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Voluntary and Involuntary Sportsmeet Contributions
This January, I was in the tenth grade,
when our Head informed
that we couldn't contribute to sports meet next year,
and we all did our best this year.

I volunteered for two,
signing up for badminton and long jump
then they asked me to have...Read More
Categories: table tennis, 10th grade, sports,
Form: Free verse


Table tennis
Isn’t the menace
Didn’t you mention?
Hearts full of toil
Bleeding tendencies of old
Rancid particles
Already hidden astronomical
What is my purpose?
How can I imagine
When I got my mindful
Wonders beyond fathom
Come let’s embrace the world
Volley the ball?

Written by James...Read More
Categories: table tennis, analogy, metaphor, words,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Unsportsmanlike Behavior
If you read the reviews
And review the reports,
You'll conclude I'm a dude
Who is no good at sports.
At badminton, lawn darts, or table tennis,
No record of my name's in that book by Guinness.

When I tried to play baseball
The coach was sarcastic.
I...Read More
Categories: table tennis, humor, sports,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member The Perfect Day
A hot cup of tea greeting me—
first thing in the morning, 
wife smiling unconditionally, xo!  
hot water on tap, tsh…
neighbour’s doggy popping in to play,
adding to the warmth,
a nice, steaming breakfast,
finishing the punch line of a poem—for a contest
colleagues...Read More
Categories: table tennis, funny,
Form: Free verse
Blood is Thicker Than Water
My childhood friend, my blood brother
We did a lot of fun things together
Playing carom, table tennis and skating
You were the dull school boy
My eyes were always pained 
To see you struggle through school
The painting on the wall of the little...Read More
Categories: table tennis, brother,
Form: Free verse

Rapido tennis - sports shorts contest
Why am I running round this table
Getting sweaty and looking a sight
Someone said it would enable
Me to lose some weight, I hope they’re right

A tiny bat an even smaller ball
Goes flying past my head
Didn’t even see it, ref makes a...Read More
Categories: table tennis, games,
Form: Rhyme
Ross Wilson
Ross holidayed as a kid once at Center Parcs, 
Where he first played the sport of table tennis, 
And he loved it so much ‘cos he was so good, 
That a member of staff remarked on his ability. 

He was...Read More
Categories: table tennis, sports, strength,
Form: Blank verse
David Wetherill
David started playing table tennis, 
At the age of ten in his local club, 
Where his dad worked as a coach,
And where his brother played him. 

He was born with a bone disorder, 
Rare Multiple Epiphyseal Dysplasia, 
And is a...Read More
Categories: table tennis, sports, strength,
Form: Blank verse
Aaron McKibbin
Aaron was born with club foot, 
But had corrective surgery cool, 
So played tennis until aged 14,
When he changed to table tennis. 

Very soon after, at the age of 16,
He tried out for ParalympicsGB, 
Even tho’ he didn't see himself,...Read More
Categories: table tennis, sports, strength,
Form: Blank verse
Paul Karabardak
Paul suffered a stroke at the young age of ten, 
He was born 3rd October 1985 in Swansea,
He had been a keen footballer, it was his den, 
So was introduced to table tennis for his tee. 

At the age of...Read More
Categories: table tennis, strength, summer,
Form: Quatrain
Sara Head
Sara played basketball in squad ParalympicsGB, 
At Euros, at Worlds and at Commonwealth Games, 
In Manchester and in Melbourne, and had TT victory, 
At the Paralympics in London with her team-mate. 

Her boyfriend introduced her to table tennis nifty, 
And...Read More
Categories: table tennis, sports, strength,
Form: Verse
Ashley Facey-Thompson
Ashley best describes himself as, 
Cheeky, funny and also happy as, 
He’s a student at South Bank Uni, 
Of sports coaching in London city. 

He is a very keen table tennis player, 
Started playing in primary, 7th year, 
And just...Read More
Categories: table tennis, sports, strength,
Form: Heroic Couplets
Kim Daybell
“Anything can be achieved if you set your mind to it.” 
Kim was born with the rare disease Poland’s syndrome, 
Which means that he has abnormal or missing muscles, 
On the left side of his chest wall, but surgery did...Read More
Categories: table tennis, sports, strength,
Form: Rhyme
Rob Davies
Rob played semi-professional rugby, 
From when he was 4 until the age of 21, 
When he got a serious spinal cord injury, 
Whilst playing that rough game spun. 

As part of his rehabilitation sessions, 
At Rookwood Hospital, exists in Cardiff,...Read More
Categories: table tennis, sports, strength,
Form: Rhyme
Paul Davies
Paul played table tennis as part of his rehab, 
So accepted an invitation to ‘Come and Try’, 
Which saw him selected for a German contest, 
To represent Wales ‘cos he’s from Cardiff fab.  

That was first bat, his accident...Read More
Categories: table tennis, sports, strength,
Form: Tail-rhyme
Jane Campbell
Jane began playing table tennis in the year 2000,
And shortly after that she participated in a course, 
Held at her work which started with goal-setting, 
So right there she decided on the Paralympics. 

The course leader opened them up and...Read More
Categories: table tennis, sports, strength, water,
Form: Blank verse
Will Bayley
Will won the table tennis at Rio, 
And celebrated this great victory, 
By instantly jumping on the table, 
With his arms stretched both sides. 

For this he got the yellow card, 
From a lines judge at the side, 
So he...Read More
Categories: table tennis, sports, strength, water,
Form: Blank verse
Jack Hunter-Spivey
Jack comes from Liverpool, lives in Sheffield,
And was born on the 11th of May in 1995,
So he only just missed out on the 2012 field,
He plays table tennis, ranked 7 in class 5. 

He attended a GB Development Camp 2006,
Where...Read More
Categories: table tennis, body,
Form: Quatrain

Something is wrong?
What, not sure yet ...
Tears roll....
Emotions flare,
As they keep changing.

Danger and Doom
Play ping pong
On my time table.

Waiting, watching to see
Who loses this game.
I do not want to, nor do I
"must have to know"
more about this heavy gloom.

Something...Read More
Categories: table tennis, deep, grief, sorrow,
Form: Dramatic Verse
                                    ball is always round...Read More
Categories: table tennis, introspection, philosophy, universe,
Form: Rhyme
I've Got Balls
I've got footballs.I've got basketballs.I've got baseballs.
And now, they're showing my balls on ESPN.
But the smallest balls I've ever seen? 
Were golf balls.
Ping Pong balls were even smaller.
Would you like to join me, for a game of table tennis? 
Because!...Read More
Categories: table tennis, basketball, humor,
Form: I do not know?
Stroke meditation 4 u
Stroke meditation left side
IN...Read More
Categories: table tennis, adventure,
Form: Ballad
Don's Dilemma
Don’s Dilemma
I had a mate who was 30 
who had come off a farm way out west,
 never been out with a woman.
He asked me what to do next?

We talked as we belted the ball,
as we played brutal table tennis.
I...Read More
Categories: table tennis, adventure
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Table Tennis Attraction
Most balls people pitch, roll, or fling.
They kick them or strike them with zing.
But for lazy old  me
I like tirelessly. . . 
to stand, flick my wrist and go “ping!”

For Joseph Soper's the Sports Shorts Poetry Contest...Read More
Categories: table tennis, sports,
Form: Limerick
Inside of a table tennis ball
I love playing table tennis, Glen and I arranged a match,
We decided to get some balls, so he ordered a batch.

I open a box and in it, one ball was a funny smoky blue, 
All the others were white, oh;...Read More
Categories: table tennis, fantasy, funnyme,
Form: Rhyme