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Syrian Poems

Syrian Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of syrian poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for syrian.

New Poems

Premium Member Baby Jesus
They had to run
hide in the brushes
of the Syrian country side
rains showered from above
no child should ever be hunted, abused
migrants on the run
they had no band
to champion a cause
rulers saw only weakness
unknowing the plans from the almighty
the comedy of tyrants...Read More
Categories: syrian, child, evil, humanity, perspective, usa,
Form: Blank verse

Meleager translations
If I am Syrian, what of it?
Stranger, we all dwell in one world, not its portals.
The same original Chaos gave birth to all mortals.
—Meleager translation by Michael R. Burch

Love, how can I call on you;
does Desire dwell with the dead?
Cupid,...Read More
Categories: syrian, desire, drink, feelings, for her, girl, girlfriend,
Form: Epigram
Premium Member A Syrian child is now the Lamb of God

Immigrants are very useful now
Roast a Turk  to  share with all your street
Eat a Greek and let the people squeak
A Viking flames the pudding with a bow

Try a German sausage  in the Court
Eat him with a knife...Read More
Categories: syrian, allah, allusion, anger, art, murder,
Form: Villanelle
Icon of Syrian Revolution
How fast life goes! How slow we feel! 
When someone dear leaves us for real.
How hard it gets! How tough the deal! 
If they're sublime and have ideals. 
They pay so much and beat ordeals.
Their names spread and shake regimes.
They...Read More
Categories: syrian, arabic, farewell, freedom, memorial, metaphor, motivation, symbolism,
Form: Ballad
The Refugees
those first two refugees 
driven from a gorgeous garden 
where bananas napped 
and grapefruit zapped taste buds 

where leafy limbs gave shelter 
and water was as sweet as wine 
no hunger sapped them 
no horror slapped them 

they looked back...Read More
Categories: syrian, death, garden, god, journey, sea,
Form: Free verse

Amusement park for world diplomacy
Suffering of Yemen children
Raping pleasures in the Congo
Syrian war of super powers games
Iranian games with nukes

...Read More
Categories: syrian, death, discrimination, irony, metaphor,
Form: Elegy
Premium Member Against sadness
Against  sadness:no-one here must weep
Nor lounge  about in melancholy deep
Was Van Gogh senseless to permit  his muse.
For  even masterpieces  ,was the price too steep?
We see the yellow chair  but not his views
Nor his...Read More
Categories: syrian, absence, allegory,
Form: Political Verse
digital Egypt ancient USA
bars and cages of flags ,colors ,creeds .
in Egypt they've been saying we want to make Egypt great again .
can't help but look at the irony gullible red and white and blue patriots and the slogan again on the rise...Read More
Categories: syrian, abuse, america, appreciation, cry, evil, heartbreak, humanity,
Form: ABC
Shifting Sands - A Syrian Prayer
I hope i have a pleasant death
somewhere in the wilderness, perhaps
clinging to a shriveled Apple, struggling
 to grow in the blazing sun, in a dusty
field on this warming, drying planet, or
maybe crushed beneath  a crumbling mosque
during prayers to heaven's...Read More
Categories: syrian, arabic, forgiveness, prayer, sad, society,
Form: Pastoral
I'd LOVE an answer from You - Jesus did walk here
If every one of us, with a relationship burning
In heart and mind for Jesus, have been evangelizing
Why's Maoist China dominating The Globe despite Columbus ...

Why is it that the Temple Mount is out of Israel's hands
Arabs are all over the...Read More
Categories: syrian, allegory, allusion, america, angst, anniversary, atheist, christian,
Form: Didactic

Premium Member Resistance On The Iberian Peninsula
Resistance On The Iberian Peninsula

“Liberté, égalité, fraternité (Liberty, Equality, Fraternity),” 
Scream French revolutionists as they guillotine monarchists heads,
Then crown Napoleon Bonaparte Emperor of France,
Who commands the French forces in wars raged across Europe.

The Grande Armée has defeated the ‘Fourth Coalition:’
And...Read More
Categories: syrian, education, freedom, history, irony, patriotic, war,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Picture This
Picture this.
Exploding pipe bombs.
Land fields that can take your arms off.
Driving off road, and frenzied, with excitement 
Adrenaline RAGING.
Oh, yes, Syrian Teenagers,
It is “Let’s See If We Are Really Alive” day.
Okay, we’ll let in some Africans too, but
Only if they...Read More
Categories: syrian, malayalam, moving on, patriotic, perspective, political, presidents
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Weeping Webbed World: Apropos of a Syrian Nightmare

Weeping Webbed World
(Apropos of a Syrian Nightmare) 

Affronts to humanity streak the skies
Like once perched war eagles
Soaring over communities of prey
Where the lingering smell of death
Is as normal as the scent flowers once had.

