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Tamper Poems

Tamper Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of tamper poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for tamper.

New Poems

Tamper Proof Exemplar
Rings, what are they ?
Those gaudy gem encrusted  things displayed  by those in places high and low.
Or on the other hand  the kind that pricks  the ear when one is half asleep.
Incessant earworm.
Authentic ring,
eternal ring, engagement...Read More
Categories: tamper, care, character, color, creation, feelings, growth, integrity,
Form: Prose Poetry

Pandora's Box
Pandora’s Box

Prometheus was condemned to a fate,
With his liver used as bait. 
He stole the fire from Zeus,
Feeling sorry for mans abuse.
He was caught,
And his binding ropes were taut.

Hephaistos was instructed to make Pandora,
Who radiated a beautiful aura.
She was given...Read More
Categories: tamper, 12th grade, betrayal, corruption, fate, mythology,
Form: Rhyme
True steps :: Novelinee Sequence

If one wants harmonious state of life
with neighbors, friends, others control your tongue.
Wise guides when, where to say to avoid strife 
Never to speak to others just to stung.
Control talk when one doesn't have all the facts.
Not to utter words...Read More
Categories: tamper, feelings,
Form: Verse
Like a child, always begging;
Did I say you're never in thanksgiving;
Always wanting something;
But never praising the Father;

What's the matter you ungrateful...

Like a thief in the night
Taking things that's not yours;
Why? won't you go to work;
Get, a job stop stealing;

Like a...Read More
Categories: tamper, analogy, anxiety, appreciation, confidence, conflict, desire, engagement,
Form: Dramatic Verse
the gush
The gush

    The moon is full not completely round
but elongated and so near I can almost touch it.
A pity the moon only reflects the sun
it diminishes it somehow.

The Chines planted apple trees at the back 
of the...Read More
Categories: tamper, allusion, aubade, deep,
Form: Blank verse

Premium Member Living in Love's Accord
“I soared a journey with him near me, 
fear released in tears of ecstasy. 
I knew a tale of a boy who adored
a girl who always longed to be free. 
Now we live in harmonious accord.”

So I await his caress...Read More
Categories: tamper, love,
Form: Verse
Premium Member SADNESS PART 3

Sadness in parts
Flings you around;
Watch pain now start
Sad feel that grounds.

Part One can prick
Your bubbly cheer;
Watch pain ply stick
To tamper near.

Part Two now moves
Due flip and flop;
Unease now grooves
Rain pain non-stop.

Part Three kills joy
To depress more;
You're now a toy
As sadness...Read More
Categories: tamper, allegory,
Form: Quatrain
If you want to build a deck,
do it yourself
all you need is...

25---2"x 16"x 16"  red stepping stones
15---Bags of all purpose sand
a level
some standard bricks 40 to add to the decor
one round point shovel, dig it...
a garden and a leaf-rake
one...Read More
Categories: tamper, analogy, creation, desire, proposal,
Form: List
Confessions of a caged soul
One word,one scratch . I keep consoling myself as I keep losing this battle . One more scratch, maybe they won't notice . As I fail to realise even a thousand scratches go unnoticed, my kind of cry for help...Read More
Categories: tamper, 11th grade, anxiety, boyfriend, deep, depression,
Form: Blank verse
a minor faux pas accidental duplication
of part one pertaining to my most recent poetic entry (Inexplicable Quirky Memory Unhinged clasp one) unintentionally got submitted twice, and rather than tamper with attempting to delete delicately, (and probably wreak greater havoc then desirable), this generic human male...Read More
Categories: tamper, 7th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade, fantasy,
Form: Free verse

Timeless Fascination With Youth
I aged a small number of hours,
     none the worse
since posting about Daylight Savings Time,
     a radiant playful verse
teasingly succeeded against being terse,

a cogent tangential thread,
     where passage...Read More
Categories: tamper, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, beautiful,
Form: Free verse

Spark a warm fire in surge of spring,
Prize deep feelings that break new grounds;
Reap touch that sires wonder time brings,
Ink words that sing of wisdom found;
Nature prompts fest through ups and downs,
Give to each fool a teasing wit.
Entrench fine zest...Read More
Categories: tamper, beauty,
Form: Rubai
Don't Yuck My Yum

There you go again,
tossing your ugly into the party mix
You don’t know any other way to flow,
that’s just how you roll
But let me make this crystal clear:
unplug your busybody ear,
and stay out of my business — 
No tamper ... no...Read More
Categories: tamper, allusion, humor, philosophy, truth,
Form: Light Verse

AGE, likes to play pranks
And tamper with my eyes
When I look in a mirror
It reflects awful lies.

