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Uplifting Spiritual Poems

These Uplifting Spiritual poems are examples of Spiritual poems about Uplifting. These are the best examples of Spiritual Uplifting poems written by international poets.

To love God* above all is our 2020 vision
That’s to esteem Him with pure heart’s passion
Seeking Him ceaselessly through His direction
Yielding our lives to Him...

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Categories: spiritual, blessing, christian, devotion, faith,

To have a fulfilled life, verily triumphant
Revolving around God with grace so radiant
Though not perfect with my obvious flaws and weakness
His holy magnificence purges filthiness.


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Categories: spiritual, christian, devotion, faith, god,

Premium Member ZAZEN

My head is calm
My space is zen
I glide and I meander
Manoeuver in a psychic hovercraft
I’m in my private bubble
Impervious to noise around me
Blissfully cut off...

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Categories: introspection, peace, solitude, spiritual,

Rejuvenated all the more to do utmost best midst constant revival 
Earnestly, I’m resolved to fulfill God’s will along values eternal
Steadfast through Christ’s strength, I’ll...

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Categories: spiritual, blessing, christian, faith, god,

Premium Member A very merry new year
A very merry new year to all of you
  May happiness reign, delight increase
May rank strife and division at once cease
  May you...

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Categories: spiritual, happiness, health, inspiration, new

Premium Member Christmas Meal Blessing Poem
Heavenly Father,
Bless us today as we come before you.
Cast Your light upon us always.
We thank You for Your grace and mercy.
You have always been good...

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Categories: spiritual, appreciation, christmas, december, prayer,

We can know the Saviour, Jesus Christ*, along His granted salvation
Through the Bible declaring His persistent love’s compassion
With His gracious mercy of full justification
Likewise His...

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Categories: spiritual, appreciation, bible, christian, faith,

Star of the show part 4
I feel like it's about time for us get back to our roots and realize that we are born of the same elements that
make up...

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Categories: dream, endurance, philosophy, spiritual,

Premium Member Spirit's Fire
When I awake to dawn’s light
I long to pray for God’s insight
For His grace through the day
And mercy to help me along my way

When I...

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Categories: spiritual, christian, faith, god, hope,

Premium Member Stand
Stand.  And witness His glory.
Stand.  And testify His story.
Stand.  In spirit consecratory.
Stand.  Stand.  It is mandatory!
Stand.  As a fire...

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Categories: spiritual, god, inspirational love, peace,

Premium Member Self Expression
Color flows from the void and 
hands swing, sway across a canvas; 
to the music of the life;
erecting a universe.

The pulse of existence
beats out its...

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Categories: spiritual, peace, philosophy, poems, poetry,

Sometimes I want to scream
“This is not me!"
But then who would I be
Without these reflections 
Of the world outside 
So I abide 
In the lie...

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Categories: birthday, journey, self, spiritual,

Premium Member An Archangel Visit
Enervated, body aching;
five sleepless nights,
a caregiver’s winter;
too lethargic to leave the chair.
Bed was a million miles away;
rest even farther from my weary constitution.

While my patient...

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Categories: angel, poems, poetry, spiritual,

Premium Member soul

soul readjusting
with peaceful intent
in every breath

posted on September 4, 2019...

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Categories: introspection, peace, spiritual, uplifting,

Premium Member souls

souls meandering
amongst the stars
making their way home

posted on September 3, 2019...

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Categories: sky, spiritual, stars, travel,

Premium Member In Celestial Limbo
I  Into the void my eye peeks,
N  Never faltering from it’s path.

C  Cosmic dust
E  Exudes etheric bliss, as I float
L ...

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Categories: spiritual, philosophy, poems, poetry, psychological,

Premium Member If We Must Die
If We Must Die: (Dedicated to the Memory of Claude McKay, Harlem Renaissance Poet and Jamaican Born)

If we must die: 
Let it not result from,...

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Categories: spiritual, courage, devotion, faith, god,


I look up high and low outside my window
While the whole wide world seems fast asleep 
I think I hear sweet tears that angels weep

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Categories: appreciation, inspirational, morning, spiritual,

I want
I want to step into his presence like a pair of slacks, be wrapped in his grace like a leather jacket, I desire to bathe...

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Categories: appreciation, art, blessing, spiritual,

Blessed triumph, mighty spiritual
toward service upheaval;
divine renewal
wrought by God’s revival
uplifting me for His grand arrival.

Grateful to the Saviour Jesus for life eternal
my soul strives beyond...

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Categories: spiritual, appreciation, blessing, christian, devotion,