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Suffocated Poems

Suffocated Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of suffocated poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for suffocated.

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Premium Member The I's Have It
There are so many me’s inside my head,
there is no room for flight or fancy.
The souls swirl around leaving imagination an outcast.

I shed myself every day,
minute by moment a new me is born.
I’ve let go of many of my selves...Read More
Categories: suffocated, anxiety, deep,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Occupied

The gorillas came at night
tented in the middle of the big square
of the city
around the statue
that I don’t remember what its name was?

People were awakened at night
from the bad smell
that had covered the entire city.

They were afraid of choking
from the...Read More
Categories: suffocated, community,
Form: Free verse

Our love was a beautiful ride,
You were once a beautiful bride.
My heart you suffocated,
that can't be resuscitated.

You buried my love away,
money has now lead you astray
My heart is being squished to death,
and I can't catch my breath.

Your lying lips was...Read More
Categories: suffocated, heartbroken,
Form: Rhyme

Our love was a beautiful ride,
You were once a beautiful bride.
My heart you suffocated,
that can't be resuscitated.

You buried my love away,
money has now lead you astray
My heart is being squished to death,
and I can't catch my breath.

Your lying lips was...Read More
Categories: suffocated, heartbroken,
Form: Rhyme
feel myself slipping under
suffocated by the smiles and laughter
my voice vanishes the moment I'm alone
watching the world pass
all I needed was for someone to see
someone to notice me missing
breathe air into my lungs
short compressions
the presence of my friends
brush against me
i...Read More
Categories: suffocated, sad,
Form: I do not know?

The Choice is never Ours
The world was on fire, no one could save me but you - "Chris Isaak - Wicked Game"
Yes, the world was on fire,
Set ablaze by those powers ruling over us all
And I, stood there,
Drenched in sweat,
Wanting to vomit, feeling suffocated,
Yet,...Read More
Categories: suffocated, loss, lost, lost love,
Form: Free verse
I am positive mindset
I am positive mindset
I'm your rescuer 
when you are in distraught
Lifting you from the ground
So you can touch the cloud
And see what lies beyond

I'm like a soothing balm when your heart breaks
Covering the broken pieces like  a duvet
To prevent you...Read More
Categories: suffocated, africa, appreciation, dedication, dream, inspiration, inspirational,
Form: ABC
when i die
when i die 
don’t tell me that you loved me 
don’t tell me that you were there for me 
don’t tell me that i was too young to go
i’d seen everything i needed 
i saw the pain that the world...Read More
Categories: suffocated, anti bullying, anxiety, art, betrayal, corruption, death,
Form: Sonnet
Body language
Your lips smile sweetly,
                            But your eyes are so cold,
Your arms wrap around...Read More
Categories: suffocated, abuse, anger, i love you, love hurts,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Opaque
Nobody noticed her pain and resourceful depression

As façades piled onto charades of deceitful appearance

	She cut a pattern onto her skin with razor blade strokes

Her innocent blood oozed a translucent shine of despair

In her mind she was not even worthy of...Read More
Categories: suffocated, depression,
Form: Free verse

Meth Bomb, Homicide Village, 
Diverse Culture Site, Crown Town, 
Kendaltucky and Johnny Appleseed's Homestead; 
Tremendous and Troubling and Tortured, 
Town of the Long Face: 
They say you are explosive, and that is valid; I know of the white powdery crystallized...Read More
Categories: suffocated, absence, child, home, old,
Form: Free verse
A Month Ago
October 22

A month ago today,
But who’s counting
Only our family,
Our pain,
Our sorrow
And life keeps going.
Life remains unfair
It completely sucked out the beauty
And now the darkness is a new reality
Somedays are easier,
A smile lets loose
Then days I am suffocated with grief
Remembering who...Read More
Categories: suffocated, death, grief, heartbreak,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member The further I push away
The further I push away

The further I push away
the bigger the wall gets
its how I heal..when I don't want to feel
and in just forgets...

