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Words: sulu, sulus, sum, sumac, sumacs

Sum Poems

Sum Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of sum poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for sum.

New Poems

Premium Member Healing Earth
Resilient phylogeny is to resonant homology,

As neurological balance
is to psycho-sociological harmony,
as cooperative economics
is to democratically compassionate politics.

Polyvagal neurological win/lose connections
and win/win polypathic/polyphonic reconnections
and lose/lose disconnections
predicate socio-psychological healthy v pathological choices
for ego-centering rooted in eco-systemic resonant wealth 
for multiculturing health optimization.

Win/Win...Read More
Categories: sum, community, earth, health, mother, political, psychological, science,
Form: Political Verse

Like someone specail
Thats all race gh
Sweet at nt it
I gitta beg you for
Sum oh dat
Repleated skirts
Those sexy drawers
Thyme for saying
Since we been playin
Sumthang I been n sayin
Has gotta reached your head
Qhats rhar you said
Got me turnun my head
Agreeing to what you said
People...Read More
Categories: sum, engagement, music,
Form: Ballad
Like someone specail
Thats all race gh
Sweet at nt it
I gitta beg you for
Sum oh dat
Repleated skirts
Those sexy drawers
Thyme for saying
Since we been playin
Sumthang I been n sayin
Has gotta reached your head
Qhats rhar you said
Got me turnun my head
Agreeing to what you said
People...Read More
Categories: sum, engagement, music,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member Powers of Compassion
Most Republicans I've had the admittedly too infrequent pleasure
of listening to
assume financial wealth
is a greater public responsibility 
and opportunity
than very much secondary social wealth
of healthy relationships,
resonant and democratically inclusive resilience.

And, Green Democrats
seem to share a world view
giving primal priority to...Read More
Categories: sum, conflict, health, integrity, peace, relationship, society,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member What EarthSouls Need
"What I want in life is compassion,
a flow between myself and others
based on a mutual giving from the heart."
   Marshall B Rosenberg, PhD (Nonviolent Communication)

What I wealthy want
in health and safety optimizing life
is win/win compassion,
a flow,
back and forth,
left...Read More
Categories: sum, community, earth, emotions, environment, health, peace,
Form: Political Verse

In My Dream
In My Dream

I could twirl around,
Climb the highest mound,
As a setting sun would show,
No one would ever know,
About a pretty silhouette,
Doing the perfect pirouette,
Behind her as the sum dims,
Climb higher the moon beams,
Twilight soon sets in,
The stars all twinkling,
As I...Read More
Categories: sum, 7th grade, dance, dark, girl,
Form: Prose Poetry
Summing up
Mr MacPherson, a mathematician
Was married to Sally,a keen statistician.
With little division to trigger vexation
Their amical lives led to multiplication.
First Roland, then Harry and then the addition
Of first daughter Jenny, a gifted logician.

The one common factor of great satisfaction
Engendering fervour and...Read More
Categories: sum, family, math,
Form: Rhyme

Now that I’m approaching the final inning
I need to re assess the ideas I had at the beginning
I thought that if you were altruistic and right
That alone was the strength needed to fight
To help those less fortunate truly...Read More
Categories: sum, character, corruption, integrity, introspection, judgement, muse,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Harmonic Home
My next right climate,
will amply express interdependent health values,
need for belonging,
wanting to grow in resonant meaning,
cooperative resilient becoming
GoldenRule gratitude,
Win/Win non-zero sum energy faith-filled;
My next right/left multiculture

Will be felt
to become known;
Will be ego-known
to become eco-home.

Some inside/outside interdependent climates
are a better known...Read More
Categories: sum, community, earth, environment, health, home, integrity, peace,
Form: Political Verse
Coronavirus microbe COVID 19
Coronavirus microbe (COVID-19)

(alternately titled: yours truly doth mutter
asthma bowled dug gutter 
pin yon hated chap strikingly and gently weeps, 
whereby melts milquetoast like butter.)

Aye reckon eyes aforementioned 
entitled microscopic organism
doth strain credulity threatening 
Homo sapiens left agog
stupefied, whereby mortality 
of...Read More
Categories: sum, 11th grade, 12th grade, beautiful, husband, leadership,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Earth Healthy Balance
A health optimizing life
also with cooperative eco-political
absence of unnecessary win/lose
egotistic strife,
seeks and finds an active conversation
between universal physics
and unitarian metaphysics,

Between living organic space
as regeneratively abstract
timeless win/win GameTime
for living happily
health wealthily

Between YangLeftBrain natural embodied
and YinRightBrain spiritually disembodied
Win/Win more lovingly powerful
than Win/Lose...Read More
Categories: sum, analogy, earth, health, integrity, metaphor, power, wisdom,
Form: Political Verse
Preface: There is entirely too much water being consumed.  People should be satisfied with thirst and being dry.  They should think about desert sand, romancing dunes and bleached bones in repose.

