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Emotions Teen Poems

These Emotions Teen poems are examples of Teen poems about Emotions. These are the best examples of Teen Emotions poems written by international poets.

Teenagers, oh how they grow,
With hormones raging, they are a show!
Their taste in music and style that's new,
With beats so fresh and fashion so true.


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Categories: age, feelings, for teens,

Premium Member Growing Pains
One spring, within its patient cross
To summer's gain from winter's loss,
With flowers varied colors hue
A girl befriended someone new
in her life.

Someone quite special she had...

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Categories: teen, emotions, fate, feelings, first

Premium Member Power To Change Just One Thing
For some this is funny,
for others it is dead serious.
This may not be earth shattering to you,
but for many it is.
Why have most bathrooms taken...

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Categories: teen, baby, child, emotions, feelings,

It stresses me out

Why does everything stress me out

I'm not a bad person

I am a good student

It stresses me out

I turn it in on time


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Categories: teen, deep, emotions, lost, society,

Premium Member A teen girl
In a teen girl's mind, a story to share,
Written by her, for teens and parents to care.
Let's start strong, a question so clear,
What's a teen...

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Categories: girl, teen, teenage,

Swatch Dogs and Diet Coke Heads
Veronica Sawyer, a rebel in plaid
She joined the Heathers, but they were so bad
They ruled the school with their cruel games and lies
But Veronica had...

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Categories: teen, angst, betrayal, crazy, death,

Premium Member Building Tension
Did you ever stand on stage,
behind the big curtain.
Standing there peeking out from behind the curtain,
watching the audience looking at the stage.
Your knees are shaking,

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Categories: teen, courage, emotions, fear, god,

Just another Romeo and Juliet love
Just another Romeo and Juliet love 
By Michelle Morris

Oh-oh-oh... Oh-oh-oh...

Just another Romeo and Juliet love
Just another love story that wouldn't die
Just another teenage drama saga

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Categories: teen, emotions, heartbreak, inspirational love,

Premium Member Imagination
My mind sets in motion, 
words that will come alive.  
Creativity needs to be added, 
then mix imagination with creativity. 

Coming alive within...

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Categories: teen, adventure, age, emotions, feelings,

Premium Member Poetic Inhalation
As I read poetry,  
I love reading the amazing words.  
When breathing in,  
each word comes alive.  
When breathing out, ...

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Categories: teen, dance, peace, poems, poetry,

Premium Member Adolescent State
nights spent alone
miming our conversation
just in case you phone
declare fathomless devotion
no reason to postpone 
claim this heart's commotion 
let your love be known


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Categories: teen, emotions, first love, growing

Premium Member Consciousness Correction
In life,
there are times when anxiety can set in.
Maybe from a person or a place,
then fear can follow.
Seems like anxiety and fear are best friends,

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Categories: teen, best friend, emotions, fear,

Premium Member Overthink
There's a voice inside my head;
I've tried to shut her,
over and over again.

She speaks my language,
but I don't want to understand
her painful words that make...

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Categories: teen, anxiety, confusion, emotions, how

Red Flags
After you cheated
    I wanted to gag
    I don’t know how
     I missed all the...

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Categories: teen, boyfriend, break up, emotions,

Premium Member Survival
Lisa and I finally tested covid-free! When we saw our results, we began an impromptu dance that felt like levitation.

Although my covid case seemed much...

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Categories: teen, celebration, emotions, freedom, friendship,

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