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Premium Member I Heard Strangers Whispering

They turned up in their Sunday best
To pay respects my mother cried,
I was not sure what she meant
I only knew my father died.

The hearse arrived, people shuffled,
Standing solemn, looking tense,
I heard strangers whispering
A strange affair, it made no sense.

I looked...Read More
Categories: thereupon, childhood, confusion, death, father, memory,
Form: Rhyme

Hey Diddle Diddle
Hey diddle diddle, dee
Mother Goose is cool
She's a kid's teaching tool.
Nursery rhymes, you rock.

I've read you all my life,
and as adult full-grown
made up some of my own.
Here 's one you've never heard: 

Hey diddle diddle, dee,
Cat’s fiddle is too loud.
The...Read More
Categories: thereupon, 11th grade, childhood, nonsense,
Form: Rhyme
A Tip from Charon to Thomas Jefferson
Was it just coincidence or the work of hidden powers
that  Jefferson and John Adams passed on within few hours
 on a very weighty date indeed , which was July the fourth,
a  day of celebration uniting  south and...Read More
Categories: thereupon, celebration, history, political,
Form: Burlesque
Premium Member A Me
An antecedent me, a subsequent
and present me, all those me who went
through stones, plants, amoebas, arthropods,

reptilians, arachnids, mammals, men
and women, a reptilian again
as punishment for hubris, even gods -

the small "g" gods. As for the uppercase,
I hope, it won't deny...Read More
Categories: thereupon, me, nature,
Form: Terza Rima
Cat's Meow
It was a story old and discrete, the screech worthy of repeat
 disconnected from everyday communal speak.
It was always in the night children closed their doors in fright
 fearing creatures might awake, and slip in their minds to take.

So one...Read More
Categories: thereupon, animal, cat, children,
Form: Rhyme
The mirage of heaven
A paradise of perpetual peace. 
No sleaze. .no struggle. .
no murk. .no malice. 
Glaciers in river of honey embellish. 
Verdant meadows in fleecy breeze.
Chandeliers,  candles and roses thereupon...
No din. .no haze. .only stars..
aeon after aeon...
Angels adorned in layers...Read More
Categories: thereupon, angel, baby, god, heaven, light, marriage, peace,
Form: Rhyme
IF ever I had a country : XXXI - XXXII

                              ...Read More
Categories: thereupon, business, leadership, power, rights,
Form: Dramatic Monologue

Sewing machine, long idle, gathered dust
Absentmindedly, Jackie wrote her name
thereupon, watching as dust motes floated
upwards, caught in sunset's evening rays
Brushing away a tear, she turned around
surveying, Nan's neglected room
provoked, a vague feeling of emptiness
Psychically, Jackie, quite distinctly heard
"The war years...Read More
Categories: thereupon, emotions, grandmother, relationship,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Corn Soup

Corn soup heated with some cheese sprinkled on
Plus the addition of some bread chunks thereupon
When I was a wee one
Held mum up with a gun
Kidding, 'twas a bow'n arrow, at times a wooden baton

...Read More
Categories: thereupon, youth,
Form: Limerick
My letter to a virgin brother
Women are like dogs, but they are not dogs.
Whatever name you call her, that name she would bare.
Should you call her a dog, don’t you expect her to act like a hare
She would certainly give you a home full of...Read More
Categories: thereupon, care, engagement, love, tribute, woman, women, youth,
Form: Rhyme
Monument to the Old Me
Lurking amongst shabby, impenetrable, undergrowth,
cloistered effigy is sheltered from casual view,
languishing, neglected, forgotten... but content.

No longer possessing a name; no longer serving a purpose;
whatever inscription once etched thereupon is
long-since faded, lost to the whimsical wisps of time.

In bygone years, its...Read More
Categories: thereupon, analogy, art, character, growth, introspection, metaphor,
Form: Personification
Eclipse Facts and Fancies

When the Moon moves between the Earth and Sun
then comes a rare happening that can stun,
above all a syzygy alliance,
the term from the Greek in astro-science.

