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Bullying Teen Poems

These Bullying Teen poems are examples of Teen poems about Bullying. These are the best examples of Teen Bullying poems written by international poets.

I come to Pos' ey Soup' ers Rec' ip' e Res' cue
 ( Looking at the poems of the day or year or whatever it was- saw a poem . . . A poem? Actually called...

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Categories: teen, 2nd grade, baby, bangla,

Premium Member In Memory
In memory of a kid that was lured to his death by teens in a small community who
Just wanted to hurt him for fun and...

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Categories: abuse, death, teen,

More than meets the eye
she runs down the hall 
she is meSsY 
she is LouD
she is an extrovert 
no, she is not 
just because she is not shy 

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Categories: teen, 11th grade, bullying, character,

Best Friends Forever
“Best friends forever”
We giggled
I gasped for air because I laughed so hard
I gasp for air when you
the knife you stabbed through my ribcage.


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Categories: teen, anger, anti bullying, cry,

Pieces scattered on the ground
Shattered little fragments,
Crushed without a sound
People walk all over them,
Grind them into dust
Blow around, forgotten,
Swept away in a gust...

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Categories: teen, abuse, anti bullying, anxiety,


What's UP
I'm tested and I am upset;
Cause I can't have my way;
This is some of the concerns of me as a,...

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Categories: teen, addiction, analogy, anxiety, bullying,

Free Thinker
Plan before you do,
That was the message,
No matter what you did,
You planned before you did,

Get an education,
That was the expectation,
If you were going to be...

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Categories: bullying, society, teen,

Premium Member Shyness
I'm young with no identity,
A faceless boy, alone and shy.
To classmates, a nonentity;
My parents fret and wonder why.

I'm part of the unnoticed pack.
I step aside...

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Categories: teen, 12th grade, bullying, hurt,

Condoned Profanity
Swearing runs in the dysfunctional family,
the loud mother gets angry at her kids
and flings some items at them with animosity;
they listen and learn from her...

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Categories: teen, abuse, april, bullying, environment,

Red, red, red is all the man ever sees of his family.
With all that's going on, the orange-faced man has been unhinged.
He could've shone like...

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© Shawn Tan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: teen, anti bullying, bullying, childhood,

The Dividend Pond
[The Dividend Pond]

You come to wonder, you come to offer
And yet it all goes to waste
When night has overdrawn sanity’s day
It’s the place that leaves...

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Categories: teen, bullying, courage, for her,

Icy Refuge
Icy Refuge

There is a place I often will go
That cuts a path in the snow
The frozen creek, silky and white
I slip and I slide and...

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Categories: teen, bullying, identity, nature, places,

I get hit, and am called names.
Everyday it is the same.

Stupid bitch, whore and slut. 
Dirty skank, worthless mutt.

I've done nothing to deserve,
The slaps and...

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Categories: teen, abuse, age, anger, anti

I am Caroline Foster

I am Caroline Foster.
I am fifteen-years-old.
I am shortish.
I am rather thin.
I am intelligent I guess.
I am oblivious.
I am weird.
I am childish.
I am different and not...

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Categories: teen, angst, anti bullying, anxiety,

What I Am
That's what you are. 
You'll never change. 
Why are you here? 
Why try? 
Just kill yourself. 
Like you...

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Categories: teen, bullying, dark, depression, emotions,

I hate people
I hate people with sweet chocolate eyes
I hate people with mocha skin
I hate people with braids in their hair
I hate people who can do art

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Categories: teen, anger, anxiety, betrayal, bullying,

Life With Out Knowing
Nobody is real.
Your life is on a screen.
It's the only thing you feel.
It's the only thing that you have seen
in nine months
it's just another one...

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Categories: teen, anger, anxiety, bullying, conflict,

For My People
This is for the ones
that spend most 
days alone.
Sitting in the same room
with the same four walls.

For the ones 
who get insulted,
then ignored all other...

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© Joy Nicole  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: teen, anti bullying, culture, dedication,

My Abuser Raves
It was a small school community, 
Close and cliquish, but a special one,
For physically disabled people, kids,
And so sometimes it was fun.

But we were paired...

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Categories: teen, bullying, child abuse, childhood,

Teen Girl Confessions
I was talking to a girl that goes to high school the other day, and she told me all these stories of the girls that...

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© Pink Girl  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: teen, best friend, bullying, sister,