I use anger
it hurts so I spin
again and again and again....again

Theres that endless circle 
the one...Read More
Categories: suffocated, confusion, depression, future, peace, voice,
Form: Rhyme
Missed opportunity
Want my love 
toss it away
made a mockery of
The emotions that was 
Devalued pre-judging
Shallow spirit played you
Played yourself 
Took for granted Gods gift
Stripped of your birthright 

Stuck on a hamster wheel
Hamster wheel of toxicity 
Sold your soul for 
30 pieces...Read More
Categories: suffocated, anxiety, baptism, blessing, corruption,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Life, blessed life
Source of Inspiration:

"Allah is the light of the Heaven and the earth.
The similitude of His light is a niche, wherein 
There is a lamp, the lamp is, as it were, a glittering star
Kindled from a blessed olive tree.
An olive, neither...Read More
Categories: suffocated, desire,
Form: Free verse
Mary King's Close
Mary King’s Close

Set underneath the cobbles
Below the Royal Mile
The close is dimly lit
You can visit there awhile

Go back into the past
Explore the narrow wynds
Live the overcrowding
Get inside their minds

Look out for scurrying rats
As they scavenge to survive
A battle of the...Read More
Categories: suffocated, scary, spiritual,
Form: Rhyme
The Nothing
If you look into my eyes and you just happen to find 
that the smile I put on is not true to what is inside, 
just know that I have walked on broken glass each day of my life.
I have...Read More
Categories: suffocated, 12th grade, absence, analogy, anxiety, deep, feelings,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member THE WEB
another sky disappears
there are no more doors 
only stars in a window 
a splendid reflection
the avalanche of reminisce
feeding suffocated wishes
hopeless severed lines 
call the waste of time 
lost fear stays obscure 
the darkness ever tied 
across my eyes
the shadows jump...Read More
Categories: suffocated, betrayal, conflict, fear, lonely, poetry, symbolism, trust,
Form: Free verse

Standing all alone for an unknown time,
The Caracal pistol in my right hand was fully loaded
But I couldn’t fire a shot.
Half choked by a rising paroxysm of rage,
And half-suffocated by his triumph,
I stared unseeingly but he was still there.

I should...Read More
Categories: suffocated, mirror,
Form: Free verse
Now burst forth your long-suffocated song, 
You gagged lips with mute anthems sweet! 
Speak of your celestial lays with angels high
In stillest skies above men's unmusical beat.

Say which den under heaven's serenest wings 
Writhes most chargrined by tart mortal things....Read More
Categories: suffocated, art, mountains, muse, mystery,
Form: Lyric
Life can be funny and fun
Funny and fun life can be

Once I lived as red bull meat
The poor loved me wholesale
While the rich crashed and mingled me

I was alcoholic liquor for a while
I made sure my friends had red eyes
Unfortunately fights were all over

Then I...Read More
Categories: suffocated, life, satire,
Form: Imagism
Premium Member lost and found
a dream creeps sultry while I sleep
   whispering      a balmy breath
hints seductions

unintelligible invitations to

a lazy labyrinth where the lost
prowl    reach awkwardly 
for themselves

there in its midst
we are born

only to return...Read More
Categories: suffocated, life,
Form: Free verse
The whips of smoke was thickly spiraled all over my face,
 I stood at the shrine, rather the church,
 The eerie and somber silence within the cave scourged me,
 As the nocturnal owls spoke cabalistic monologues,
 Ushering in a hint...Read More
Categories: suffocated, death, evil, hurt, world,
Form: Free verse
Ode to Machine Messiah
A blinding light shot down from an opening in the cloudy sky
  From the gap, the heavens birthed a winged humanoid unlike any, 
    Which floated down to face the primates. made of a dark metal
...Read More
Categories: suffocated, 7th grade, absence, africa, allusion, anger, anti
Form: Ode
Dreams can come true even if it is just brief
Her tender caress suffocated my spirit
Her virtuous vitality started a flame
I felt real joy when I called her name
She was the epitome of purpose and
I was the one who climbed out of the tomb of despair

The mystery of Time always...Read More
Categories: suffocated, love,
Form: Romanticism