Once solar eclipses in history
were viewed as a frightening mystery.
Cultural superstitions abounded
as rumors spread far...Read More
Categories: thereupon, earth, humanity, moon, science, sky, space, sun,
Form: Verse
Sunny Seaside
Splish splash splish, sunshine bliss

Crashing waves, glistening summer rays

Of days, at the seaside shore

Longing for more, we reminisce

As waves bellow, so we build

Sandcastles on high, quickening sand running over my hand

Slippery stepping stones across oceanic floors

As ‘She’ sets sail, seagulls...Read More
Categories: thereupon, celebration, childhood, holiday,
Form: Free verse
Wherefrom Enlightenment Dwells
To define innocence in the
countenance of a child's smile
and love's eminence in wildflowers,
conceive infinity in exalted ocean's roar
whilst summer breezes glance splendor
flourishing jasmine and hummingbirds
amidst evermore expansive sunrises,
whence space and time ceases to exist 
thereupon shall enlightenment dwell...Read More
Categories: thereupon, analogy, child, flower, inspiration, metaphor, ocean, sun,
Form: Light Verse
Hallucinatory Prayers
Fallen upon knees in ashes of pipe dreamer’s infatuation 
chimera's collective stardust reigning through macrocosms,
world spins counterclockwise unrealistically bound hiatus
stained glass mirrors fracture in rhetorical opposition,
earthly beings condensed to mere commonplace residue
threadbare allegiances written on worn out constitutions,
idly spinning cogwheels...Read More
Categories: thereupon, allegory, conflict, deep, hyperbole, psychological, religion, spiritual,
Form: Burlesque
Premium Member Divine Masterpiece God Painted the Heavens

God Painted the Heavens
"Divine Masterpiece"

The sky was shrouded dark and spiritless

God thereupon painted the heavens

Mixing and blending amber and lemon hues

with the brightest bright,

flickering fire behind the waves of clouds


drawing a straight line on the horizon  harmonizing color.

Blending thalo...Read More
Categories: thereupon, art, god, imagery, inspiration, ocean, sky,
Form: Free verse
Liquid Poetry
  When you find that special someone
who heartily & unconditionally
enraptures each second of every day,
makes life appear to be tangible liquid poetry
fantasies realize reality's passionateness,
thereupon adoringly kisses darkly euphoric
toffee eyes midst unveiling wildflowers,
whilst lavishing lush keepsake daisies
'tween unfurled silken...Read More
Categories: thereupon, love,
Form: Prose Poetry

to her chamber door, 
it was ajar,
Never ajar 
was it before. 

Cloak and dagger 
I did intrude 
Across her 
chamber floor,
she was asleep,
Never asleep 
was she before. 

Bold as brass 
I did inquire 
If...Read More
Categories: thereupon, betrayal, love hurts, murder,
Form: Rhyme
Knocking on your dreams door
                                       ...Read More
Categories: thereupon, allegory, angel, dream, imagination, mystery, myth, success,
Form: Epic
From Yon Darkened Keep

There afar in yon darkened keep,
Beyond my casement high,
Stands the stone of an angel lost 
That yet earthly lingers nigh.
The wind blows and the mist flows 
From the graven chill,  
And thus upon she wanders forth,   ...Read More
Categories: thereupon, anxiety, death, depression, dream, gothic, grief, halloween,
Form: Prose Poetry
ABLAZE - Part Four

[Continued from Part Three]

Thereupon the elder gave them all a single cart.
It was tall and broad with gems adorning every part
and had bells on all four corners plus a balustrade
surrounding, with a hanging awning offering shade. 

Valuable jewels, that were...Read More
Categories: thereupon, allusion, destiny, fire, life, senses, wisdom, world,
Form: Narrative
None knows what signaled him 
Deep down the rim
To get down from the train
As if gone insane 
All on a sudden
Much before the destination
Amidst thunderstorm and torrential rain
Ripping off the existence

Trifling with fear, sadness, guilt
Ignoring the defenses inbuilt
Shutting the books,...Read More
Categories: thereupon, addiction, adventure, allusion, anxiety, beautiful, culture, dream,
Form: I do not know?
Homo Sapience Sapience
He was born with a bushy round follicle-free head
and walks with two legs, because 
he is a Neanderthal(1) mutant,

for he is a mutational product, 
he is an android(2) not found in the evolutionary tree, 
and that’s why he was so...Read More
Categories: thereupon, allegory,
Form: Prose Poetry
This Heart 2K13
Impart this heart its ink and yet its quill, 
thereupon paper shall tell a genuine feel.

A heart which may be wounded, a heart which may
be Joyed, a heart which true love slips not away.

A heart which cherishes each snap shot...Read More
Categories: thereupon, heart, introspection, life, self, words,
Form: Couplet
Poor Man's Tale
For the first time entered I into 
this place.
Bright and beautiful, 
everywhere palace.
Awe, shock, amazement took 
my face.
Caught in wishful thoughts, I 
forgot the essays
On the whys and analysis my 
family and I face.
The baggage of problems 
being head I...Read More
Categories: thereupon, poverty
Form: Narrative