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Friendship Terza Rima Poems

These Friendship Terza Rima poems are examples of Terza Rima poems about Friendship. These are the best examples of Terza Rima Friendship poems written by international poets.

Life Moves Forward In Brotherhood
A man had two horses, each a fine stallion, both buddies and good friends. It so happened, one of them lost eyesight in an accident....

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Categories: brother, introspection,

Premium Member When You Make Friends With a Poet
When you make friends with a poet 
the conversation will start to rhyme,
slowly but surely you won’t realize it;

Whimsical heat warms the wintertime 
swirling into...

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Categories: emotions, feelings, friendship, poets,

Premium Member My Big Brother
My big brother filled with love                           everyone saw his grace    ...

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Categories: faith, hope, joy, life,

When Money Is a Secondary Consideration
When money is a secondary consideration,
There is joy throughout the nation,
With many looking forward without trepidation.

When money is a secondary consideration,
There will be less people...

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Categories: appreciation, baptism, blessing, caregiving,

Premium Member Heart Universes
Hearts fill the universes on Valentine's Day       
Pink and red are everywhere             ...

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Categories: valentines day,

Premium Member The Sound of Home
A little head bonk turns a frown upside down;
Just a little tug on your dangling hair, 
a silly ball of yarn and they become a...

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Categories: cat, love, pets,

A Face
The face of a beautiful dream is your friendship
I see that without complaints and am content with all
This face is my love than a a...

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Categories: image,

Premium Member If Roses Could Paint Hearts In Bright Red
If roses could paint hearts in bright red,
and that flaming color would never fade:
love would keep its promise so awaited!

who doesn't have enough passion inside

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Categories: beautiful, dedication, forgiveness, friendship,

Premium Member Kissing Deep Salt
Dealing with deep touching issues sleepless nights worried
lovingly do not understand my head anymore teardrops keep falling weakness 
cut from finest silk cannot take this...

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Categories: conflict, courage, devotion, emotions,

Have a Say
Knock wolf, I want you to lend me an ear.
I know, you are right there watching my side.
My temper you want, but it, I won’t...

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Categories: faith, friendship, future, light,

Premium Member I Changed Myself To Make You a Better Person
I'm struggling to succeed and leave a name
anyone can admire and easily remember...  
when I'm no longer alive, but in a cold grave. 


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Categories: death, devotion, friendship, love,

Premium Member Friends Are Priceless Gems
Friends are priceless gems brighter than a meteor,
in our eyes they glitter as stars do;
keep on watching them...they will shine even more!

I have sought the...

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Categories: friendship, happiness, love, universe,

Premium Member A Ferocious Lion
Anyone who thought that I follishly picked a rabbit, a cat,
a sheep, a bird or frog as an animal for my impersonating:
must have the wrong...

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Categories: adventure, animals, dedication, food,

Premium Member So Far...One World, One Destiny
So world, one destiny
and despite how men have ruled and rule,
courageous women still seek equality.

Who ever said, without comparing, that a female is weaker...

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Categories: friendship, history, hope, life,

Premium Member Confiding In Someone
Often I've been accused of being too righteous and wise;
a zealot putting all his efforts in an unquestionable faith,
and my trust is never weakened by...

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Categories: death, devotion, faith, friendship,

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