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Sundering Poems

Sundering Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of sundering poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for sundering.

New Poems

I hate robocalls
I turn off damn ringer,
telephone still buzzes
twenty four seven
eight days a week
automated telephone calls

digitally recorded message
perfectly spoken English
differentiation to distinguish
"FAKE" simulation
all bot impossible
totally immune to escape

gagging hospitable invective
electronic jawboning immunized
against antipathy, cruelty, enemy,
hostility, insecurity, pleasantry
Yukon run to tallest mountain
dive into...Read More
Categories: sundering, 10th grade, 11th grade, betrayal, discrimination, humorous,
Form: Free verse

Mein Kampf Self Imprisoned Gulag
Mein Kampf...Self Imprisoned Gulag

Onset of conception wrought significant
destructive quantum sized genetic quark
invisible, fissile, and congenital skull,
sans crossbones deathmark

scythe kill logical metastatic
psychic path head shrinking Reichsmark
financial reparation taxed this human bark
at peril of ark

covenant fomenting incruent
lacerating psychological ordeal
triggering mythological hound fierce...Read More
Categories: sundering, 7th grade, anxiety, creation, death, health, howl,
Form: Bio
Groundswell Of Emotional Blessedness
(thank you All Poetry, Facebook, family
Poetry Soup,... et cetera global friends.)

A network of cherished kinships allied
forged, and linkedin analogous
to union of groom and bride
thru electronic bonds engender intrigue,
nonetheless unconditionally accept,
no matter I chide
self, and reference mine existence
as if...this mortal already...Read More
Categories: sundering, appreciation, blessing, desire, flower, inspiration, inspirational love,
Form: Ballad
Self Empowerment Of This Shemevdik
Self Empowerment Of This Shemevdik...

January thirteenth two thousand
and nineteen will complete
mine third score orbitz round the sun,
(I can hardly believe that either)
who as a youth evinced

demure and effete
traits, and now weathered, Ongepatshket,
and plenty seasoned,
I feel ready to greet
a garrulous, humorous,...Read More
Categories: sundering, age, appreciation, atheist, august, death, identity, judgement,
Form: Bio
You are the windows of the soul
of stories unrevealed, untold
of whispers unheard, unspoken
of feelings buried, long been hidden

where cunning madness reflects from within
where past is freed from deafening pain
where love rises resiliently and recklessly
where anger shows - sharp and deadly

which...Read More
Categories: sundering, deep, nostalgia, solitude,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member An Incomplete Love Story
                    An Incomplete Love Story  
              ...Read More
Categories: sundering, destiny, lost love, love,
Form: Rhyme
Butcher all that you can lose
I live to exploit your failures and weakness
I can see the fear in your eyes
Carving death around your life
Like a nail slammed into the joints of your bones
A dreadful storm blowing doom
The wreckage on an...Read More
Categories: sundering, dark, fantasy,
Form: Free verse
Moth or flame part two
Undisciplined youth
The most vulnerable as they came
Hold on tight, now ive wondered
Back to memory lane
Why not, while i try to understand 
why Destiny is so very strange
  (Years 1-10)
Started when i learned i was born from shame
Parents cared enough,...Read More
Categories: sundering, adventure,
Form: Bio
Awake, to be awakened
Cicadas squeak in unutterable frequency
out in the wilderness. There is one pallor
face overlapping with the foliage. Tousled
hair and sloppy shoulders--she frees her
girdle. It kisses the cigar in her hand.

Willows weeping, washing her image
away. Her silhouette slips through anything
that forgets to...Read More
Categories: sundering, confusion, death, gothic, scary,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Eventuate
Paradigm unto eternity..' Yet knowing-less before the sundering decision, motive; persuasions... 

Reaches of thought..' every entity included, persons worthy all..' I beseech while able, much  to 

Become true; is in existence, 'tense present'  A relief of sorts is,...Read More
Categories: sundering, allegory,
Form: Free verse

O Betrayal
Oh betrayal!
You carry the stink of death.
Death to all the love
Sundering God's will above.
The seed of distrust
Worms its way
Into the heart.
While the one we love
The one we trust
Replaces us
In his heart.

