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Survey Poems

Survey Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of survey poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for survey.

New Poems

Slivers of Light
A thousand yellow and orange slivers of light vibrate.
Their heat permeates.
Slowly they glide into pairs and groups, singing as one. 
Alas, this solitary yellow light remains.

The others have no use for it. 
The loathe it for it is an abomination....Read More
Categories: survey, angst, horror, morning, prayer, sad, solitude, sorrow,
Form: Free verse

I have deleted the 2 poems I posted earlier today, and instead I offer what will be my final write.  I have read the comments on T.J's blog, written in defense of all poets who have been mistreated by...Read More
Categories: survey, moving on,
Form: Elegy

If I perchance could have my time again
And, knowing what I know, could alter course.
To veer left when the signpost right said “pain”
And shun those paths which only brought remorse.
If riches could be mine beyond my dreams
And...Read More
Categories: survey, love,
Form: Sonnet
Muse #1 - Louis Carrol wrote - Alice, "How long is forever" Rabbit, "Sometimes just one second".

Muse #2 - The house with a thousand rooms


The house with a thousand rooms, reflecting
doors, and by...Read More
Categories: survey, animal, fantasy,
Form: Verse
Down the rabbit hole
I wake up every morning
Smile cemented to my face
Yet as always it evaporates
When I realize I am awake

Then I take my pills and brush my teeth
Applying cleanser to my face
Glancing in the mirror
Seeing nothing but vacant space

Eyes perpetually tired from...Read More
Categories: survey, lost love, love, love hurts,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Stuck In A Christmas Snow Globe
The lines of the glass blur,
the scenery blends 
except for that
semi-translucent  curvature.
What lay between me
and my living room,
clear yet an acrylic
boundary to freedom;
as I survey
my post nap situation,
with mortal eyes
I realize...
I’m stuck in a snow globe.
My snow globe,
with the...Read More
Categories: survey, christmas, fun, holiday, poems, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Brussels Sprouts

Most unpopular vegetable is Brussels Sprouts
Have taken a survey and I find there's no doubt
Now don't take a fit
For unpopularity they're it
Well, strangely I love 'em more than sauerkraut

...Read More
Categories: survey, food,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member OBSERVATIONS on the bridge
Hart Crane tribute

forsake our eyes
  in a lovers cry
    shadows sweep decends
   doubtful day:
a lie revealed
    now proved
first seen
in its fall
   on a cloud
    beyond desire

a...Read More
Categories: survey, literature, people,
Form: Ekphrasis
Premium Member Star-Studded Show

21st October 2019
Toutogram poems poetry contest
Sponsored by Eve Roper
...Read More
Categories: survey, space, star, stars, universe,
Form: Alliteration
Premium Member Silent Flight
 An owl takes off in silent flight
 Listening for its prey's slightest move
 For creatures which forage at night
 Survival is a skill they must constantly prove
 A heart shaped face belies its guile
 Its head can swivel...Read More
Categories: survey, bird,
Form: Rhyme

Dump Trump a lump n prowl lot terror re hot
Dump Trump – a lump n prowl lot terror re: hot

The tattered glory of America, now heats up
with agitation poised to strike on brink
arty choked Jerusalem legislation incites humiliation,
which goads desecration fete accompli chink
in armor of Democratic rubric, constituting capitalistic
ethic,...Read More
Categories: survey, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, betrayal,
Form: Political Verse

At evening when the sun dried the boards
And the wind dropped to a lulling sway
We sat like lords
Of all we survey

Listening to the fiddle of the cook
And all the while giving a furtive look
Toward the captain's door
And his...Read More
Categories: survey, sea,
Form: Ballad
Ono no Komachi translations
As I slept in isolation
my desired beloved appeared to me; 
therefore, dreams have become my reality
and consolation. 
—Ono no Komachi, translation by Michael R. Burch

Submit to you —
is that what you advise? 
The way the ripples do
whenever ill winds arise?...Read More
Categories: survey, life,
Form: Tanka
Purpose has a purpose
Does amounts to something
Some things has this way
I'm making this around me
These dismal surroundings

Coveted having its way
For in instance I  survey 
Reason has reasons
I'm making this observation
These days most surrounded

By these dismal surroundings...

