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Superstitious Poems

Superstitious Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of superstitious poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for superstitious.

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Premium Member When Sunday is the First Day
When Sunday is the First Day
By Franklin price

When Sunday is the first 
Of a month that comes our way
Then Friday is the thirteenth
And that day is today

If you are superstitious
Then bad luck may abound
Wash your hands all that you can
Coronavirus...Read More
Categories: superstitious, care, health, sick,
Form: Rhyme

My Friend Edwin
                                       ...Read More
Categories: superstitious, adventure, america, friendship, sports,
Form: Verse
Confessions of a Shadow
I am an earthly phenomenon
as common as light itself.
And whereas all other things
exist as sone kind of substance,
as a shadow, I am unique in that
I exist with none of my own;
rather I am dependent on two
essentials – light and the...Read More
Categories: superstitious, dark, humor,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Superstitious Uncle Ed
Uncle Ed came to live with us when he was in his seventies
He felt old, weird, and he had white hair on his face
It sprouted out of his nose

He was our distant uncle, a blue baby who should not have...Read More
Categories: superstitious, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Narrative
In the cemetery walks the wind;
Trees move seems like out of the way;
As the sun escorts it's whelm;
Funny little birds running out cross grasses play;

walks cemetery winds...

Tenderly the gravestones sit;
Those marble stones tandem large;
Up upon the rays of sun hit;
Hard...Read More
Categories: superstitious, analogy, bereavement, death, endurance, environment, feelings,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member The Mask of Fate
The Mask of Fate
(This poem deals with the Corona Virus. 
It is very intense.)

My kid's school called.  
The college. 
They said that there had been...
a national concern; regarding the Sun. 
That was not it. 
The man said "Corona"....Read More
Categories: superstitious, abortion, anxiety, death, death of a friend,
Form: Narrative
A song
People stare at me like they've seen a ghost
My eyes quiver,my lips curve 
As I wash away my pains with a song
God is sublime and He makes me superstitious
Parking my bag in my closet
I hum a tinie winie byte in...Read More
Categories: superstitious, absence, abuse, adventure, allah, america, anxiety, books,
Form: Lyric
free Verse
Ernilando L. Tugaff

I gave you a handkerchief
As a token of  friendship
Without hesitation you accepted it 
Not to wipe your tears of sadness.

It is  been said
If you accept  that kind of gift
She/He will make you cry
And make...Read More
Categories: superstitious, beautiful, friendship, integrity, love, sad, world,
Form: Free verse

I've been struggling
Doing things that are puzzling
It's rather troubling
How much liquor I've been guzzling

I admit

I'm not proud at all
I got a problem with alcohol
It'll be my downfall

If I don't fix it
Instead of always getting twisted
On my end, there's been a...Read More
Categories: superstitious, dark, poetry, rap, spiritual, truth, word play,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Ghoulish Monster's Night
Walking in the dark ghostly night
During the black stillness of twilight
Into the forest of superstitious fear
Burning eyes through you do sear 

A fuliginous mist hung in the air
Obscured things that werent there
Atmosphere held a sinister feel
Fueling fears how will you...Read More
Categories: superstitious, halloween,
Form: Rhyme


Sensing the atmosphere for omens.
Signs of impending, cusp and verge.
I ping and curl, scrape to drudge up-
internal program and hit send 
and hope for good vibes return "not the end."

I have become a lightless diode.
A buzzing lamppost in the neighborhood
of...Read More
Categories: superstitious, angst, anxiety,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Walk Home
A walk home 
...And there he lie in fetid squalor,
Upon the chaise in vacant parlour...

“What befell this young man?” a query.
A sorrowful tale - tis quite dreary. 
Tricks! The superstitious mind doth play. 
Bested - a quite unfortunate way. 
Let...Read More
Categories: superstitious, dark, death, evil, fear, horror, imagination, night,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member By Gum
I come from a land barren, rugged and spacious,
Of little rain,
Its population pugnacious,
Superstitious and vain,
Devoid of refinement, and reckoned insane.

Writing Challenge 3
Dear Heart...Read More
Categories: superstitious, character, environment, identity,
Form: Quintain (English)
Premium Member T H I R T E E N
Thirteen  - a number that delights and excites those nearing 
A birthday that includes it.

