Read More
Categories: appreciation, bereavement, celebration, christian, inspirational,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Shall I Tell You I Love You I Just Do I Love You--- Spanish verse part 1
Shall I Tell You I Love You I Just Do I Love You---   Spanish verse part 1

te digo te amo
¿Cómo puedo ser siempre cierto?
¿Qué debes hacer para estar cerca de ti?
Con mis ojos te veo
te digo te amo
que...Read More
Categories: appreciation, i love you,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member ADORABLE And You Are Loveliness---
ADORABLE And You Are Loveliness---

El sol brilla debajo de tus hombros;
Hermosa cervatillo;
El pastoreo
Levantándose por encima del alba;

Y doy gracias a Dios por tu amabilidad;
Tus tiernos toques y cálida caricia;
Y le agradezco al Señor que siempre eres bendecido;

Una adorable
La lluvia nunca...Read More
Categories: appreciation, beautiful, character,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member My Love I Love You Beyond Your Soul--
my love I love you beyond your soul

the aroma of your soul;
pageant of your screams;
What does this really mean;
The kiss of your breath;
Your blind caress;
Leaves me openly honest;
my love I love you beyond your soul;
I love you beyond your soul;
As...Read More
Categories: appreciation, desire, for her, i love you,
Form: Lyric
Fire Catchers
Capture emotions
Like fireflies in a jar.
Catch times
Like a dream catcher.

If I could stop these times
And nestle a home in these feelings,
I’d live here forever
Feeding off salted almonds and music

Soon there’s a break
Will you grow away from me?
I know my worries...Read More
Categories: ti, 9th grade, anxiety, break up, death of
Form: Free verse
I Love You, I Think
Last night, I had a dream.
A dream of you and I.
You were gorgeous and shy,
While I was loving and kind.

We watched a play and had dinner,
Laughter rang through the air.
We slept in the same bed,
We hugged and kissed as much...Read More
Categories: appreciation, care, devotion, dream, relationship, sweet love,
Form: Free verse
Bellbird Island
Tinkling tones, sung upside down,
throughout the eucalyptus stand,
in native bush close to town,
'tis here, the last of un-cleared land.

Ti-tree, Dogwood must search for sun;
sword grass ribbons hold me back.
Wild animals unseen here run,
leave a maze of walking track.

Tinkling tones to...Read More
Categories: ti, bird, nature,
Form: Rhyme
Beautiful Firetail Finch
Looking through the three-eighth gauge, at zebra's, stars and plumhead.
Listening to the expert in the trade and take in what he said.
I went home and scanned through pages of books and magazine,
perusing photographs of aviary birds - most I had...Read More
Categories: ti, bird, nature,
Form: Rhyme
California Baby
He grew up in the bay area
Bad to the bone 
Tattooed out
Yeah he something to talk about
I love him to deaf

California baby
California baby

He  is my California Baby   He  is from the bay area 
He got me...Read More
Categories: ti, i love you, love,
Form: Verse
My 5 Short Positive and Sayings that I live by to make me have a Very, Very Happy Life
My 5 Short Positive and Sayings that I live by to make me have a Very, Very Happy Life
1.	Jerry Cooley “You can, you should, and if you will be brave enough to start, you will do very, very well.
2.	Jerry Cooley...Read More
Categories: ti, 7th grade, 9th grade, africa, deep, growing
Form: Prose Poetry
Fim de semana
Fim de semana

Inicie o fim de semana 
para crescer e fazer mais, 
aumentar os teus sonhos
aumentar a felicidade.

Aprecia a beleza 
das coisas simples,
viva a vida intensamente,
acredite nas palavras e na poesia!

A vida é deserto e oásis,
nos derruba, nos fere,
nos ensina...Read More
Categories: ti, business,
Form: Free verse
Pyaar bhi badi hi ajeeb cheez hai nah insaan ko kya sey kya banadeta hai
Kam karo toh you don’t love me like before
aur agar zyada karo toh you are becoming over possessive.
Agar aap dikha tey ho toh cheesy aur agar...Read More
Categories: ti, crush, cute love, love,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Bajo este paraguas rojo y lluvia Enamorado

        En la lluvia vengo corriendo hacia ti;
Esto lo haré como mi perrito mira a la vista;
       Caricias cubiertas...Read More
Categories: appreciation, assonance, beauty, i love you,
Form: Free verse
Cá nesta Babilônia
Cá nesta Babilônia, na qual existe 
matéria fraca 
tanto quanto o mundo pode criar. 

Cá, onde patriotismo não tem valia, 
cá onde a mãe pátria, 
minuto a minuto é profanada; 

cá, onde o mal se afina, o bem...Read More
Categories: ti, business,
Form: Free verse
The bloke from TI

Softly he sings
At the end of light
In his bed at night
I can just hear him
Amongst the noises of life
I want to ask him
He sings for  
Missed love?
His island home?
Safety on his journey long?
But I know the real reason
I just...Read More
Categories: ti, dream, mystery, travel,
Form: Free verse