A grieving webbed world in abject apathy
Awaits...Read More
Categories: syrian, children, death, grief, imagery, metaphor, war, world,
Form: Prose Poetry
Oh Syria

Innocent teary eyes
grief stricken face
you look everywhere with fear
and with feelings of helpless pain!

when you should be playing with 
dolls and dancing in the rain!
neither do you like to wear 
new dresses, 
nor sing, laugh, and play with the
toy train!

Oh...Read More
Categories: syrian, cry, girl, heartbroken, humanity, my child, sorrow,
Form: Elegy
Premium Member Gods and Monsters
"Gods and Monsters"

Ying Yang
Black White
Dark Light
One God meets another 
in the middle of the 
night, are they at odds with one another?
Or just shuffling Decks of cards,
playing with each other 
for the same stakes
they're the Jokers holding the 
same rites...Read More
Categories: syrian, allah, faith, forgiveness, god, judgement, religion, truth,
Form: Free verse

see how  frozen rice  brings gaiety,
from the weight of a half-starved life
children's palms etch the color of terrorism;

already the villainous hours smell of puss,
ripe lesions , and unbearable heat :
finger-bones snapping from gun-barrels
like the echo of death screams,
...Read More
Categories: syrian, children, hero,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Me and my Olive Tree
I’m Syrian, from the Middle East, 
Where olives make so big a feast.
And olive oil goes with every meal, 
And black dried olives conceal, 
A great taste a few can feel!
Olive trees we know are very old,
Older than all that...Read More
Categories: syrian, allegory, beauty, environment, fate, green, inspiration, nostalgia,
Form: Verse
Setting a place apart
The shaded lane leads to the estuary
and mud banks sculpted by the constant sea,
expose their drying backs beneath the sun
before once more in ebb and flow are gone.
Over a sty a path leads from the lane
to skirt a manor...Read More
Categories: syrian, destiny, discrimination, eulogy, history, pride,
Form: Rhyme
Rick Folker

As the Lord lives, it must be the Lord himself who will strike him, whether the time comes for him to die, or he goes out and perishes in battle. But the Lord forbid that I touch his anointed.
1...Read More
Categories: syrian, murder, violence,
Form: Narrative
An Englishman 
A Scotsman 
And an Irishman 
Go into a Bar


Nice to see them getting along and having a drink

A Jew
And a Muslim
And a Catholic 
Go into a Café 


Nice to see them eating together 

An American 
And a Mexican
Meet...Read More
Categories: syrian, political,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Additional advice to those would be King from the THIRUK-KURAL with Commentary
Additional free advice to those* who would be King from the THIRUK-KURAL with Commentary
[*like presidents, prime ministers, dictators of declining (falling or fallen) nations or even empires]

K442: urranOy niikki uraa amai munkaakkum
        ...Read More
Categories: syrian, bullying, immigration, prison, religion, sympathy, tamil, violence,
Form: Epigram
Premium Member Syrian Dreams of the Arab Spring
A pockmarked plane atop the wooden box
tilts as it dips in the Syrian void,
its hollow compartment lining the faults like
a silver ball which never rests but always 
rolls, always weary those worrisome holes
that chisel the quarry to calcified clumps.
Six years...Read More
Categories: syrian, war,
Form: Free verse
Written by: D. Collins 4/19/17

I sit back and hear experts speak of America’s might.
Yet, none have seen a foxhole in a serious fight.
They haven’t a problem in offering up our sons.
No one has ever survived in fighting multiple fronts.

If North...Read More
Categories: syrian, political,
Form: Sonnet
Day by Day
Day by day
The world comes closer to war,
Putin, Trump, Kim Jong-un,
are you all attempting to assert,

Your male dominance,
To prove that, 
You can't be pushed around,
yet what does it matter,

nobody wins from war,
You are the Fathers,
of your country,
your people are your...Read More
Categories: syrian, peace, philosophy, planet, political,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Syria Reconstructed
It is in our fragile, nearly broken, exposure
that we are most available for love
and remedial gratitude,
rather than the louder applause
of our full-blown ballistic glory.

While exercising restrained patience breeds tolerance,
giving pregnant reign to co-empathy compels timeless flow
of organic eternity.

Empathy grows fragile...Read More
Categories: syrian, deep, earth day, health, love, mother, power,
Form: Political Verse