People become inflated with hydration
Leaving faucets on,...Read More
Categories: sum, abuse, conflict, drink, endurance,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Essential Reading
When asked
by my nephew
for an essential reading list
for PermaCultural Therapeutic Design,
my Taoist thoughts went back
to Unitarian-Universalist
Yin/Yang pre-history,
when Earth produced a theologian,
Dr. Thomas Starr King (1824-1864)
reaching out for non-violent dialogue
across all global healing cultures.

This 1800s Dr. King 
would-be global peacemaker
and reflected
and...Read More
Categories: sum, community, destiny, earth, health, history, integrity, peace,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Happy Birthday, Robbo
There's a special man I call my "friend",
          With a heart that's gracious without end.
               He employs...Read More
Categories: sum, birthday, friend,
Form: Verse
Premium Member - Haiku X 178 - march -

                              march - pretty much snow

     ...Read More
Categories: sum, march, snow, spring,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Feminist Ecolory
When Yin was growing down
and into belonging
still in EarthMother's warm wet womb,
she followed her interdependent 0-wheels
of enscripted color and sound octaves,

Appreciation for multicultural sensory integrity,
primal relationships of sight and scale
felt polyphonic longing and/or belonging,
meta-physical creolization,
gratitude for polycultural dialogue
and consensual democratic...Read More
Categories: sum, color, earth, health, humor, integrity, political, psychological,
Form: Political Verse
"In my battered whelms;
Those profiles which I never win;
My healing has just begun,

they begin...

The winter storms;
often remind me of my birth
my birth when I was born

in the cold months of January...

there was I buried out of my mother's womb;

Now not...Read More
Categories: sum, analogy, devotion, encouraging, endurance, hope, how i
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member Humanity of Horses
My internal experience of depression
today shames
external ecology of elation,
all I might know as warm extended family
of profoundly peaceful impressions
still bare surviving
at end of this slow-fading thread.

This morning
one Epictetus sentence
speaks of blaming left-hemisphere dominant GodVoices:

"People are disturbed not by things,
but by...Read More
Categories: sum, anti bullying, depression, health, integrity, peace, political,
Form: Political Verse
Awareness VS Response
I woke up aware tho not responsive. I did not connect with any stored knowledge. Like when your computer is shut down 
improperly and Windows is not set to start up on next boot. All that surrounded me i drew...Read More
Categories: sum, allusion, change, computer, freedom, humanity, introspection, spiritual,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Love's Difference
What is the difference
between an anti-theist
and a pro-humanist?

What is the difference
between a terrorist
and a terrific zest?

What is the remainder
when subtracting NonZero-Sum WinWin outcomes
from Zero-Sum WinLose capital incomes?

Why do
Permaculture Designs
and Restorative Sacred Justice Resolutions
share the same healthy wealth goals?
If they do,
and...Read More
Categories: sum, community, culture, earth, education, health, integrity, peace,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member ---------------- Timeless --------------

This creamy light confuses me,

A weight too much to bear; 

But thinking is pursuing,

A pale thought, thin as parchment,

Bland as water, zoned in;

Extreme action no option, it is circumspect,

Linked, set aside,

A day-dream pursuing a white line,

Shadowless, infinite - it can...Read More
Categories: sum, anniversary, beauty, image, irony, light, smart, time,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The One OtherZone
Permaculture Design,
like any health restoring process,
begins with listening to each ZeroZone client
speak about deeply held goals and underlying values
they would like to share with their OneZone property(s).

Integral Permaculture Design
is no double-binary exception
in its ZeroZone internal culture
and OneZone external climate
appositional view...Read More
Categories: sum, earth, environment, health, peace, political, power, psychological,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member TASK MASTER-
task master
"you enslaved me sum of more than 300
three-hundred years
I love you
I love you I must

shipped me over in crowd ships, boats
chained me to my peers and host
I love you, I love you I must

Took away my true name
my...Read More
Categories: sum, allegory, analogy, discrimination, forgiveness, prejudice, slavery,
Form: Dramatic Verse
The Lady of Labyrinth
In light of locution 
dance delicately off her lips
"Lux Vitae"

Tree of Life, 
tribal councils conferred 
the coffers, re-offers
enriched and enhanced
three times three

smoke rises from the ash
and anew you glow
a river of gold
the body to the soul

blue of sky 
the...Read More
Categories: sum, love,
Form: Romanticism
Premium Member A clover's lucky leaf
A clover’s lucky leaf,
in Contract Bridge a table,
ia playgroup of two couples, usually of opposite gender
with riches an auspicious fold,
second in a power series based on two,
the sum of non-opposable digits on a hand,
in religion one past trinity
and half the...Read More
Categories: sum, math,
Form: List