James Edward Lee Sr...Read More
Categories: survey, adventure, allegory, assonance,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Loudly Play

How come our neighbor two doors away
Assumes we like his music, did he take a survey
An assault on my ears
It brings me to tears
Must be a law stating “you must not loudly play” 

...Read More
Categories: survey, music,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Heart-Warming

My eldest and youngest sons surprised me today
Unprovoked, both sons made an unexpected survey
In unison, they agreed
Their Christmas' did exceed 
Their wildest dreams, heart-warming to hear to this day

...Read More
Categories: survey, celebration,
Form: Limerick
Silver Birch
Tall, slender, supermodel tree,
elegant trunk dappled silvery milk.
Waif-like leaves dance in the breeze, 
flirt and flutter,  a skirt of silk. 

Arms reach skyward, lean and long,
slim limbs  covering sylph-like form.
Sinewy shoulders,  but still strong,
stoop and sway in...Read More
Categories: survey, nature, tree,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Winter
I awoke to find 
that Jack Frost had paid a visit 
to my bedroom windows
for the very first time 
this Winter.

If only I had seen him at work
I would have thanked him
for decorating 
my otherwise plain view
to the outside world.

How...Read More
Categories: survey, introspection, metaphor, nature, seasons, snow, winter, wisdom,
Form: Free verse
Questions I should Ask

Could I find in the Holy Word,
“I came, I saw, I conquered.”

Did Pompe In Julius Caesar’s time,
Chanted those very words?

Had those repairing led me to 
View an intriguing design I altered

Was I then given a “Temple” Tour,
And Like Nebuchadnezzar RETURNED?

Did...Read More
Categories: survey, bullying, corruption, jealousy,
Form: Monoku
A Special Appearance
It emerged in my 20's
In the morning of spring
The sweet voice
The clarity in her eyes
Here, at this juncture in my life
Earth was established for me.

I really don't know why
Even how it emerged
But fortunately it emerged and developed
It developed to the...Read More
Categories: survey, love,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Face Reality - Yes But

What is this world we see with eyes full closed?
As ‘real’, unless we mean by others shared
‘Untrue’, you say; ‘with my hand, cannot be disposed’
Yet my own ceiling clear, each detail bared

Patterned like the complex edge...Read More
Categories: survey, life,
Form: Sonnet
Pillow Calls
"As night falls,
And your pillow calls

Take a survey,
Of your day

Keep the best,
Throw out the rest

Keeping those memories,
For posterity 

To recall at a later date,
When you need a bit of faith

To retrieve a happy moment,
To overcome a torment

For happiness has a...Read More
Categories: survey, confidence, happy, night,
Form: Rhyme
Beat of the Aerobat
Into the buoyant blue of a summer sky
I throw my fortune and my hopes.
With wings and wonder I survey
the world above and need some time
up there before descending back to earth.

Advancing throttle up I climb, rocket
like and plumb, to check...Read More
Categories: survey, art, courage, fear, flying, summer,
Form: Free verse
Bronwyn's Mate, Part II
To Hellie's credit, she had rightly judged...
for, all told- the young man was quite shady
so from her guard-post she would not be budged
for she was most loyal to her lady

And when he cooed and whined to survey
Bronwyn's hide-out with treasures...Read More
Categories: survey, animal, dog, fantasy, funny, humor, humorous, woman,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Life is a Canoe Ride For Those Born in America
Life is a Canoe Ride
For Those Born in America
Written: by Tom Wright

We’re situated equal, in life’s canoe, to start the game,
Some will choose to drift, reluctant to work for acclaim.

Many are judicious, shirkers use excuses or place blame,
They survey others,...Read More
Categories: survey, life, work,
Form: Couplet