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Sport Social Poems

These Sport Social poems are examples of Social poems about Sport. These are the best examples of Social Sport poems written by international poets.

A different time
To whom it may concern,
When will be the day when political thoughts will evolve, when racism can stop and end this brutality and call it...

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Categories: social,

CyberPoetry: InternetScams
Is scamming an issue of morals or an issue of gullabilities, your emotions and kindness can be vulnerabilities.  Beware of the four one nine,...

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Categories: smart, social, society, spoken

Harness Racing
Harness Racing ( Poem )

Horses pull a two wheeled cart
If it breaks you will depart

Place a bet before it starts
Good wager wins if played smart


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Categories: social, animal, character, fun, horse,

Summer Fun
When the church bell echoes freedom, and we hear
The day of village sport chiming in our bones
The ladies new clothes, and body parts almost bare

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Categories: social, drink,

If only she could see
She's constantly a dreamer,
Fantasy is where she lives,
Reality is non existant to her,
If only she could see.
She only cares about superficial things,
Popularity is her sport,

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Categories: social, adventure, angst, childhood, confusion,

Drama Queen
Drama Queen

The world Is her oyster
And she is its pearl
Attention she seeks
Like no other goal!

Says a lot of nothing
And gets what she wants 
Never giving...

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Categories: social, world, giving,

A Winter Sport--double acrostic--
Amidst the cold climate we enjoyed sled riding.
We also had so much fun building an igloo.
I felt alive in those days, hardly any woes.
Now you...

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Categories: social, childhood, happiness, life, seasons,

Generation XXX
Generation XXX
(Another Name for Gen Y(My Generation)

Beer goggles and Whiskey Rivers,
Pain numbing remedies that exude depression,
Marijuana oxygen and pain killer shivers,
Innocent faces with devilish expression,

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Categories: social, education, introspection, life, people,

Protect and Serve?
Unprovoked attacks
Death screams from the hearts of the innocent
A child's last breath
Lies in your arms
Raise your weapon
For the sickness f****ing your mind
Protect and serve?
F*** that,...

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© Alex Brown  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: social, angst, death, history, life,

Darting Quarry
With my tempered determination,
I'm obscured from my destination
by scheming whispers striking malicious
at my spirit thrusting seditious.

The court remains a dutiful sort
as they track down competitive...

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© John Weber  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: allegory, social

You know that feeling
you've been here before
something is amiss
but not knowing what
uncertainty reigns-

doubts surface,
I push the door
very slowly-

lights are low,
nothing moves,
music plays-



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Categories: anniversary, parody, social

The Careful Dissemination of Funds
I hear their idle chatter and wish that sound was optional.
A box checked in a menu, a simple click and forget.

The rapid dilation of my...

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Categories: social, computer-internet, funny, life, people,

My truths and thoughts IV
these young cats are sick
bullets zip then they dip
witnesses zip their lips 
wont say sh1t

they just skate off
homicide scene taped of
no dental records the whole...

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Categories: social, black african american, life,

His main idea was not survival unless you count the spirit at the end of life. The 
hatred in his heart for the...

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Categories: social, angst, history, science fiction,

Baseball's Fun In The Sun!

With the crack of the bat,baseballs seem to
fly and float over my glove!As i step back
near the wall,this round like orb
approaches furiously from way above!

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Categories: happiness, inspirational, people, social,

Gold is the sun Cape red as fire
Long fiery hair flowing  on deep green silk
The smooth-shaven bull dancer bull vaults
High forehead  chiselled nose intense eyes
arm-rings flying up over  air...

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Categories: passion, people, social,

The old man has a breeding pair of emus now,
to go with the pig, the chickens and the ducks,
three sheep, a goat (all edible), a...

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Categories: life, people, social,