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Tactically Poems

Tactically Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of tactically poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for tactically.

New Poems

The people 
thousand angels came from beneath 
they attacked our axis 
by unpleading our culture 
making our way back windy 
delivering a platform of invasion for others 
tactically they prove unknown to us 
leaving us to thrive on the undefined 
the route of confusion the made on our...Read More
Categories: tactically, abuse, africa, betrayal, freedom,
Form: Free verse

Withering Warning
clumsy coal complaining
smothered syllables scrunching
dripping damped draws
feigning fostered flaw
hoisted hood hankering
contracted callous smithereens

on fallible fate
was remonstration raised
taunted tactically trace

daedal diamond sermonizing;
"Dear, make sprees
stanced like fig

etch felon fear
then trade tiers."
19:12:02:11:02...Read More
Categories: tactically, allegory, life, literature,
Form: Sonnet
Reading Out Loud
Reading Out Loud...

Plus applying index finger as pointer guide
(take that Missus Wells),
who best not take objection, hence let snide
blackboard barbed comment dultifully slide
chalked up and emanating

from gentleman with pride
and prejudice toward third grade teacher,
whose archaic rubric, I no longer abide
when...Read More
Categories: tactically, 12th grade, 3rd grade, celebration, confidence, dedication,
Form: Free verse
The value of her name is fading,
Oh mother Ghana, mother of beauty and richness.
Every sector in her government is creating hopelessness.
A place attained from the sweat of passed souls within nationalism and confidence,
Today has appeared in darkness.
Showcasing old treasures with...Read More
Categories: tactically, africa, angst,
Form: Political Verse
A shinny light shone on the horizon
a lofty height further from the forensic
from the loins of wisdom...
wisdom from his loins..begetting mega-wisdom (s)

daddy,my buddy.
my "paddy" "caddy"
my confidence
the penchant...the fence

my adoration
my guard
man with seven lives,
mum in heaven smiles,

“his fertile...Read More
Categories: tactically, dad,
Form: ABC

Premium Member The Sentinels Stand Surreal
The Satanic Sentinels stand surreal
As the facultative feces break the coded seal
Thus you bow before the neglected night
With futile forgiveness and loss of light

Tactically trapped by the watchful wolves
Dancing in the darkness with hideous hooves
The skies seduced by a vulturous...Read More
Categories: tactically, cancer, conflict, horror,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Cosmic Keys of Consciousness
Open I say the mechanical molecular mind
As we stare from the celestial spheres and wonder
The non-physical now that is left behind
A timeless tapestry with tenacious thunder

The Keys that unlock the spatiotemporal still
Unveiling momentous multitudes of matter
Emphatically experiencing the fastidious free...Read More
Categories: tactically, analogy, destiny, inspiration, visionary,
Form: Sonnet
Athlete - Part 3
Final fifteen minutes of wait
All the fears are building up
But there's no pressure release valve
So you better hold it together, stay cool
Cooler than the sweat running down your spine
Looking at others and their poker faces
As if you all went to...Read More
Categories: tactically, character, confidence, heart, inspiration, sports, strength, success,
Form: Free verse
Special Action Force, “By Skills and Virtue, We Triumph”....
Hail to you heroes who fought until their last breath!
No fear to face the awaiting door of death.
As you defend and secure our Motherland especially the youth.

At the hour of battle field...Read More
Categories: tactically, bereavement, military, war,
Form: ABC
My Other Half
Like a mission you came tactically as if you're a hero,
You neutralized my heart intently without hesitation,
Just like a specialized cop you impressed me though,
And like a naive warrior I was fell with your actuation.

I never dare mesmerize you to...Read More
Categories: tactically, romance,
Form: ABC

General Election 2015
Scotland voted with a nationalist head,
England voted to keep the torries ahead,
3 Million people voted UKIP instead,
And I ask myself why?
Some voted tactically,
Whilst others voted practically,
Some followed history,
And some even spoiled the sheet!
Put your X in the box send your...Read More
Categories: tactically, political,
Form: Iambic Pentameter
Storm in a Teacup
Silence does a reconnaissance around the room 
betraying not my artillery of thoughts
that acknowledge the elephant in the room 
so starts the ceremony that seeks to save soldiers

body language begins to breakdown barriers 
as actions march in motion anticipating
the ritual...Read More
Categories: tactically, analogy, conflict, metaphor, symbolism, war, wisdom, words,
Form: Light Verse
Power to the People
"Power to the People" doesn't mean anything but realizing your inner ingredients are dignified and can be displayed through your physical

When one realizes their own innate potential

The impact of togetherness will become a desire & the want to lead from...Read More
Categories: tactically, inspirational, introspection,
Form: Lyric
whittlin' away
whittlin' away
- an essay

I went to buy a pocketknife
recently for a preteen I know,
a small boy with wide dreams
and spaces to live in that match

The usual hardware haunt was
quite limited in its selection,
so I went online to find the perfect...Read More
Categories: tactically, growing up, history, inspirational, introspection, visionary, care,
Form: Narrative
and you
you practically impossible
imposter of tactically tactful tactics…
you’re more than a coronal massive injection of detection
you are a right proper superbubble nova loving spectacle of self
you gave into a microscopically small bit of nanosecondly supported awareness
and you created an entire freakin’...Read More
Categories: tactically, travel, universe,
Form: Carpe Diem
Present Itself is Pleasant

What you feel as difficult times
Might indeed be a great period
Future about which you hoped
Might bring not hopeful result

You may try very desperately
To escape from the present
Thinking a rosy life ahead
But, it may turn an illusion

Degrade not present status
Derive out...Read More
Categories: tactically, inspirational, may,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Intrigue in the Post Office Queue
Happiness looks so natural upon you,
when your eloquent face beams forth
as you intricately attempt to converse
with everyone that surrounds you.
So many expressions tuning into your
wavelength, eyes, lips that surrender to
You’re every sound.
Oh! Yes retarded lady, how content you
look in your...Read More
Categories: tactically, inspirational,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member No Color or Relgion, Ever Stopped a Bullet from a Gun
I heard on the news
Another two are lost
That makes 206
Is there, a whatever the cost
We are there to assist
A country so reft
Inner fighting
To help the rest of the left
Guerrilla warfare
Tactically strong
Thousands of miles
Where we don't belong
The people...Read More
Categories: tactically, angst, brother, daughter, death, depression, family, father,
Form: Rhyme