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Tactless Poems

Tactless Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of tactless poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for tactless.

New Poems

Premium Member 80s 2 dancing in time with god
Hey There

Giving so much 
I can't see you
with your husband4
That should be me
We tested the waters and the great sea
found a sailor.
Nearby I fixed the dog: he'll never love again
Lusting beast, he'll never love again.
I found an old picture of...Read More
Categories: tactless, depression,
Form: Free verse

Sludge: An update to Glitter
He looks down on me in his condescending way
    Without words, he pities me,
And without words, I accept                   ...Read More
Categories: tactless, love,
Form: Blank verse
An internal prophecy, fulfilled
Confirming disbelief in myself
You’ve always been tactless 
Condemning me to live knowing 
I am omniscient

...Read More
Categories: tactless, jealousy,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member THINK TWICE

Take a breath just pretend to light a cigarette
Mind your every thought so that you'll not regret
Avoid a tactless comment that might go south
Remember ~ a fly does not enter a closed mouth

Submitted on August 11, 2019 for contest ROMANI...Read More
Categories: tactless, introspection, rude, spoken word, wisdom,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Tongues
The Lying Tongue
sang a song
The Flattering Tongue
played along
The Know It All Tongue
intended the composition
The Meddling Tongue
held it's position
The Harsh Tongue
kept quiet for once
The Tactless Tongue
reluctantly obliged 
The Rude Tongue
got annoyed
The Loquatious Tongue
was soon overjoyed
The Discouraging Tongue
hummed on
The Self-Depreciating Tongue
became withdrawn
The...Read More
Categories: tactless, 10th grade, anti bullying, community, growing up,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Loss-TY

Lonely is the Heartless, Tactless mind.
Knowing only Senseless, Loveless time.


Your Turn For A Tyburn
Sponsored by: charles messina 

...Read More
Categories: tactless, loss,
Form: Tyburn
You don't have to speak English well, or even at all, to be a British monarch
William the First was our last king to come uninvited
though invincible armadas have sometimes been sighted.

Foreign kings were imported in cases of doubt.
Native kings had the habit of getting thrown out.

In the War of the Roses none tipped the scales
till...Read More
Categories: tactless, england,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member The Jester
Zany insanity,
he’s a buffoon from the moon-
Quipster and hipster,
he’s a complicated pantaloon.
Prankster gangster,
tactless with madness-
Wisecracker and entertainer
is he fun, or full of sadness? 

He’s humorous and caddy, 
frivolous yet crabby-
Gabby and a chump,
a lark and real tacky.
Life of the party,
wears...Read More
Categories: tactless, funny,
Form: Rhyme
Freudian slips of the tongue
many a foot in month 
statement uttered  
wish that they could 
be taken back but 
they never can be 
many an unintentional
tactless remark were
abruptly bluntly 
blurted out during 
unchecked moments 
of Freudian slips of the 
...Read More
Categories: tactless, conflict,
Form: Lyric
The Passing of Edward
Martha was rudely awaken on Monday morning
With the phone call we all dread
“Mrs Palmer we regret to inform you
That your husband Edward is dead”
She thought that it was tactless
The way she had been told
Couldn’t they have said ‘passed away'?
Instead of...Read More
Categories: tactless, death, sad,
Form: Rhyme

A pointed bank note
A bibliographic oceanographic espionage is merely a tidal titan in a mesmerising swimsuit sipping tequila sunrise on a pool side sun lounger on a large eighty foot yacht. Tactless men who smear defecation in print are quite often timely reminders...Read More
Categories: tactless, baby, blessing,
Form: I do not know?
Fearless,My Spirit
You may call me harsh or even wicked
But I am more than it because I am crooked.
I may look self indulgent or resentful,
But now I am transformed into someone more powerful.

Fearless! I call me,
Fearless I say
I am not afraid of...Read More
Categories: tactless, absence, anti bullying, bullying, desire, scary,
Form: Rhyme
I have known this girl for quite long.
Been friends for years tied with strong thong.
Had hundreds of pictures with cool bonds.
Share deep stories like a ionic bond.

No dull moments when I’m with her.
She’s real friend hiding with no fur.
Tells things...Read More
Categories: tactless, for her,
Form: Narrative
Miss Know It All
That girl with a Nicki Minaj look really annoys me,

She boasts a lot thing that truly makes me dizzy.

Whenever I talk something about myself,

She overreacts and makes as well fond of herself.




She said it well but I’m...Read More
Categories: tactless, anger, angst, woman,
Form: I do not know?
The Plains are Painted in Red
His massive head was adorned with a wooly crown,
and his robes decorated with ermine of brown
What a majestic monarch roaming with regal grace.
He was mighty, but bearing a pusillanimous face.
The king ruled his domain and his subjects in harmony,
and spent...Read More
Categories: tactless, life, nature, horse,
Form: Rhyme

Bad taste?
They know not what is at stake
They do as they please
Then later beg for forgiveness
A right sin
And a dismal business

Nothing is shocking anymore
To thump each other
They go to the extremes of bad taste
The exotic of the past
Is...Read More
Categories: tactless, allegory,
Form: Imagism
Never tactless, never nagging,
Always friendly, always smiling -
That was my convenient tactics
But right now I`m mad and frantic.

I shall not burst into tears.
I have lost my hope and fears.
Your harsh words dulled all my senses.
Why am I then sad and...Read More
Categories: tactless, lost love, love,
Form: I do not know?
The Funky Train 2
  The nation is very rich indeed
 Wounded out of loss direction;
 Wounded out of lack of ambition,
 Weeping out of lack of impulse;
 Wounded out  of  lack  of imagination,
 Ingeniously exhumed out of the...Read More
Categories: tactless, urbanloss, cry, loss,
Form: Free verse
The Room, Mimi, and I
A small study lamb, 
a tea cup with sharpened lead pencils 
(number two),
 polished wooden panels:
walls dressed in masks
 (African vodun mugs).  

An old stone fireplace with
portrait of a colored girl 
dancing above stained hardwood mantel.

Mimi, with a mind...Read More
Categories: tactless, imagination
Form: Free verse
An Ethnographer's Note
When I write this moon on my eyes
Who will read?
In what language will you discover
Your surprise
At the boundary of words
Babel high between you and I?

My moon is my only representation
Of what I believe
The full value of my understanding
Of rising stars...Read More
Categories: tactless, historyme, me, moon,
Form: Free verse
How to Win That Man
perfectionism: the fragrance.
be an ideal vial
of toilet water.
discover little dainties 
in pock-marked
purge your persona 
with the devil’s 

flippancy: the fashion.
be a toothpick-skewered
be sampled
and rimmed about on gossip’s lips.
for the choicest brown

double-standard: the sexiness.
be a pretty ogre
pitchfork hordes
fashioned...Read More
Categories: tactless, angst, satire, social
Form: Free verse
The Great Big Yellow M
The Great Big Yellow “M” 
If all you want is a democratic certainty
to be as free as free in the USA
the coca cola fee of luxury
softly storms the country
with the troopers and the burgers
of cardboard mediocrity
side salads on the...Read More
Categories: tactless, foodyellow,
Form: Free verse

Sometime, Glory will come to me and say,

«I am sure you have waited for me a long time!

Meet me now, as though I am an important visitor.»

Glory will sprawl and lounge in my armchair

and will laugh self-satisfiedly.

Well, if that...Read More
Categories: tactless, funny, imagination, song-me, me,
Form: Lyric