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Swarming Poems

Swarming Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of swarming poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for swarming.

New Poems

Kaleidoscopic Snapshot

On journey’s penultimate mile
at the edge of future pasture dark
in twilight hour sunset swansong resonates
for the forlorn tree of the being silhouetted
against the blazing skyline of transience
the last flicker of the fading dusk. 

Twirling turmoil entwined seamless
with the cleaved clouds...Read More
Categories: swarming, angst, hope, life, storm,
Form: Free verse


La Drang valley 65 
with air support we stay alive 
The VC out number 5  to 1 
The Lz X ray over run 
the stench of death hangs in the air 
Fallen soldiers everywhere
Bullets crack and shatter bones 
Piecing...Read More
Categories: swarming, break up, confusion, crazy, dark, devotion, emotions,
Form: Free verse
Last hopes which lay

Flashing lightening and huge thunders,
And marching rain through blackening nights,
Sitting on top of shaking chair
With hopes of passing time under darkening nightmare;

Silent act of lightening candle
And sticking to the lonliness at stay
And wondering at the luminating shadows
Of...Read More
Categories: swarming, day, death, deep, destiny, life, loss, philosophy,
Form: Light Verse
Coronavirus microbe COVID 19
Coronavirus microbe (COVID-19)

(alternately titled: yours truly doth mutter
asthma bowled dug gutter 
pin yon hated chap strikingly and gently weeps, 
whereby melts milquetoast like butter.)

Aye reckon eyes aforementioned 
entitled microscopic organism
doth strain credulity threatening 
Homo sapiens left agog
stupefied, whereby mortality 
of...Read More
Categories: swarming, 11th grade, 12th grade, beautiful, husband, leadership,
Form: Free verse
25 - Bee-Real

As I flew up, into the air, 
I looked back one last time at the hive.
All the bees were standing there.
Some were happy and proud to see me go; some were still crying.
As they held handkerchiefs up against their noses,
I...Read More
Categories: swarming, flying, friendship, imagery, insect, journey, joy, memory,
Form: I do not know?

Premium Member Swarming Into Her Own
Swarming into her own 
She listened deeply
Ideas rendered her brilliant
I am back! She shouted
And she was
Until the next time….
...Read More
Categories: swarming, feelings,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Casualness Of Casualties

In the intimate interlace of chance and fate, in the ultimate interplay of time and place, and with the consummate checkmate of my human dignity, all that is -- is over, in the stormy, swarming space of mere moments.

turbulence rises
as...Read More
Categories: swarming, death, evil, family, fate, life, love, violence,
Form: Haibun
Killah Beez
Close your eyes
For the sands will soon consume us
On a beach Barren

Accompanied solely by
The waves Kissing the sand
Of an infinite Plutonian Shore

Together we Solipsize the world
For all else is nothing
Simply Nevermore

The Jazz dances in the breeze
Through the ear canal
Past the...Read More
Categories: swarming, i love you, i miss you, love,
Form: Free verse
Indite- compose and to write

I oped my eye's
 lights brighter than bright
 blinding my oped eyes
 inside butterflies are swarming,

Quietly I re verse six
 thought of poetical Sonnets 
 as lovely as they came to be 
 for they became...Read More
Categories: swarming, character, courage, creation, encouraging, inspiration, success, uplifting,
Form: I do not know?
A never ending cycle of pain, Broken hearts, and blurry thoughts Choking on words, Dreading the butterflies that appear when you see him Embarrassed by the fact that everyone, including him knows you like him Frazzled by how strong your...Read More
Categories: swarming, cry, deep, heartbroken, jealousy,
Form: ABC

Who knew shredded paper
Who knew shredded paper...
alias confetti could be so much fun?