Thirteen – a superstitious black cat with a witchy feel to it.
Especially if you’re born in October.

Thirteen – three extra digits if you try to...Read More
Categories: superstitious, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 7th
Form: Free verse
Premium Member To Be 2D

In the world of two dimensions
There is discord and dissension 
About what exists beyond 
The known space of which they’re fond

Some claim that’s it - just what they see
What else could there possibly be
Imagine more and you’re a dreamer
Or...Read More
Categories: superstitious, satire, space,
Form: Rhyme
Hear the Ghost Train Whistle
All night I travel, in a dream…
asleep since midnight - plus sixteen.
A ghost train’s whistle, softly drawn
through orange-black at cusp of dawn.
The phantom locomotive chugs
with each and every stroke,
then crests the hill, going faster still,
churning out black ash and smoke.
From...Read More
Categories: superstitious, dark, dream, gothic, moon, mystery,
Form: Rhyme
Adieu To Mild Winter 2019
This last day of February two thousand nineteen
Southeastern Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
unlikely to be inundated with heavy snowy scene
methinks buds will burst early issuing royal green
carpeting landscape, sans expert architects queen

"Mother Nature" commences to baptize spilling
purity, sans cerulean bajillion year celestial...Read More
Categories: superstitious, 12th grade, beauty, earth, environment, february, god,
Form: Pastoral
when we doubt
 we doubt each other
when we hurt
 we hurt each other
when we talk
  we talk behind each other
when we go to war
 when we kill each other
when we fk
 we fk ourselves before the other
when we love
...Read More
Categories: superstitious, break up, culture, deep, nature, rights, social,
Form: ABC
when we doubt
 we doubt each other
when we hurt
 we hurt each other
when we talk
  we talk behind each other
when we go to war
 when we kill each other
when we fk
 we fk ourselves before the other
when we love
...Read More
Categories: superstitious, break up, culture, deep, nature, rights, social,
Form: ABC
If I had a secret life I would fly above the deep blue sea
For me a wandering Albatross a bird that I would yearn to be
Soaring, gliding, elegantly and even sleeping whilst I fly
Crossing continents, flying high, symbol of luck...Read More
Categories: superstitious, bird, flying, horse, sea, tribute,
Form: Rhyme
In Honor Of Her Brother, Part I
Miriam Colrick and her husband Brad,
tired of dank cities, crumbling and bad,
moved to New Hampshire, bought themselves a farm,
a place they could raise children without harm.

Fifty-six acres, half-forest, half-field,
space to stretch out, live a life that was real,
the only downside...Read More
Categories: superstitious, conflict, dark, farm, fear, grief, loss, mother
Form: Narrative
It struts peacock-like when the rains have gone,
but visible from only the one side,
to folk who from behind sun shines upon,
those facing its bright rays will be denied.
Get closer, as the superstitious do,
and hopes arise with each step they draw...Read More
Categories: superstitious, rainbow, relationship,
Form: Sonnet
The Trinity Of Existence For Spiritualists

Life is the embodiment of the unique existence,
the construct of universal elements nature chose
to manifest distinctively with the divine essence
in the unparallel trinity of body, mind and soul.

Beneath the surface of perceptive mortal senses
the mind builds all the dreams it...Read More
Categories: superstitious, god, inspirational, life, nature, spiritual,
Form: Free verse
I believe in the Holy Ghost
He’s the Deity’s third Person
Illumining with truth’s utmost
Teaching me thru divine reason.

Midst varied thinkers’ influence
I believe in the Holy Ghost
God’s Spirit of light’s prevalence
Who leads me against evil’s post.

When doubts, fears, woes, angst have me...Read More
Categories: superstitious, character, christian, faith, god, mystery, spiritual, trust,
Form: Quatern
Walk Away
They say your color defines you,
that it is your identity,
that pigment must determine what
it is that you choose to believe.
You are no individual,
just lumped in arbitrary groups,
if you don’t buy what they’re selling
then the bastards come after you.
You’re an Uncle...Read More
Categories: superstitious, culture, freedom, growth, how i feel, political,
Form: Rhyme