Oh betrayal!
You carry the stink of rot.
Rot to all we...Read More
Categories: sundering, betrayal,
Form: Prose Poetry
I've been so lonely since he went
In my life it's left a rent
We'd been together many years
I've seen his laughter and his tears

I don't suppose I'll ever know
why one day he had to go
I'm still here both day and night
doing...Read More
Categories: sundering, absence, allusion, betrayal, break up,
Form: Verse
Headed Home
    There is a mist 
on the waters 
    As the ocean laps 
against the shore we 
     realize it is time 
for our journey to begin
   The...Read More
Categories: sundering, fantasy, goodbye, home,
Form: Ballad
Prized Paradise
Word from dream, the act of becoming, then woman
From Eve to Anat, the rib dribbled on the sand
Love and worship from dust of conviction life's promise claimed
And we from altar to grave turned, wounded and maimed
What is left but the...Read More
Categories: sundering, nostalgia, passion, god, women, metaphor, longing, eve,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Seeking New Mobility
As setting sun trails off behind a peak,
I lie in utter lone tranquility
here tethered to my earthly home.  I seek
a sundering. . .  A new mobility.

I focus on the hidden, inner me,
forgetting awkward limbs and hands and toes.
My...Read More
Categories: sundering, funny,
Form: Sonnet
The Mythic
This is the hard sense of it
The mythic falls apart
No Bojangle character in the story
The postmodern drama
Unfolds a new tragedy
I can hardly believe this was so deliberate
Yet no one saw the plunge into realism
Would do this
Would do this
And do it...Read More
Categories: sundering, philosophy, myth,
Form: Free verse
Primeval Observation
Not solitude 
But loneliness make sweet the harvest
Of God's attention
The sundering of rib and breast
The grand ovation
And then the sudden shift
To hide behind a leaf
The constant surging of eternal grief.
...Read More
Categories: sundering, lost love,
Form: Free verse
The Greatest Sacrifice
Arwen Evenstar gave up her immortality 
When she decided in favor of love
Her wish was to be one with the heir of Isildur
Sadly, Elrond her father told her of the fate she had chosen 
Aragorn did not tell her to...Read More
Categories: sundering, fantasy, age, age, earth,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Green ring for the HOLY KING
encircling and methaphor enhancing every chosen door,

door to be chosen moreover, with (winter green) as the clover,

clover green covering, shows subtle truth to the winter scene,

scene enhancing rich and (entrancing) new life to think upon,

upon every living thing let his...Read More
Categories: sundering, faith
Form: Rhyme
Aubade on the Morning After
Im half awake, and glaring at the sunrise
distant brilliance slowly eating at my dry eyes
squinted to best witness the aureate Apollo
refract off blades soaked through with dew
heaven's first blush, midsummer quiet, and coffee scent
cast clarity, light unveiling the burden
weighing down...Read More
Categories: sundering, passionworld, universe,
Form: I do not know?
for what once
or what once a loving rapport
singing softly at my heart's door
a golden key opening a lock

for what once a warm embrace
hands that gently touched your face
kisses burning into my soul

for what once floats away a dream
never really what it seemed
as...Read More
Categories: sundering, lost love
Form: Free verse
Blind men
A child passes by 
So full of joy
A friend by his side
Broad smiles smothered all over their faces, a veil over childhood ignorance
Together they play, tumbling in the grass of the gardens of youth
But before long, before every scent in...Read More
Categories: sundering, people, philosophyold, garden, green, old,
Form: Free verse
I Protest
I protest
This place that shrines
As a capital
For lost children,
Is dead on the list 
Of probabilities for hell.

She was only child
Someone said
And I disagreed
Resisting suffocation
With all the approximations
Of the living to the dead

A seed
That will not suck the breast
Of earth...Read More
Categories: sundering, childhood, death
Form: Free verse
Footnote for Elaine
The music played between the bambo walls
My heart was dancing outside the ken
Of adult passion and woman ways, 
Your body calls me back again ... I followed you
And all that of among the pile of coveting eyes
Was the conquest attributed...Read More
Categories: sundering, lost love, musicmusic, body, music,
Form: Free verse
For the Children
On the brow of manhood I bore you
Dreaming of a successor to my throne
Invested wind and echo full of dew
Native prince, that was ever all I own
Knowledge and experience to make
Wealth out of nothing, like stars do
Aggregating gas into a...Read More
Categories: sundering, familyparents, prayer, love, me, parents,
Form: Acrostic