The misses took play therapy (hive
urgently got to tell thee)
to whole nother level,
she smartly, expertly,
deftly... didst contrive
at my expense - (to late),

when paramedics did arrive
abusive deadly torture,
I did not survive,
when she...Read More
Categories: swarming, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, body,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member buyer of the beliefs
I’m wandering on the earth
Paths after paths
No end of the paths there are
Stoppage out of the dictionary of earthly paths
Day enters into the night, night discovers day
Kinematograph feels tired for continuity of time
My wandering with the white cloud
Under...Read More
Categories: swarming, business, cool, faith, hate, humanity, religion, war,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member ebony reflections
ebony reflections shadow October’s great finale-
the eventide dusk sky is filled with
thick and obscure grey
(swaddled in depth)

the moon is half aglow tonight;
shaded by an aria of somber clouds
swarming it with intensity;
black bats envelope the sky like
a midnight silhouette,
for all that...Read More
Categories: swarming, halloween, moon,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Dreamscape
A deep pit, a crumbling edge,
at the bottom, a pool swarming with sauropods.
There is someone, a boy.
I shouldn't have taken the child here.
I'm slipping, taking him with me;
he won't let go of my hand.
We are sliding on the scree.
A gun...Read More
Categories: swarming, poetry,
Form: Blank verse
Summer's Sting
There's a sultry drone among fragrance and colour;
pollen of sunshine sifting down,
humming light amber and liquid as honey.
Sweetness is entrapment. I'm snared
in the sticky nectar of a June afternoon,
petrified like amber.

Throughout he keeps calling me honey.
Words become stings, penetrating
the hive...Read More
Categories: swarming, abuse, summer,
Form: Free verse


All alone, with nothing to think of.
But thoughts warning of
bad things, to come.
Things, you dont want to entertain.
Things you really don't want to play the game.

Visions, swarming all too conveniently.
Them, knowing, all too well about...Read More
Categories: swarming, absence, angst, anxiety, conflict, dark, evil, fear,
Form: Rhyme
One More Thing

"One More Thing"

This morning
Clouds forming
Soon to be storming

Most ignoring
The warning
Continually warring

Waters forking
Rapids roaring
Avians soaring
As events continue coursing

Heard enough recordings
That were reporting
About global warming

Whether it's sunny or pouring
Cold or scorching
Dogs and cats arrive for boarding
In a building with tile flooring

Bottles uncorking
This...Read More
Categories: swarming, deep, fun, heart, poetry, rap, word play,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Peak Experiences
Back in late pre-millennial times
of lava lamps
and Rolling Stones,
many searched for peak experiences,
in response to valley depressences
rather than panoramic,
even revolutionary,
resonant and resilient impressions.

Peak experiences were,
and still are,
I am told by those who've had them,
or possibly dyadic climaxes,
but probably not orgiastic,
which...Read More
Categories: swarming, depression, health, history, humanity, humor, integrity, peace,
Form: Political Verse

Father, mother, and little daughter – all of 
swathy skin. They lived in a box-shaped wagon 
the exterior decorated like a colorful 
jewelry box drawn by an old black horse. 

The mother’s smile released a glint from 
a gold tooth...Read More
Categories: swarming, growing up,
Form: Light Verse
It’s not just bricks and mortar
Nor a distant memory 
But the ground roots of our livelihood
And our future destiny. 

As this place prepares to close 
When the final bell will sound 
To mark the end of education  
 On...Read More
Categories: swarming, childhood, education, leaving, middle school,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Where Man Walks Blindly And Heart Begs Relief
Where Man Walks Blindly And Heart Begs Relief

In the gnashing of teeth rests 
a curse hurled at infinity
with its smug cannons of false piety
and impudent airs of erosion.
Where that mystical Chalice of Hope
walks upon its three broken legs
seven poison arrows...Read More
Categories: swarming, art, blue, creation, deep, imagery, memory, visionary,
Form: Free verse
do you remember the night
you called me lavender?
laying in my bed
with the curtains drawn tight.
you said for a second
all around me was purple
and my eyes looked right in that shade.
there was a night where
you said that you loved me
for...Read More
Categories: swarming, heartbroken, lost love, love hurts, miss you,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Must Keep The Old Bod Moving

Started walking again at the mall each morning
Must keep the old body moving or it'll stop performing
Even simple functions
Like eating muffins
Or warding off girlies from constantly swarming

...Read More
Categories: swarming, feelings,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Turtle Babies
Laying eggs
Deep in the sand;
Little ones arrive
Swarming the beach
They will grow,
...Read More
Categories: swarming, animal, earth, environment, image, imagery, nature, pets,
Form: Ninette
Premium Member Turtle Babies
Laying eggs
Deep in the sand;
Little ones arrive
Swarming the beach
They will grow,
...Read More
Categories: swarming, animal, appreciation, birth, image, imagery, life, pets,
Form: Ninette