My hair medium brown
Long ago turned  grey.
Mustache on my lip,
No, no , no how, no way!

My figures an hourglass
Sad my sands shifted
My minds...Read More
Categories: tamper, age, body, change, humorous,
Form: Rhyme
Second to None

Welcome to the war, son ...
You’ve been conscripted,
go grab a gun
And you daughters 
of the new American flag,
you’re not exempted either
Go get that gat outta my bag
There’s a 21st century civil war goin’ on,
and you gotta declare right now
which side...Read More
Categories: tamper, conflict, parody, perspective, war,
Form: Light Verse
Unprecedented confluence - Duet
(Male’s part)
First verse
Why they swarmed into piling on sympathy
Why they came thirsty of my tethered heart and tearful eye
Why they were not done for my melancholic stance
Why they talked sour of my love and allegiance
Why they thought you have sailed...Read More
Categories: tamper, love,
Form: Lyric
The Demons I dream of
are far, far worse
Than those you might face 
once you ride a hearse;
Even more ghastly, 
more ghoulish, and foul,
Than any endeveavored 
out of someone's mouth.
The Demons I dream of 
are deranged and desperate,
They gleam of the...Read More
Categories: tamper, anxiety, dream, fear, grief, horror, night, psychological,
Form: Lyric
The Invariant Analogy
I'm listening to soft music through earplugs,
the strong stimuli of relaxation enter lungs... 
they stifle the external sounds 
and deepen my consciousness.

The invariant analogy
between time and clock has a steady
rhythm and ticks enough to frighten 
thoughts of a serene mood...Read More
Categories: tamper, analogy, creation, desire, destiny, god, journey, music,
Form: Free verse
adult tamper tantrum
adult tamper tantrum
last straw explosions 
of pent up emotions 
that could no longer 
be contained underneath 
the surface anymore 
had to be released 
could not stay burred 
any further 
emotional cleansing 
emotional clarity 
emotional closure 
every once in a while...Read More
Categories: tamper, anger,
Form: Lyric
Daily Poetry #48, March 17, 2017
Word: Jitter 

Constantly moving, 
Looking, looking,
The world’s too slow, 
So I jitter. 
Moving to create something,
Nothing, nothing. 
Waiting for life to catch up,
So I jitter. 
Scribbling onto paper, 
Tamper, tamper.
Too much to do here,
So I...Read More
Categories: tamper, anxiety, mental illness,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Query of Life 2
~ one seed holds all life ~
why dost you tamper with the
primordial pool?

Kim Rodrigues © 2017
...Read More
Categories: tamper, abortion, life,
Form: Questionku
Premium Member Images

There is a thing that ought to be, also a thing that is.
But in the thing that ought to be, a constant spirit lives.

At any time, we care to try, the way it ought to seem,
ignoring place and circumstance to...Read More
Categories: tamper, change, destiny, image, life,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member of Politics
of politics

my conscience speaks,
i tamper it down,
blend it with ice
and plenty of lies,
spin wild tales
of the frappe sea,
and make them drink.

this liquid amalgamation 
is like the salty sea -
driving them mad,
filling them with dread,
waves lapping overhead,
killing them dead.

Kim Rodrigues ©2016
...Read More
Categories: tamper, political,
Form: Free verse
The Day and Night Calling me Sleep Calling Me to rise
~The Day & Night Calling me Sleep, Calling Me to rise~

To my Nightcowel, I know I heard thee every night, my words a sway in thee wisper of the breeze, Only to sleep on & rise in the sun-light to...Read More
Categories: tamper, dream,
Form: Blank verse
The Quick Way Home
All damage is collateral
When you don't care if you're hit.
You want to turn a corner
Because your circle doesn't fit

You wait for an apology
but you're too tongue-tied.
Is that a letter-bomb
Or a Red Cross stone?

Grandad was a boomer
They say your mother's just...Read More
Categories: tamper, life, society, youth,
Form: Verse