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Sunbathing Poems

Sunbathing Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of sunbathing poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for sunbathing.

New Poems

Premium Member Seraphical Stellar Symphonies
A billion blazing Suns that shine for me,
One heart beats within their symphony…
My eyes expand to the morning glimmer,
For sorrows fade a decrescending dimmer…

Splendour is their shine of Eternal Elysium,
Fulgor fusion fires of hydrogen into helium…
Luminosity lusters of a beacon...Read More
Categories: sunbathing, space, star, sunshine,
Form: Sonnet

16 - Let's just bee friends
Let’s just bee friends

Humble sat with BlondeBee outside in the hive garden.
All the little mites were floating around, 
Collecting all the twigs and leaves which had fallen.
Humble took a sip of his honey, as his honey was sunbathing.
In his head...Read More
Categories: sunbathing, dream, garden, insect, love hurts, relationship, sad,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Tar Beaches
searing summer sun
tarpaper rooftop beaches
city sunbathing...Read More
Categories: sunbathing, imagery,
Form: Senryu
Premium Member Pickles and Prackles
Prickles and prackles
Arizona cacti living her truth
Soaking up the sun
Twirling it in her mind
Saturating her body

Prickly not tickly
Mexican flowers enjoying the desert
Sitting in the sun
Taking her time
Sunbathing nude

Children running toward her
With open arms
And tiny soft fingers
The first time
Wanting to touch...Read More
Categories: sunbathing, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Manuel's Beach prose poem

It is hard to walk in the sand especially with boots and a heavy rifle. 
Manuel and I would sit on a rock and watch the moon give birth to 
a distant blue Africa.
Franco's Guardia Civil were not all thugs....Read More
Categories: sunbathing, poetry,
Form: Prose Poetry

Premium Member The Mole Who Came in From The Cold
The Mole Who Came in From The Cold

Says: the Mole to itself, it is getting rather cold
If I did not know better it is like the South Pole

So he packed his fur pyjamas and left in a dash
Pockets full of...Read More
Categories: sunbathing, beach, fun, sea, sun,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Shuddering Flare
And then the cold had its story to tell again and emerged overnight

The seasons had not changed but as always kept a sudden surprise

Days sunbathing and skinny dipping on the beach felt like a shiver

As the UV filter congealed in...Read More
Categories: sunbathing, seasons,
Form: Free verse
It's called love
When nothingness of a blank canvas
is smudged by glossy crayons of a child,
a messy picture chuckles in a new carnival.

When thoughts twinkle stargazing the sky
unfurling a drama in splendor of limerance, 
an enchanted soul chimes like a chandelier.

When fingers tingle...Read More
Categories: sunbathing, beautiful, imagery, love, romantic love,
Form: Verse
Life springs back
Frozen winter fear
melts in nectar streams. 
torpor days are gone
at last mist dissolves
in sunbathing clouds. 

Painting unveils 
smile of nature.
stirs our senses.

Rose trellised
song lyrics 
dance in love

Bird's nest
springs back


8th April 2019
Caren Krutsinger Diminished Hexaverse Contest
Theme  Spring 
...Read More
Categories: sunbathing, spring,
Form: Diminished Hexaverse
Virginia's Beaches
Lifeguard sound the alarm
The biggest Virginia waves are coming in
Watch out so deadly it will pull you in
Watch out 
Watch out
Watch out
For those killer sharks
If you know what's best for you
Don't you dare swim these beaches all across Virginia
Don't bring...Read More
Categories: sunbathing, ocean,
Form: Verse

Premium Member blankets

on the beach

posted on August 10, 2018...Read More
Categories: sunbathing, nature, peace, summer, sunshine,
Form: Haiku
An Asian Outing At The Beach
Next day after the nightly match they hatched a plan
with the six of them piling into their van
arm wrestling going on in the back seat
the loser not wanting to admit defeat

On the way to their destination the van was swaying
with...Read More
Categories: sunbathing, beach, humor,
Form: Rhyme
Summer fun has begun at last.
Sun is shining every morning.
Shimmy into our swimsuits fast.
Seaside soon will begin swarming.
Slather up with loads of sunscreen.
Sunglasses protect from sea sheen.
Sunbathing is a real blast.

21/06/2018...Read More
Categories: sunbathing, summer, sun, sunshine,
Form: Verse
Premium Member sunbathing

sunbathing bareback
mosquito season over
life is good

posted on June 1, 2018...Read More
Categories: sunbathing, appreciation, fun, insect, summer, sunshine, water,
Form: Haiku
A half hour garden safari recorded in haiku
a fledgeling starling
came to the pond to quench thirst
a koi carp jumped
no butterflies
a white tailed bumblebee queen
mint moths abundant
hen blackbird
feeding newly hatched chicks
wasps succumbed to rain
flower fly hovers
over greater speedwell
forget-me-not blooms
midges chance their luck
my white lilac turned to seed
bird cherries...Read More
Categories: sunbathing, nature,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member haiku
                          tangerine sunset
            ...Read More
Categories: sunbathing, summer,
Form: Haiku
A haiku Anthology - Theme Summertime
wildflower meadow
as tall as a muntjac
cuckoo cuckooing
farmers haymaking
grasshoppers stridulating
don't touch a stinkbug
wood admiral glides
honeysuckle its host plant
humid the hot nights
warm is the river
fish rising leaping for flies
life seeking cool shade
inverted swimmers
water boatmen taking in air
cygnets follow pen
as fall approaches
swifts are...Read More
Categories: sunbathing, june, nature, summer, sun, sunshine,
Form: Haiku
December 2017

Extremely high winds are forecast due to an influx of sprouts over Christmas . My New Year’s resolution to avoid chocolate is not the only dark cloud on the horizon

January 2018

We have eaten the last of the sprouts so...Read More
Categories: sunbathing, humorous, life, weather, word play,
Form: Narrative
Mountain Life
   Mountain Life

The sun is beaming on the lazy creek.
The trees swaying with the breeze.
The ladies are sunbathing
and the children are playing,
living life with ease.
The guys throw sticks
and the dogs are quick,
to run and fetch them back.
The meadow...Read More
Categories: sunbathing, earth, freedom, imagery, love, together,
Form: Alliteration
T-Ball and Waterfalls
T-Ball and waterfalls -
picnics in the park

Riding bikes and trail hikes - 
bonfires in the dark

Sunbathing and stargazing -
beautiful full moon nights

Bar hopping and flea market shopping -
road trips to see the sights

Camping and canoeing -
sandy beaches are a blast

These...Read More
Categories: sunbathing, autumn, spring, summer,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Poetic Inspiration 101
Poetic Inspiration 101

What inspires me to write poetry?

an old man on a park bench mumbling
weightless hawks floating on updrafts
trash strewn city streets
school buses at 5AM
huddled children waiting
the wrinkled face of an old woman
staring through a broken window
stuttering splash of skipping...Read More
Categories: sunbathing, poetry, writing,
Form: List
Inspired by a lint cloth
Ten slices of pure marmalade plus two years of misted Karmapa bread equals? Oh do hurry up. The sum is easy. Oh ok then try another. Twelve custard tarts divided by an in between feathered door divider plus a couch...Read More
Categories: sunbathing, baptism,
Form: I do not know?
Is God just an illusion
Is religion just an institution?
People say the dead
are looking down on us
I wish it were true
but don't the dead
have better things to do?
Are they still a part of this world? 
haunting and taunting us?
Are they deeply...Read More
Categories: sunbathing, confusion, culture, god, social, society, spiritual, truth,
Form: Free verse
River Rock Falls
River Rock Falls

We hiked a few miles in the wilderness
just to feel that waterfall's kiss

Our clothes, we hung up in a tree
There is no one here but you and me

As the sun heats up the day
In those falls we laugh...Read More
Categories: sunbathing, happiness, nature, summer, water,
Form: Rhyme
A cream of a castle is a cantering caterer
Bendy old whales taste like snails doing a backflip. But swarms of over eighty nine peonies are closely followed by nine bulls, an elephant tribe, a beetle colony and a party of laughing butterflies. Whose aerial display party was angled...Read More
Categories: sunbathing, art, assonance, , cute,
Form: I do not know?